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2 major McCann case reference sites have exceeded their bandwidth

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2 major McCann case reference sites have exceeded their bandwidth

Post by Keitei on 18.02.17 22:12

From Ben Thompson Facebook

It appears we've broken the internet. Not literally of course, but due to the recent rush of interest in the case, two major McCann case reference sites have exceeded their bandwidth.

Both the PJ Files site, and Pamalam's website are currently down. If you try to load the pages, you'll be met with a message that says "Bandwidth limit exceeded". When a website is created, a monthly bandwidth limit is put in place, this can be increased should it be required, and we expect both Pamalam, and the owners of the PJ Files to rectify the problem very soon.

In the meantime, you can still access both sites by using the following links:

For the PJ Files…/www.mccannpjf…/PJ/TRANSLATIONS.htm

...and for Pamalam's website, which includes all court transcripts, Gerry's blog, McCannfiles, and loads of articles, press releases, blogs and photographs, please use this link:…/2…/

Happy reading.

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