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Those precious scents Mm11

Those precious scents Regist10

Those precious scents

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Those precious scents Empty Those precious scents

Post by Phoebe on 17.12.17 19:56

An article in today's Irish Sunday Independent punched home for me just how unfeeling it was to wash Cuddlecat and Madeline's clothing so soon, erasing the last remaining scent of a lost child. In the article, Campbell Spray discusses his family's grief when their beloved dog Sam finally has to be put to sleep. He also touches on the grief they still feel after the untimely death of his son Daniel a couple of years ago. (He has already written about this) It is beautifully poignant and I couldn't but contrast his reaction with that of Kate and Gerry McCann.

"His collar and lead are in a box to preserve their unique smell. But it is unlikely to be opened by me- just as I am reluctant to start emptying the boxes of Daniel's books which I had sent from England 18 months ago because I don't want the smell of him within them to escape."


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Those precious scents Empty Re: Those precious scents

Post by The Reverend Badger on 17.12.17 20:15

Washing destroys forensic evidence. Most intelligent people know this.

In considering the actions of anyone who might be guilty of something you should always consider that any specific action may well be deliberate, premeditated and intended to have a certain result.

A pattern of specific actions which may in themselves individually look innocent could paint a very different picture when taken as a whole.
The Reverend Badger

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Those precious scents Empty Re: Those precious scents

Post by Verdi on 17.12.17 20:48

@The Reverend Badger wrote:Washing destroys forensic evidence. Most intelligent people know this.

That is fundamentally incorrect. By way of confirmation, I refer you to Martin Grime's report contained in the PJ files..


The odour target of cadaver is scientifically explained through 'volatile organic
compounds' that in a certain configuration are received by the dog as a
receptor. Recognition then gives a conditioned response 'ALERT'. Despite
considerable research and analytical investigation the compounds cannot as
yet be replicated in laboratory processes. Therefore the 'alert' by dogs without
a tangible source cannot be forensically proven at this time. Cadaver scent
cannot readily be removed by cleaning as the compounds adhere to surfaces.
The scent can be 'masked' by bleach and other strong smelling odours but
the dog's olfactory system is able to isolate the odours and identify specific
compounds' and mixes.
Cadaver scent contamination may be transferred in
numerous scenarios. Any contact with a cadaver which is then passed to any
other material may be recognised by the dog causing a 'trigger' indication.


'Keela' The Crime Scene Investigation (C.S.I.) dog will search for and locate
exclusively human blood. She will locate contaminated weapons, screen
motor vehicles and items of clothing and examine crime scenes for human
blood deposits. She will accurately locate human blood on items that have
been subjected to 'clean up operations' or having been subjected to several
washing machine cycles.
In training she has accurately located samples of
blood on property up to thirty-six years old.

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