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Missing People

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Re: Missing People

Post by Hobs on 08.11.18 19:52

@sar wrote:..what does This doctor is subject to revalidation mean?

It means before she can renew her license to practice she has  to be examined and reviewed by another  more experienced doctor to show she is current with all applicable requirements for her job, is current with new medicines and treatments and she would also likely be observed treating patients etc.
She cannot return to her job as a GP until she has been revalidated.

Since she had not been practicing for 10 years plus, she would not be revalidated.
She would not be current with  practices nor treatments.

Her career as a GP is long over, if she wanted to return she would likely have to go back to medical school and start from scratch.
Considering she spent so much time studying to become a doctor, a job she would have continued till she retired, she has lost it all.
Her working in medicine could be anything. We know she is not in contact with the public as it would have been common knowledge within days by those she saw.
This means she is working behind the scenes with no contact with the public.
Likely this would be as a secretary perhaps to the fragrant gerry?
Kate's medical career is over.
Gerry's is over as he is now a university professor and extremely disliked by his students according to the very nice girl i got chatting to, one of his student.
Will the university keep him on i wonder?

Time will tell.

The little unremembered acts of kindness and love are the best parts of a person's life.

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Re: Missing People

Post by sar on 09.11.18 18:22

@Phoebe wrote:
Get'emGonçalo wrote:
@sharonl wrote:
Get'emGonçalo wrote:Did Gerry have a title in 2007?
Why did Kate need to have one?

I don't think that Gerry had a title but he did make that comment about Kate.

I am beginning to wonder why she gave up her job so quickly.  I used to think that it was because her employers could not confirm that she and Cuddle Cat tended to 6  corpses before the holiday, now I'm not so sure.  Did this charity have big plans already in place for her?

I remember Kate saying "This is my job now. I can see this becoming my full-time career, with this whole issue of child welfare and opposing paedophiles'."

Opposing paedophiles instead of having strawberry daquiri's and banoffee pies with them.
I suspect this was the plan but it has been thwarted by that stubborn Portuguese cop and those pesky trolls who rained on Kate's parade and would not allow the pall of suspicion that hung about her to dissipate. I remember reading ( I think on the 3As) some time ago a comment that Kate hadn't "been approached yet" but she was obviously hopeful of a high-profile role. I believe it's claimed she's back in some branch of medicine now - boohoo, those bloody interfering trolls!!!!
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Re: Missing People

Post by aquila on 10.11.18 13:53

This hitherto almost bankrupt charity trundled into town like a freight train piggy backing on a juggernaut.

This charity has absorbed every charity in its wake and is openly supported by UK police and masonic endorsemen.t

Over several years I have pleaded with the UK media to allocate investigative reporters.

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