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Post by WOODWARD on 08.09.10 17:34

Honestbroker has just confirmed that Tony Winters is also crazytony ,the author of the HOUNDING blogspot. Mr Winters is boasting that the BBC have been downoading screenshots taken of some of Tony Bennetts postings with a view to what -who knows? I just hope Mr Bennett has screen shots of the disgusting things Mr Winters posts about Mrs Amaral-in the interest of the balance the BBC are obliged to consider.

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Re: crazytony

Post by Judge Mental on 08.09.10 18:16

People may load down anything they wish to, however it will be of more harm to the Tapas 9 to do so.

Tony Bennett and millions of other people throughout Europe, the Americas and Australasia do not believe the parents claim that Madeleine was abducted. They have only spoken about or written what they believe to be the truth. Everything written is in total agreement with the police investigations, and all that Tony Bennett and his supporters are asking, is that the investigation is allowed to continue to its rightful conclusion.
Judge Mental

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