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What another witness disclosed about Robert Murat Mm11

What another witness disclosed about Robert Murat Regist10

What another witness disclosed about Robert Murat

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What another witness disclosed about Robert Murat Empty What another witness disclosed about Robert Murat

Post by Tony Bennett on 01.12.09 23:30

From the Portuguese Police files


At about 20.00 the police received a phone call from a number that could not be identified, from a person with a female voice speaking in correct Portuguese, who did not want to be identified for reasons of safety.

She refers to an individual who abducted Madeleine, who knows how to keep quiet and is quite close to the police. When asked who she was referring to she said it was an individual who resides in Praia da Luz, who has an English mother, who speaks this language very well, who was near the area since the disappearance of the little girl, supposedly with the intention of helping the investigation.

She said this man was called Robert and that he used to consult Internet chats of a pretty heavy sexual nature.

He would also use Internet for contacts with different acquaintances he had in other countries, especially in the UK. She said most of the mails he sent were encrypted due to the monitoring of the kind of content they possessed. This is why she wanted to alert the authorities about the characteristics of this man, who, in her opinion, could have sexual motives and knows the area perfectly for committing this type of crime.



Asked he clarified that never has anyone accessed, without his authorization, his computer systems, a total of three, one an ACER (which has the Vista operating system installed), another an ASUS brand and his own an LG, these two systems having the XP operating system installed. That the computer systems were interconnected and shared the access to the INTERNET through an ADSL MODEM-ROUTER, by mere chance, by choice of his mother.

That the contract for access to the INTERNET was signed by his mother with the company supplying INTERNET services, from Portugal TELECOM, named "SAPO". Asked he said he does not see himself as an expert in computing and communications but these are areas that are not unknown to him, given that he had his first computer some ten years ago.

That the current ADSL Modem-Router equipment is, as far as he recalls, an SMC brand and it makes it possible to operate a network of computers, via "network-without-wires." [WiFi; wireless networking]. Asked, he responded that the computer systems he had in his house, have clocks, date and time, set to the official time; that he does not know [how] to explain why the clock of the equipment that permitted him to connect to the INTERNET, the SMC ADSL modem-router, was unsynchronized.

That this is due to the fact of it having been to an outside company, "125 computers", with its main office or place of business in the town of Mexilhoeira-Grande. That regarding the remaining computers it was the declarer who had configured them. That on the computer systems in question were installed normal programs. Asked about what he considers to be normal programs, he said they would be the operating system and work tools typical of the Microsoft family, such as word processing, spreadsheet, the Internet browser (Internet Explorer) or anti-virus programs.

That his commercial activity is in the area of real estate, promoting and making it pay through advertising homes for sale on the INTERNET and that the programs installed in the computers were in accordance with [needed for] his commercial activity. Asked about if, unlike the normal programs that he described, he had kept or had had installed on his systems [any] abnormal or peculiar [strange] programs, he replied that he only has a program called "CCCleaner" for the improvement of the performance of the system, not retaining programs that erase traces of child pornography.

That that program "CCCleaner" was installed by his son three years ago, which statement [for the record] the respondent corrects and declares that his son informed him of the existence of the "CCCleaner" program years before, it having been the declarer who installed it on the XP systems.

That he does not know the full potential of the "CCCleaner" program, particularly those that are said in this deposition by the declarer: erasing the history of navigation in INTERNET, of temporary files, exchange of files, recently used documents, register [record] of applications (registry), the various registry files (log's), the "garbage can" or "recycle bin"; asked about the effects of deleting the program, said he was not an expert on the subject and does not know the program well.

Asked how he does not know well the effects of the program, if he has known it for more than three years, he said that he is not expert. Asked if he uses cryptography on his computers, he said categorically not. Asked if he would use strong encryption in the Internet browser, [he said] he does not use encrypted communications on the Internet and in his computer system.

That he does not use nor has encrypted data in his systems, nor used enciphering to mask, hide or to prevent access to data contained in his systems. Asked if he uses encryption or enciphering in e-mail communications, he declared: that he did not know what it is or how to use encryption. Asked about how he could justify the presence of several encrypted or enciphered files, of credentials to access programs, in his systems, seeing he is an experienced user with more than ten years in the use of personal computers and no-one else had access to his network without authorization, he said: "I would not know how to justify that."

Asked how he explains the contradiction of maintaining a contradiction between the maintenance of his network unprotected or "open" and his experience that must be telling him to act to the contrary in respect of the security of his network, he said "not to have thought of that."

No more was said ...
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