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Larry Neild: another one justifying

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Larry Neild: another one justifying

Post by annabel on 20.11.10 9:21

Posted on: 11-19-2010 Posted in: Chit-Chat, News

I really must turn off my google alert for Madeleine McCann, not because I am not interested but because I am sick of reading the justification for leaving children alone in a vulnerable situation.
Again Liverpool Confidential columnist Larry Neild, makes a remark that does not speak out against leaving children but reads as if he is justifying the McCanns actions that night for leaving their children. There is no justification, there is no situation where leaving 3 children under the age of 4 in an unlocked apartment in a foreign country is justifiable and acceptable.
Madeleine was soon to be 4 years old, children no matter how much parents deny it, get up to mischief. They awake from sleep and do things they know they should not do, they might not even have to be mischievousness to have an accident befall them, they simply might want a drink and in the dark (Madeleine could have been too short to turn on the lights), stumble, slip, fall and hurt themselves. When a parent is in the vicinity they hear the thud and cries if a child falls, they hear them arousing and are on hand to deal with a situation.
So how they hell can Larry Neild in his column justify this comment:

Some of the critics are unforgiving for the way the McCanns were dining out, while their children slept, even though it was just a very short distance and they kept a regular watch on the bedroom.
But the worst part is Larry, something might happen that can cause a fire and there is no escape and there is a loss of life. It is a tragedy to read stories of how adults, children and pets have died and people have escaped but were unable to save their loved ones. Tragedies of fire happen every day, some occupants rescued whilst others die.
Only recently a fire happened in Bridlington which cost the lives of 3 small children, the mother is in hospital recovering but her children are dead. A neighbour worked on one child on the street for over an hour but to no avail. Reports from the locals tell us that the fire happened so quick there was no chance of rescuing those children, its rate of spread was so rampant and there was nothing they could do as the flames engulfed the building and leapt out of windows making it impossible for neighbours to attempt a rescue. And the fire service were only 5 minutes in getting to that fire according to the Mail.
From the Daily Mail article residents speak of the fire:

Neighbours next door were woken by the smoke alarm inside the Hudson family home and dialled 999.
Susan Smith said:’I could hear them screaming. It was terrible. My husband tried to get in but the fire was so fierce. I’ve never seen anything like it.
‘I don’t know if it was the high wind fanning the flames. If I’d have gone out of the front door I would have been dead. It was that fierce.’
Mrs Smith said another man was also trying to get into the house, but then dragged her husband away saying they would die if they went in.
Stephen Elston, 31, was went outside after hearing ‘a smash.’
He said: ’The fire was serious, it was red hot and the flames were coming through the windows. There was nothing I could do.’
Even though this story is not from the UK, it proves just how fast fire spreads and the devastation and cost of life it can cause. 5 lives were lost to this fire:

“The whole house was engulfed in flames. And I heard the mom yell, ‘My babies, my babies are inside’… It is very, very sad because I wanted to get all the babies out. My kids play with their kids,” said a teary-eyed neighbor who wished to remain unidentified.
According to information provided, fire rescue personnel were notified of the house blaze around 10:40 p.m. They arrived at the scene within eight minutes and quickly jumped into action.
You see each and everyone of them left their children, not just the McCanns, but their friends were neglectful to and to use the justification of having a baby monitor is just again lame and inexcusable. Smoke kills, so unless they could hear through the monitor every breath from each child then the monitor was useless in a fire.
A worst fate could have happened that night, a fire could have happened in any one of those apartments and those children could have been killed by fire. If the parents were in the apartment and there was nothing they could do to save their children, that is tragedy but to put your children at risk for your own personal needs is just plain right neglect.
Hypothetically then, the pub that is across the road from me, which by proximity is closer than the distance between apartment 5a and the tapas bar, is OK for me to venture into at night and leave my children alone across the road? Afterall in your terms of thinking I only have to walk across the road every half an hour to make sure everything is OK. Naturally I will sit facing the windows, wining, dining, just to make sure there are no flames and smoke bellowing from my property that could risk the lives of my children.
Get real please, the McCanns put their own pleasures before the safety of their children, end of. There is no excuse and they have not once admitted their mistakes and advised people never to leave children alone, no matter how safe you think it is; all we have had from them is reasons trying to justify their actions that night. There are no excuses, Madeleine did not tell her parents to leave her and tell them she was capable of babysitting, they chose to take that course of action and Madeleine paid the price.

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Re: Larry Neild: another one justifying

Post by Guest on 20.11.10 10:16

Thank you annabel


There is no justification, there is no situation where leaving 3 children under the age of 4 in an unlocked apartment in a foreign country is justifiable and acceptable.

Get real please, the McCanns put their own pleasures before the safety of their children, end of.

It always gets me time after time when I think about this, that even when the McCanns were asked by Madeleine where were they the previous night, they still went out that night. No excuse for that. To do it once, is bad enough, but to do it every night is totally unforgivable. The others just as bad, one of the children was ill and vomiting, yet they still left her

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Re: Larry Neild: another one justifying

Post by ufercoffy on 20.11.10 10:35

Comment by janey on the blog

janey......I don’t think they checked because I don’t think the children were ever left alone. One of the party was “ill” every night. For Madeleine to “be abducted” she HAD to be left on her own. Window of opportunity and all that – that they so often remind us about
Neglect was their alibi and under UK law they would not have been prosecuted for leaving those children alone (I have this on good authority) they would have just been warned.
Admitting neglect was the lesser of two evils.

I also don't think such young children were left alone but, if not, then surely that can only mean Madeleine died whilst in the company of at least one adult.

I can't imagine that adult allowed her to be adducted, unless it was an adult who struggled to cope with her and didn't really want her and was relieved to see a swarthy abductor come through the window and take away the problem child...but that would make the million pound Fund a fraud.

I couldn't imagine an adult being in the presence of Madeleine whilst she died from an accidental death because that would also make the million pound Fund a fraud.

I couldn't imagine these doctors being with Madeleine whilst she died, and then hiding her body, because that would mean they are getting away with an evil, heinous crime which may even include murder and the million pound Fund is a fraud.

So many crimes have potentially happened.

So...did they or did they not leave the children alone?

If they didn't neglect their children, and one still managed to die and be hidden, then their crimes are beyond imagination and why are they allowed to get away with it and get rich in the process?

If they did neglect their children til one of them disappeared then why the hell are they allowed to become multimillionaires from public donations and the sale of a book and possibly a movie in the future?

Whichever way you look at this it's an appalling state of affairs that is being allowed to continue year after year.

WHO is going to put a stop to it?

Whose cadaver scent and bodily fluid was found in the McCann's apartment and hire car if not Madeleine's?  Shocked

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Re: Larry Neild: another one justifying

Post by Anti-Philo Pastry on 11.07.11 11:51

Is there something more to be learned about or from this this chap? As just saw a twitter from exnewsoftheworld 2, saying oh McCanns and Laz. Did not know what was Laz until googled. there are articles written with the title 'The Laz word on McCanns' and other articles. He is also part of something called Aurora? communications, some kind of PR and media group. His name also seems to crop up in some blogs who accuse him of being rather dishonest about some building/planning works in Liverpool.

Might be nothing but will keep looking.

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