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Robert Murat’s links with Oasis Club, Norwich  Mm11

Robert Murat’s links with Oasis Club, Norwich  Regist10
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Robert Murat’s links with Oasis Club, Norwich  Mm11

Robert Murat’s links with Oasis Club, Norwich  Regist10

Robert Murat’s links with Oasis Club, Norwich

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Robert Murat’s links with Oasis Club, Norwich  Empty Robert Murat’s links with Oasis Club, Norwich

Post by Jill Havern 23.04.19 9:08

Robert Murat’s links with Oasis Club, Norwich

The Madeleine Foundation continues to investigate Robert Murat ( see our long article on him at I am putting this article on the public part of the forum as there is no good reason for keepng this information private.

One matter we have established is that Murat, during his time in Norfolk, was a frequent visitor to the Oasis Club at Thorpe St. Andrew, just outside Norwich. The Club was established by the late Harry Serruys, and is now owned and run by his controversial son, Andre Serruys (see some of the links below).

One matter of which the general public are not generally aware is that Andre Serruys has a large private suite at the club which is frequenlty used for gambling and other pursuits. The club has, historically, been visited by police officers who have enjoyed its facilities. Murat, we have established, was close to many of these police officers and a regular visitor to the club in his Norfolk days. As senior polie officers were involved in the club’s activities, they insisted on CCTV being installed at various places inside the club.

Harry Serruys was close to Christopher Gurney, owner of an airstrip on north Norfolk, who has close family connections to the owners of Barclays Bank. Gurney’s airstrip was regularly used to fly our arms and other materials destined for the Middle East. Surruys maintained an ocean-going boat in the Mediterranean.

Below is a recent article about the Serruys Property Company - and below that is the original biograpjhy of Murat in The Times, referring to hios time in Norfolk where of course he was a trusted translator for Norfolk Police.

the Serruys Property Company (SPC)

Entrepreneur Andre Serruys will be looking to bounce back emphatically in 2011 after settling a £91.5m legal dispute which has dragged on for more than two years.

Mr Serruys and his business, Serruys Property Company (SPC), were subject to a breach of warranty writ by water and waste management giant Sita UK in 2008, which related to the sale of Mr Serruys’ Lenwade-based scrap metal business Easco, which Sita bought the previous year.

Sita alleged Easco was “replete with dishonest practices” and effectively worthless – which Mr Serruys’ legal team strenuously denied, claiming the complaints should never have been brought.

During the legal battle, Mr Serruys’ and SPC’s assets were frozen after Sita brought complaints of fraud against Mr Serruys – all of which were dropped when the case settled out of court in November.

But the effect of the freezing order was that Mr Serruys was unable to take investment decisions without Sita’s approval, which he said had frustrated his attempts to seize opportunities and progress projects which were already under way.

Now the order has been lifted, SPC will be looking to make up for lost time.

Within weeks, details of two major development projects surfaced.

They are a £100m plan to build almost 700 homes and a marina on the Deal Ground site, a 45-acre plot of land between Trowse and Whitlingham, on the outskirts of Norwich.

The plans also include a state-of-the-art new headquarters for infrastructure services firm May Gurney, with office space for additional new tenants.

The second scheme is for more than 80 new homes on the site of the Lakenham Sports and Leisure Centre site in Lakenham, Norwich, which has stood empty for years.

An overhaul of SPC’s Oasis Sports and Leisure Club in Thorpe St Andrew could also be on the cards, and it remains to be seen whether SPC will target new opportunities in the scrap metal industry in which Mr Serruys made his name.

Profile: Robert Murat, suspect in Madeleine case

Michael Horsnell of The Times

Robert Murat, a suspect in the disappearance of four-year-old Madeleine McCann, adored his own daughter and desperately missed her after his marriage broke down.

The former car salesman “lost” her when his wife, Dawn, returned to her native Norfolk with their daughter four months after the family had emigrated to Portugal because she was homesick and he stayed behind.

Mr Murat, 33, whose father is Portuguese, carried on as a self-employed property consultant on the Algarve, but visited the child regularly.

