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Time and date was stuck on their camera

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Time and date was stuck on their camera

Post by ufercoffy on 09.01.10 11:15

Posted by viv

This would seem to indicate that the camera belonging to the McCanns and the video, I assume belonging to David Payne as we can see he was recording them on the holiday bus, were immediately seised by police and by 8 May in UK being analysed. The date and time had never been set, stuck in 2002. So, come on Gerry, I would like to know how you produced that last image of Madeleine with the time and date on it. Presumably unaware of the mounting evidence police were gathering against you, even at that stage.

It would also be interesting to know what the contents of the 73 deleted pictures are that the police managed to recover.

The police extensively researched how Gerry could have immediately had available two 6 x 4 prints of Madeleine on Kodak xtralife paper. It would seem they concluded that the only way he could have had them available was to bring them from home. This is a specially laminated picture that prevents it from staining even if drinks spill on it and prevents fading etc, not available in PDL, which is hardly surprising given these pics were handed over in the small hours when no photo shops would be open in PDL (about 3 hours after they " reported her missing" erm perverting the course of justice there). But there are a number of outlets around his home in Leicster that will produce this nice long lasting and durable pics for you. Again, demonstrating that Gerry McCann is not really so smart as he thinks he is and no wonder LP announce they will keep on investigating this case until they bring to justice "those behind the disappearance of Madeleine McCann). No surprises who they are alluding to there!

See also article from the Guardian dated 25 May 2007 where they emphasis in the opening lines it was THREE WEEKS TO THE DAY before the McCanns released this apparent last photo of Madeleine. Given it was supposedly taken by Kate, is this a bit of blame allocation/self protection by the scheming Gerry McCann, who, oddly enough had just popped back home to the UK, then he triumphuntantly returns with his handiwork. I would say, a picture of Madeleine from the previous year.

They know it is you Gerry, and one day you will get what you deserve, ARREST!

Witness statement of Detective Constable Stuart William Martin 2007.05.09 and his analysis of film taken in PdL
08 03 Outros Apensos VIII vol III Pages 543 to 548






(in English)
Hampshire constabulary

Witness Statement

Statement of: Stuart William Martin

Occupation: Detective Constable 1755

Date: 9th May 2007

1. I am employed by Hampshire Constabulary as a Detective Constable and am currently stationed in the Hi-Tech Crime Unit. I hold a Batchelor of Mechanical Engineering and Management degree from Liverpool university. My duties include the retrieval and examination of evidence from computers and other digital media and the investigation of computer crime. I have successfully completed two courses held by Guidance Software Inc in relation to their forensic software tools.

I have also successfully completed one course held by Access data Corp in relation to their forensic data tools.

2. On 8th May at 21.00 hours, the following was delivered to my home address by PC 178 Barham, requesting they be examined to establish if they contained pictures and video footage of a hotel complex in Praia da Luz.

ID ref Description
NALF/1 Video tape from Sony Handicam Video Camera Re Praia da Luz holiday 28/4/07 – 5/5/07 (I ASSUME BELONGING TO DAVID PAYNE)

NALF/2 64 MB camera memory card from Olympus C50 camera Re Praia da Luz holiday 28/4/07 – 5/5/07 (I ASSUME BELONGING TO KATE AND GERRY MCCANN)

NALF/3 32 MB camera memory card from Olympus C50 camera Re Praia da Luz holiday 28/4/07 – 5/5/07(I ASSUME BELONGING TO KATE AND GERRY MCCANN)

3. Video tape from Sony Handicam Video Camera Re Praia da Luz holiday 28/4/07 – 5/5/07 (NALF 1)

On 9th May 2007 at 08.30 I delivered this video camera in the sealed bag number CD 48113 to the imaging unit at Hampshire Police Support headquarters, Netley for examination. I conducted no examination of this bag and contents.

4. 64 MB camera memory card from Olympus C50 camera Re Praia da Luz holiday 28/4/07 – 5/5/07 (NALF 2) and 32 MB camera memory card from Olympus C50 camera Re Praia da Luz holiday 28/4/07 – 5/5/07 (NALF 3).

On 9th May 2007 I commenced my examination of a sealed plastic bag seal number CD48115 with two exhibit labels attached marked 64 MB camera memory card from Olympus C50 camera Re Praia da Luz holiday 28/4/07 – 5/5/07 (NALF 2) and 32 MB camera memory card from Olympus C50 camera Re Praia da Luz holiday 28/4/07 – 5/5/07 (NALF 3).

5. This bag contained a power lead and cable, a black camera case which contained an Olympus C50 camera and a memory cad holder which contained one card.

6. I identified NALF/2 as the memory card which was installed in the camera and NALF/3 as the card in the memory card holder.

7. NALF/2 is an Olympus XD 64 MB memory card number MXD64P3L922905RN9 0223 MAD.

8. NALF/3 is an Olympus XD 32 MB memory card number MXD32P3RO34505RN20235 MAD.

9. I imaged NALF/2 using Guidance Software Inc computer forensic software called Encase version 5.

10. I imaged NALF/2 using Guidance Software Inc computer forensic software called Encase version 5

11. I examined the data from the two cards and located 43 pictures in the live area of the two cards.

12. I produced these pictures as identification references SWM/3019/01 to SWM/3019/43.

13. On checking the camera I found that the time and date was not set on the camera and it was recording the time and date as 0000 hours on 01/01/02. This did not change during the examination. None of the pictures SWM/3019/01 to SWM/3019/43 have any created dates recorded. The last written time and date for each of them is recorded as 0000 01/01/02.

