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Post by ROSA on 09.06.11 2:35

We solve Cold Cases

At Paragon, we have solved literally hundred's of "Missing Persons" cases.
We are not talking about skip tracing or debt collecting, but real people who are being sought by loving families who they might never have met, or persons who have vanished without trace.
Our Managing Director is arguably the country's most well known "Cold Case Expert", having worked on both series of Missing Pieces and who solved the disappearance of Lee Sheppard click here a case that involved Ron travelling to London and working alongside the Met Police for a month solid.

The Paragon Investigation Team

At Paragon, we have the philosophy that only the best people can “get on our bus”. They must be already experienced and proven investigators before being accepted, but above that they must be able to demonstrate they have the attitude to go the extra mile to resolve our clients issues.
Our team includes the best interviewers in the country, fraud investigators,surveillance agents, specialist covert CCTV installers, computer forensics and other specialists.
Our team can work independently depending on the size of the job, or together.

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Re: Paragon

Post by Angelique on 09.06.11 13:20

I would love to think that Paragon would get a shot at this but I think we will find that the NSY will keep the Mccann case all to themselves. IMO they would want as few people delving into this as possible. Think of all the emulsion they are going to have to buy as it is - any more and there will be a shortage.

Things aren't always what they seem

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