Gareth Bailey, a close friend and former colleague of the suspect at Inchcape Autoparc used car dealership in Norwich, where Mr Murat had worked for four years, said the family embarked on a new life in Portugal in 2005.

Married in 1994 in Dereham, Norfolk, the couple had been trying for a baby for years until she fell pregnant in 2002 and had looked forward to moving abroad.

”But Dawn was unhappy in Portugal and became homesick,” Mr Bailey said. “She is a Norfolk girl and her family are in Norfolk.

”She only stayed with Rob for three or four months before she decided to come home with [their daughter]. He had already got a life out there, so he decided to stay. At first, he kept his relationship with Dawn and kept flying back to the UK to spend time with her and her daughter.

”He was going backwards and forwards between Portugal and here all the time, often only staying a couple of days before going back there. In the end, their relationship just fizzled out.”

Friends today described Mr Murat's daughter, four, who is also blonde, as “his life”.

Mr Bailey, who last saw his friend two months ago, added: “He is a laidback guy who loves the wonderful weather and the relaxed lifestyle out there.

”But he was upset about being away from his daughter. She is his first child and she means a lot to him. When she was born, it was the best thing ever for him. I know he stays in contact with [her] and telephones her all the time from Portugal. She is his world and he loves her to bits.”

Mr Murat was born on November 20, 1973, at Queen Charlotte’s Hospital, Hammersmith, west London - the elder son of John Henry Queriol Murat, a company director, who is Portuguese, and Jennifer (nee Eveleigh), from Sidmouth, Devon.

Mr Murat’s parents were then living in Richmond-upon-Thames, but moved to Portugal, where he was educated.

As a young man, he returned to Britain, where he took a variety of jobs and enjoyed playing darts and clay pigeon shooting.

Mr Murat, who lost an eye in a motorbike accident as a teenager when he crashed into the wall of a railway station, worked for the turkey tycoon, Bernard Matthews, at the company factory in Lenwade, Norfolk, between 1994 and 2000.

He and his wife, who has a son, David, now 20, by a previous marriage, bought a modest, semi-detached, three-bedroom house, now worth £190,000, in The Street, Hockering - a quiet Norfolk village near Deerham (population 230).

Mr Murat went on to become a successful car salesman with Inchcape for four years before moving on to work at Desira car dealership in Norwich, selling Nissans, Alfa Romeos, Fiats and Citroens.

But he also earned £150 a time as a translator for Norfolk police, using his language skills to help their inquiries among the large Portuguese community in the county.

Mr Bailey remains certain of his friend’s innocence. He said: “I would trust him with my own daughter. It was a complete shock to hear what has happened in Portugal. If I was to give him a character reference, I would describe him as brilliant and a real people person.

”He is ever such a likeable guy and probably one of the most helpful people you could come across. He was very conscientious when I worked with him and spent masses of time with customers - almost to the point where he would become annoying. It’s just the way he is.

”He is one of those overly helpful people who likes to get involved. Sometimes at work, I had to tell him to go away in a friendly way.”

Mr Murat had a reputation, not only in the car trade but in Hockering, as something of a Good Samaritan.

His next door neighbour, Colin Shackcloth, 85, said: “He is a lovely man, but, two years ago, I realised he was gone. I went round with a little present at Christmas, a box of chocolates and Dawn said: ’Robert has gone back and he is stopping there."

Mr Shackcloth, a retired display manager, added: “He always struck me as a down-to-earth kind of fellow. If you wanted anything, he would help. If you needed it, he would be round to replace a bulb for you. What he is supposed to have done just doesn’t fit.

”They were both very nice to us. We never had an angry word since they moved in about 11 years ago. I can’t say a bad word about him.”

Police stood guard at the house, from which Mrs Murat was driven away at speed by police late on Monday night carrying her daughter in a blanket.

The little girl and her mother are being cared for at an undisclosed address.

Mrs Murat’s mother, Margaret Chapman, who lives in Norwich declined to comment.

Geoffrey Livock, 71, said: “I was speaking to Dawn after the little girl went missing last week and she said that Rob had been helping out the police in Portugal. Dawn said she could not understand how anyone could take a little girl like that.”

Harry Serruys former Director of Norwich Football Club:

For discussion, please visit this thread:

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