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Forgive your Weakness

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Forgive your Weakness

Post by Dr What on Thu Jan 31, 2013 10:12 pm

We all have weaknesses.Being human is to invite weaknesses.We are not always in control of the weaknesses that we are given.But the very least we can do as individuals is take responsiblity for our own weaknesses and not blame others.

It seems to me that the McCanns hate themselves for their weaknesses that they are trying to conceal.It is etched in their faces now.It is revealed in their actions and in their behaviour.They are seeking to conceal something serious.They can not take responsibility for this 'something' and it is visibly eating away at them.What is destroying them is the fact that they have decided to sacrifice the likes of Amaral and Bennett and anyone else in order to conceal their weakness.This weakness could be a lie that they have told about the disappearance of their daughter, or something else.Whatever it is, the effort to conceal it is torturing their souls.It is also cursing their family.

They seem to be afraid of any negative judgement that may be made against them.In truth, any judgement now will be inconsequencial when compared to the Judgement that awaits them later.Ranks of lawyers and solicitors are merely paid mouth-pieces to hide behind.They do not count.It is their own souls that they should be concerned about.

End this confrontational nonsense now.Own up and speak the truth.Even their own families, who they may be unable to confide in, may forgive them.Forgive your own weaknesses, but confront them, be honest about them, and do not sacrifice others in order to conceal them.Souls are more important than false image.

Dr What

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