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Top 5 interview walkouts /Telegraph Mm11

Top 5 interview walkouts /Telegraph Regist10

Top 5 interview walkouts /Telegraph

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Top 5 interview walkouts /Telegraph Empty Top 5 interview walkouts /Telegraph

Post by Guest on 29.08.11 23:14

Telegraph 18/8/11 - Top 5 Interview walkouts, with videos, guess who's on the list, the McCanns

Sorry can't copy and paste as it includes all 5 video walkouts. Last video on page.

Top 5 interview walkouts

Christine O'Donnell is not the only subject to find a quick exit is the best defense against tricky or awkward interview questions. Here are five other famous walk-outs:

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Top 5 interview walkouts /Telegraph Empty Re: Top 5 interview walkouts /Telegraph

Post by Gillyspot on 30.08.11 6:28

Wow. Just shows you the Telegraph (they who still have the article that the PJ claimed the McCanns drugged Madeleine) are the only paper to stand up to the McCanns. What other paper would use this even though it is not particularly critical of them.

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Top 5 interview walkouts /Telegraph Empty Gerry walk out.

Post by tigger on 30.08.11 7:48

He must have been taken aside to teach him never to do that again. Pity.

Can anyone slow down the original clip enough to count the number of times he blinks? At least once per second I'm calculating. His body language is very clear, he can't control it. By the time this was filmed, he had learned not touch his nose or ears so now the eyelids are flapping like a flag in the wind.
Kate's hand is always on top of his, that's interesting.

I also think that Kate is far more the mover and shaker. I've never liked her face, which is hard when in repose, but I now notice her rather thick neck, although the length disguises this. Very muscular, you don't often see a neck like that on a woman. The jawline too, is very strong.

Her communication with Phil on one occasion: baby tears from Gerry, had to have his full English breakfast (not litt. quotes). Gerry is still the youngest child in this, entitled to have the best of everything. If there was a plan, I'm now convinced it didn't start with him. Every time there is a glitch, he reacts like a petulant child - it wasn't part of the deal, it's not his fault.
Unlovely as he is in my eyes, he is second in command IMO.

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