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Winfrey's deceased child ? Mm11

Winfrey's deceased child ? Regist10

Winfrey's deceased child ?

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Winfrey's deceased child ? Empty Winfrey's deceased child ?

Post by Laffin Assasin on 11.04.10 2:19

The book will delve into the tough Mississippi childhood which Winfrey occasionally refers to, but about which she is notoriously sensitive. She was sexually molested and made pregnant at the age of 14, but bore a son who died in infancy. "This book names the boy that she gave birth to, presents the birth certificate and tries to show how these secrets controlled Oprah for most of her life," says Kelley.

FFS, there are more pieces of this "jigsaw" than I first thought. wow affraid angrypcuser
Laffin Assasin
Laffin Assasin

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Winfrey's deceased child ? Empty Re: Winfrey's deceased child ?

Post by justagrannynow 1 on 11.04.10 12:45

Although I am an admirer of Kitty Kelley and thought she was courageous in exposing the criminal/mob connections of Frank Sinatra, I have to say that I feel uneasy about the allegations concerning a son born to Oprah Winfrey.

The circumstances under which any 14 year old girl becomes pregnant and gives birth must be truly horrendous. I don't care if it is Oprah or some child from a grotty council estate, if that girl chooses for whatever reason not to discuss the experience, her privacy should be respected.

Expose corruption and injustice by all means, but let's draw the line at the emotional cruelty of anybody who could well have been a victim of the worst type of crime which can be inflicted on a girl. Some things really are nobody else's business.
justagrannynow 1
justagrannynow 1

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Winfrey's deceased child ? Empty Re: Winfrey's deceased child ?

Post by vaguely1 on 11.04.10 13:54

piece of the jigsaw in what way?

Does my IP look big in this?

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