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PDL and dawn?

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PDL and dawn?

Post by Guest on 29.10.10 13:17

There is a very interesting topic on MCF entitled Praia de Luz at dawn, and well worth a read. In an interview Hernani Carvalho says some very odd things aabout PDL at dawn. I thought it may be worth of discussion here. Some strange comments made and very intriguing. Here is the snippet:

HC - … who saw Kate in the church, and saw Kate jogging with the Anglican priest wife; anyway, she was down there and maybe it would be interesting to start off with that.

HC – [sighs] You know, despite whatever it’s said, the fact is that no one knows where Maddie is. That would be a remarkable thing - to be able to be here and bring something new, but… I want to start by explaining that this woman owns a business where several people go, therefore she asked us to keep her identity protected since… you understand - people don’t like to cause damages to their own business just because they are giving an interview. Anyhow, she does have a business where many people go to and exchange opinions. I know extremely well Praia da Luz – it may sound like arrogance but it isn’t. I know it well due to…for elementary reasons I had to go numerous times to Praia da Luz - during the day, at night, at dawn… I particularly enjoy Praia da Luz at dawn. Objectively, I really have a preference for Praia da Luz at dawn. And I know that there are two groups – their size is irrelevant – the Portuguese enjoy essentially peace, to relax, and don’t want to have nuisances.

FM – What exactly do you mean by “that you enjoy it more at dawn” – if that has a meaning at all.

HC – It means that I have a great enjoyment in watching Praia da Luz at dawn; it means that I really like to observe the phenomena that occur in Praia da Luz, at dawn. Moreover, I want to tell you that there are events, which take place at dawn, in Praia da Luz that do not happen in any other time of the year [sic].

RFR – And what is that, Hernâni?

HC – I strongly advise you to go to Praia da Luz- at dawn. It’s interesting, you’ll gain an entirely different perspective of life. And of the facts.

RFR – But of a life taking place in the sea? Do you mean of a life by the sea? A whole life at sea?

HC – Yes… You know…

RFR - And at the beach?

HC – ….that place there, next to the sea is truly beautiful - at dawn, seriously.

RFR – Various situations taking place, things in motion…

First question is what facts. What happened or is happening at dawn in PDL?

And this from a local woman and journalist Eugenia.......... [snipped] LW = Local woman E = journalist

E – Do you think people preferred the McCann couple not to comeback?

LW – I believe so, yes. I believe so… that people don’t… that they are no longer welcome here in Praia da Luz. ‘What are they doing here again?!’ – It is the comment that people do. People talk about the various times they have returned; they have already been here several times, including last week – they’ve came back, at least the mother did. I have heard some comments that she was here, and that she went around Luz beach exercising. People also comment that she went to Luz church to pray.

E – Was the McCann couple around here last month?

LW – Yes, in August. I think it was in August.

E – They were seen?

LW – They were seen, yes. I think it’s enough – at least of praying here in Praia da Luz, she can pray at her own house.

Then we have this blog from Martin Brunt

Kate McCann Returns To Praia Da Luz

  • Kate McCann Returns To Praia Da Luz

[url= Brunt][/url]

[url= Brunt]Martin Brunt[/url] December 12, 2009 6:31 PM

Kate McCann must have got up at an unearthly hour to ensure her emotional return to Praia da Luz went unnoticed.
We missed her and so did the fishermen who were on the beach long before dawn.
Apparently she and Gerry were there at 5.30am to wander the deserted seafront and visit the nearby church which became their sanctuary in the weeks after Madeleine's disappearance.
So, they managed to keep the trip private, as they intended - but it must have taken some determination.
It also meant they avoided bumping into any of the locals who don't share the sympathy others have towards the couple.
As Kate said in a statement:: "For the rest of the day we are planning to catch up with some very good friends."

So how would Martin Brunt know this? Who told him?

According to xclamation it has nothing to do with 2007, and she wishes she could tell us more. So therefore it must be something to do with these latest trips. Have the PJ found something? Having they been searching in the early hours. Have the private detectives been despatched to find out what is going on. Many questions. But something is definitely happening imo.

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Re: PDL and dawn?

Post by Angelique on 30.10.10 15:16


thank you for this post - I am too at a loss to understand the statement about dawn at Praia da Luz - it sounds as though something strange is or has happened in the vicinity but who knows. No one seems to want to verbalise it - so it must be something "odd".

I think Kate's return to Praia da Luz can only have been either to check up on something, or a distraction method. She must have known she would have been recognised - in all probability it was something legal - papers to sign or something like that. But she certainly like to 'run' or 'jog'. No matter what the crisis, losing a child, oh, I'll go for a run!


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Re: PDL and dawn?

Post by Guest on 12.06.11 10:54

I still find this interview very interesting, about the numerous mentions of DAWN and of the facts. In a recent interview Moita Flores also said this...............

.....Moita Flores: "I have no doubts that the child died. Who knows, one day a fishing net will pick up a bag with a child's bones in it."...

I find that a strange comment. Wouldn't you normally say who knows one day the child's body/remains may be found? Why a fishing net? thinking

Now we know that the fishermen are up early at dawn to go fishing, so is it possible something has been found, and has been subject to forensic testing for the last few months. Is this the reason that SY have suddenly become involved?

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