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One of the 'last' donations, to 'appeal' fund and 'comment' Mm11

One of the 'last' donations, to 'appeal' fund and 'comment' Regist10

One of the 'last' donations, to 'appeal' fund and 'comment'

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One of the 'last' donations, to 'appeal' fund and 'comment' Empty One of the 'last' donations, to 'appeal' fund and 'comment'

Post by jeanmonroe on 28.10.15 10:18

2800   Rosalind S

"My thoughts often turn to you and your suffering Snr Amaral. I know how much of your life has been stolen from you and it is humbling to contemplate your quiet dignity. I send you my prayers and best wishes for a true and just outcome to the years of hounding by those with much on their conscience. I would not want to carry that burden throughout life, and I wonder when some will search their souls and come forward with the truth of what happened in May 2007, because the story we have been peddled is an absolute insult to the public's intelligence. I hope that the good officers in the Met who have made plain their feelings here are listened to. The country badly wants to restore its faith in its premier police force - it is what being British is all about. We have led the way in the world in policing, governance and justice but sadly this case has damaged our great institutions and it will take an enormous effort to restore our global reputation after all that has gone on. The journalist who has revealed the culpability of the Sun and other papers is to be congratulated. It is stunning to realise our press and MSM could not find it in their hearts to put a child before lies, deceit, deliberate misinformation and money-making. Over eight years I have come to regard the behaviour of these people as demonic. The Met cannot afford another public relations disaster and I appeal to them to listen to the clamour of the public to put an end to the most terrible injustice, not only to a tiny child but to all those who have been vilified, threatened and made terrified for pursuing truth on her behalf. I would like to express my thanks and admiration to Leanne for her vision and humanity"


I couldn't even come 'close' to expressing Rosalind's  choice of words 'better'.

Thankyou Rosalind S, you too, are an unsung, anonymous, 'star' for 'justice'.  roses

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