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Lazzari-lies-in-the-sun: Madeleine's best chance

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Lazzari-lies-in-the-sun: Madeleine's best chance

Post by Guest on 05.08.14 10:05

Madeleine's Best Chance

"Our best chance of finding her is identifying that person and that is why the E.Fits and sketches and the new information tonight are SO important to us because that's probably the best chance we have of finding Madeleine"

Gerry McCann, Crimewatch, 14th October 2013


'One of the MOST GROUND BREAKING LEADS were these two E.Fits of a possible suspect, NOT revealed publicly until FIVE years later when they were released by the current Scotland Yard investigation, who described the E.Fits as VITALLY significant.'

'The McCanns and the Con Man'
5th June 2014

So WHY did these vitally significant E.Fits and sketches which McCann stated were SO IMPORTANT to them, 'THEIR BEST CHANCE OF FINDING MADELEINE' remain filed under DO NOT DISCLOSE PUBLICLY, for a period of FIVE YEARS whilst in the possession of Kate McCann and the Directors of their Board of Management at the Madeleine Fund?

Gerry McCann stated that as Directors of the Board they are responsible for making the decisions.

There is no worming out of it for McCann, passing the buck pretending he knew nothing of these E.Fits.  When speaking of the Find Madeleine Fund he said:

"Kate and I are integral to all the parts of it"

4:45 minutes into the recording.

And just an observation, an aside, watch the reactions of both Gerry and Kate McCann when asked by Darshna Soni about persons leaving the board of Directors (she is referring to McCanns brother John) she asked them if this was due to disagreements as to how the Fund monies were spent.

From 4:00 on recording to 4:30 on recording.   Pay particular attention, well to both of them, but keep a close eye on Kate McCann.

A body language expert I am sure would have had sussed them immediately as to the truthfulness of their reply.

But how can we trust in anything that Kate and Gerry McCann say, so much thus far has been proven as simply not being the truth.

When Darsna Soni asked them directly had they any new leads/information, Gerry McCann replied in the negative - at a time when they were sitting on these E.Fits.

The absolute deceit with regards the E.Fits is outrageous.

That they did this to Madeleine, sickening.  Makes ones stomach churn that parents would do this to their missing daughter.

To have sat through the Darshan Soni interview and when asked if they had any new leads and never did they mention the E.Fits they had, and then to appear on Crimewatch and say 'OH THIS IS THE BEST CHANCE WE HAVE OF FINDING MADELEINE, THESE E.FITS.

There is something seriously seriously wrong with these people.

But moving on.  The copy of the Sunday Times article below as promised for those who may never before have seen it.

After reading it, I can imagine there will be few if any left amongst the public who have any respect for these parents, few if any who would trust them to tell the truth, to do what is right by this missing child.

Can you imagine if your child had holidayed with friends, people like the McCanns and they left your child unattended, night after night in an unlocked holiday apartment, your child disappears, and your friends come up with all the crap that the McCanns have.

We thought it was safe.
Why would it be our fault if your kid got hurt when we were out at the pub.
That's the situation your kid found herself.
Yes she was crying the previous night but we ignored it, places to go, people to see...
I wasn't even going to bother doing a visual but I saw the bedroom door open.
Yeah I let a man I know, who doesn't know your kid and your kid doesn't know him, yeah I let him go in to see your kid in the dark scary apartment.
don't worry, I'll write a bewk explainin' ta ya, a kinda account of what happened, or my kinda version.

Would you let them away with it?  Short answer - You would not! You'd nail the bastards to wall.  Get justice for your child.

Yet here we have little Madeleine McCann in that exact position, and those with the power to do something about it, to stop the crap from her parents, to get justice for Madeleine, and they do NOTHING!

This latest, hiding those E.Fits for FiVE YEARS, if they had done that to my child, your child - I doubt they'd have been able to catch their breath long enough to tell another lie, so fast would they be dragged through the Courts, that is if I had not done something much more drastic beforehand.

So what makes it okay for them to do this to Madeleine?  What makes the treatment of this child at the hands of her parents before and since her disappearance OKAY?

That poor kid in England, forgive me I cannot recall her name, the one whose mother and her boyfriend hid the child under a bed, not in her own home, but at another location, pretending she had been abducted....

What makes that pair any different from Kate and Gerry McCann... one kept hidden their child under a bed so as not to be found...

the other kept hidden, 'under a bed' if you like, the E.Fits which would help find her in so doing DESTROYING HER CHANCES OF BEING FOUND.


Now that is SICK.   To not publicly disclose these E.Fits for five years, then to sit there knowing the Met too had them in their possession for a number of years and had not disclosed them either, and say their DISCLOSURE WAS MADELEINE'S BEST CHANCE OF BEING FOUND.


And just thinking out loud -  McCann spoke of E.Fits and sketches - is this why there is a difference in the quality of the E.Fits - one perhaps electronic the other a sketch - different method in producing them as I suggested earlier?  Just a thought.
3rd August 2014

Excellent, many thanks.

This is a longer artical

Five Four Three Two One  

One of the MOST GROUND BREAKING LEADS were these two E.Fits of a possible suspect, not revealed publicly until FIVE years later when they were released by the current Scotland Yard investigation, who described the E.Fits as vitally significant.'

'The McCanns and the Con Man'

'He was sighted IN and AROUND the holiday resort of Praia da Luz in in the DAYS LEADING UP to her disappearance, Thursday 3rd May 2007.'

Read more: with thanks to

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