14. Last Accessed represents the date the file as last examined. Whether the Last Accessed Date is triggered depends on the nature of the examination. Opening a file will trigger the Last Accessed Date, as will looking at the file properties and browsing the file structure with Windows Explorer. Examining a file on “write protected media” such as a floppy disk will not trigger this date, neither will examining a file on a compact disk or DVD.

15. Last Written represents the time and date that the contents of the file was last changed. The Last Written date and time is unchanged by the process of copying a file from one drive to another.

16. The creation date and time of the file is usually when it is written to the surface of the disk, subject to the accuracy of the computer clock that was used to perform this task. When this date and time is seen to be after the last written date and time it shows that the files has been transferred from another media.

17. Starting Extent represents the physical location of the starting cluster of the file.

18. Using my forensic software I was able to locate 73 pictures files in the unallocated clusters which had been deleted and were no longer accessible to the camera user.

19. I produce a report containing each of these picture identification reference SWM/3019/01 to SWM/3019/43. (THESE DO NOT APPEAR TO HAVE BEEN DISCLOSED!!)

20. I produce a compact disk SWM/3019/44 containing pictures SWM/3019/01 to SWM/3019/43 and report SWM3019/45. I have also copied the pictures and the folders as they appear on the cards, to this disk.

21. Unallocated clusters

22. Unallocated clusters are clusters on a drive that are not currently assigned to a file. Also called free space. A file may either occupy one or more clusters. The clusters that a file occupies are not necessarily contiguous. Some of these clusters may still contain data from files that have been deleted but not yet overwritten by other files.

23. When the data is extracted from the unallocated clusters there are not imes and dates or file names attributed to the data. My forensic software therefore saved the data in file format and named the files according to the location of the data within the unallocated clusters.

Statement taken by: Self


McCanns release last picture of Madeleine before she vanishedBuzz up!
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Giles Tremlett in Praia da Luz The Guardian, Friday 25 May 2007 Article historyThree weeks to the day after she went missing, the family of four-year-old Madeleine McCann released the last known picture of her yesterday, taken just eight hours before she disappeared from a holiday flat in Praia da Luz, southern Portugal.
Madeleine, then aged three, appears giggling as she dangles her feet into a swimming pool beside her younger sister Amelie and her father, Gerry.

The photograph was taken by her mother, Kate, as the family of five enjoyed their holiday at the Ocean Club complex in the tranquil Algarve resort.

Later that evening, the McCanns left the three children sleeping in their apartment while they ate at a tapas bar a few metres away.

On one of their half-hourly checks they discovered that Madeleine had disappeared, while two-year-old twins Amelie and Sean remained in their beds.

Despite reports of sightings from as far afield as Marrakesh in Morocco, and Crete, police admit that they have no idea where she may be. Believing that she may have been driven across the border into Spain and, from there, to anywhere in Europe, the McCanns are preparing to travel across the continent to spread the hunt for her, starting in Spain.

A British billionaire has offered the McCanns the use of a private jet, although the family are said to be wary of doing anything that makes them look like celebrities.

"We need to start finalising our plans for interviews in areas of Europe where the coverage of Madeleine's disappearance has been limited," Gerry McCann wrote yesterday on the website dedicated to finding his daughter.

As the family's ordeal enters its fourth week today, there have been suggestions from people close to the McCanns that they are concerned about the flow of information from the police to them.

"While they remain content with the overall thrust of the investigation they do at times hope that their questions and concerns are addressed more quickly," a source close to the McCanns told the Press Association news agency.

"They fully comprehend the restrictions that the Portuguese legal system places on everyone involved in this, but naturally as parents who want their little girl back some of the delays that are occurring are frustrating," he added.

Madeleine's uncle, John McCann, said the family remained determined to explore "all ways" of getting Madeleine back. "That will focus on the criminal investigation but we have to - as a family - be open to other ways."

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Re: Time and date was stuck on their camera

Post by vaguely on 09.01.10 11:48

Given the specific nature of the requirements and the type of document in question (photos printed by pigment sublimation on special Kodak paper) and the non- existence of analytical methods that enable the dating of this kind of document by means of the analysis of “inks” we also consulted that company’s representative in Portugal.

In this way, it was possible to ascertain that the type of paper that the photographs were reproduced on has been commercially available for almost two years, having replaced Kodak Picture Maker paper, both for use in photographic development booths as for domestic printers.

The machines installed in photographic development booths use rolled paper which is cut by the machine’s own guillotine, for the reproduction of photos. On the other hand, domestic photo printers use sheets of paper, which have margins that are cut by perforation in the case of most models of printers. Lastly, the positioning of the markings on the back of the photos, could indicate that these were printed on a series 47xx machine (in a booth) or using a G600 Dock printer (domestic use).

May I ask where you have read that this paper is not existing in Portugal?

and on day six God created the non-carbon triple duplicate complaint form.


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Re: Time and date was stuck on their camera

Post by Autumn on 09.01.10 15:10

It would have been relatively easy for someone to have altered the digitilized date of the 'last photo' so as to give a false reading. This can be done by downloading a utility called ExifTool from the web. Clearly, the 'last photo' could not have been taken using Kate's camera given that the time had never been set and stuck on 2002 thinking

As for the special photo paper, I think it has been suggested by some that Murat may have brought it from Britain when he flew to PDL on 1st May.


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