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17 'Mistakes' made by Robert Murat about what he was doing between 1 and 4 May Mm11

17 'Mistakes' made by Robert Murat about what he was doing between 1 and 4 May Regist10

17 'Mistakes' made by Robert Murat about what he was doing between 1 and 4 May

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17 'Mistakes' made by Robert Murat about what he was doing between 1 and 4 May Empty 17 'Mistakes' made by Robert Murat about what he was doing between 1 and 4 May

Post by Tony Bennett on 11.01.11 0:35

Murat gave a statement to police about his movements from 1 to 4 May when first questioned on 14 May 2007.

When he was re-questioned on 10 and 11 July 2007, and after the Portuguese Police were able to confront him with detailed analysis from his 'phone records of his actual movements during those four days, he changed his story in a remarkable total of 17 different respects. He told police on 10 July that he had been 'too tired' to remember things accurately. Remarkably, during the intervening 57 days, his memory had dramatically improved, confounding the laws of human nature, not unlike Jane Tanner's improving memory about the abductor she said she saw on 3 May.

Here's a convenient sumamry of his 17 'mistakes', extracted from a much longer article on The Madeleine Foundation website ( under 'Articles':

* Remembers that on 1 May he tried to contact Jorge da Silva.

* Remembers that on 2 May he didn’t leave home at 10.30 but instead had a meeting with Sergei Malinka at the Batista Supermarket.

* He had in fact taken Michaela and Malinka back to his mother’s house in Praai da Luz for a further discussion, something he’d omitted to tell the police in the first interview.

* He now remembered visiting his bank and paying in 287.51 euros.

* He now remembered he’d called at the home of Francisco Pagarete, his lawyer, that morning.

* He now remembers that he had met Francisco Pagarete that afternoon.

* He now remembers that another of Jorge’s sons was present at their meeting in the café in the afternoon.

* The meeting in the café went on much longer than he had said previously.

* He thinks that Michaela Walczuk’s husband Luis Antonio may not have been present at Michaela’s house that evening, contrary to what he had previously said.

* On 3 May, he had not woken at 9.00am as previously stated, but at 8.00am.

* He had not driven to Michaela’s house after 10.00am as previously stated; instead he had left home at 8.45am for a 9.30am meeting with the owner of the business tourist complex called ‘Gold Bunker’ in the Espiche district and her father-in-law.

* He now remembered that he had visited two apartments for about 30 minutes, probably on the afternoon of 3 May.

* He and Michaela had lunch with them, a fact he had not disclosed to police before.

* Michaela’s daughter Christine was not with them that day contrary to his previous story.

* They went to the Palmares Golf Club in the afternoon, another fact Murat had failed to disclose.

* He now admitted to making two telephone calls, to Sergei Malinka and Michaela, at 11.39pm and 11.40pm that night.

* He previously said he had woken at 9.00am on Friday 4 May. He now admitted he had telephoned Michaela at 8.27am and must have got up earlier.
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