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Analysis by Moita Flores: 'English police admits abandoning Madeleine McCann case review'

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Analysis by Moita Flores: 'English police admits abandoning Madeleine McCann case review'

Post by Guest on 02.09.12 14:51

From Joana Morais (I think Tony has posted a snip of it somewhere) interview here .............

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Re: Analysis by Moita Flores: 'English police admits abandoning Madeleine McCann case review'

Post by jd on 02.09.12 15:26

This interview says exactly everything I think and me it is so obvious. Some very good remarks

"Those who invested are always the same"......." it's the government that handles the money, so they can find every possible solution that exists for the Maddie case. Even though the solution, for them, is always one and the same: "The child was abducted"

"What I fear, or rather what I would be afraid of,.......... is that a new whitewashing operation is being prepared in this case. And the whitewashing operation results in something similar to this: "the child was abducted" ......[cue Andy Redwood]

"This has an hidden agenda behind it"

"It's important for them to keep the story in the spotlight. These are news without any real interest, like rehashing again the 195 leads, it's just pure stupidity, pure media junk to keep the story in the spotlight long enough to reuse it later on in terms of image [i.e. PR strategy]. "

"What was the reason behind the protection given to the McCann couple and friends by the Portuguese Judiciary Police, immediately at the beginning? Why were they shielded? Why was there concern in addressing them before the situation that was taking place? "

"Why? Where there any phone calls insisting that the parents shouldn't be disturbed? Where there any superior authorities that said "don't touch those people"? And the Portuguese Judiciary Police should tell the truth, they should tell the truth. Where there calls from the embassies? Where there phone calls directly from the directorships of the Judiciary Police?."

"Ambassadors where there immediately.".........John Buck certainly was, John Buck a close allie and colleague of John Symington

Who pulled the strings?...THE SYMINGTONS..And the Scottish connections...Look no further if you dare

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