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Operation Grange have same problem as Greater Manchester Police

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Operation Grange have same problem as Greater Manchester Police

Post by Sceptic on Mon May 18 2015, 16:58

Police spokesman for Greater Manchester Police just been on Sky commenting how pleased they are at the successful prosecution of the Chinese nurse at Stepping Hill Hospital Stockport.

He went on to say how difficult the investigation was as, not only 1) did they have to find the evidence that proved the nurse they charged was involved, they also had to prove that 2) nobody else could have been involved.

IMHO Grange efforts are currently concentrated on 2)


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Re: Operation Grange have same problem as Greater Manchester Police

Post by Mark Willis on Tue May 19 2015, 09:25

Operation Grange is a charade undertaken on Brook's behalf to stop Murdoch giving May a hard time on the front page of The Sun for a week. Cam yields, gives her what she wants, or rather the appearance of what she wants.
Meanwhile Redwood and his team have been ordered to act out the request and it must come as no surprise to anyone that the result has been zero.
We all know that this case can be solved by the simple expedient of having all Tapas 9 in for interviews to explain their plethora of contradictory stories - and the rest. If this was Poirot it would be the shortest episode, ever.
Mark Willis

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