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What news is Team McCann trying to bury?

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What news is Team McCann trying to bury?

Post by Get'emGonçalo on 21.02.16 13:24

Posted with thanks to 'knitted' aka Darren Ware on CMOMM facebook

The publication of the recent front page article in The Sun titled “Kate: Maddie still in Algarve”, (& subsequent media reports along that vein), appears to be very well timed. Having just watched Richard Hall’s latest documentary, it’s interesting to see how the timing of ‘official’ McCann articles have, since May 2007, been published in the mainstream media just when factual news is surfacing that is likely to undermine the ‘official’ story.

The release of ‘official’ McCann stories to the media, that coincide with (& and thus bury) any factual news happens far too often in my opinion for it to be a coincidence. It appears to be a clear case of media manipulation.

Some years someone came up with the phrase “The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google search results“. Most people simply type in some search words and click on the top few links returned by their search engine. Although the algorithms are secret and change the basic principle is that Google (& others) present back to people searching those webpages that have been ‘paid for’ at the top of the list of page returns, followed by the most visited sites in descending order of popularity (judged by visitor counts, number of links to/from the site, etc.) combined with how ‘fresh’, or new, the content of the webpage is. So, if an article appears relating to Madeleine McCann in a paper like The Sun then it’ll go straight to the top (as their articles will be ‘paid for’) and will then remain there for some days as it’s on a website that has lots of visitors. Furthermore, when readers read the Sun’s main (paid for) article and then click on any embedded links relating to older McCann articles then those, (because of the new clicks), will likely be resurrected by the algorithms to also appear in the returns over the next few days...and finally, because other newspapers will repeat the story, whenever a big mainstream article appears a waterfall effect occurs with repetitive mainstream articles saturating the all-important 1st page of the search engine returns.

Why’s this a problem? People with a specific interest (like us) will scroll through and hunt down the articles we want and know are there, but most people do not. However, research shows that about 2/3rds of readers will only click on the top two or three search engine returns and furthermore that 95% of people never even look at the second page of Google. So, imagine a week of no official McCann press releases: When someone types ‘Madeleine McCann’ into Google they may find a link to the CMoMM forum somewhere on the 1st page and thus be exposed to all the facts on that site. However, as soon as any McCann related news article appears on a mainstream media site there’s not a hope in hell of anything from independent sites appearing on that all important 1st page. So, suppose I mention at work some snippet about yet another damning piece of evidence that's beginning to emerge online. Now just imagine a colleague happens to idly open up Google in the evening and says "what was Darren going on about... I'll search ‘Madeleine McCann’ and see what comes up". They do so and, of course, all they see are the ‘official’ article(s) hastily released that day that repeat the latest official (non)story from Team McCann. My colleague reads the ‘official’ story, gets bored, and then delves off to read the day's sport or celebrity gossip as that's how most people interact with the Internet. So, the recent 'Madeleine is still in the Algarve' article was quite enough, in practical terms, to push any important/factual articles down the search rankings and thus become hidden to most people.

So, what was happening around the middle of February in the UK that necessitated release in The Sun of a front page article about Kate McCann's feelings?

Well, there were two important things nudging up the search engine returns relating to Madeleine: Firstly we had on the 12th Feb the CMoMM’s exclusive from the book about the McCann’s lengthy use of the thoroughly discredited Metodo3 investigators, which amongst other things outlined the extent to which the hunt for Madeleine was a sham; and secondly we had the growing online interest in Richard D. Hall’s latest documentary titled ‘When Madeleine Died?’, which was hitting the streets in DVD form, (now available for free on YouTube). There's no doubt in my mind the content of the above would have been quite enough to necessitate urgent and timely action from any self-respecting media guru whose professional services might be being invoiced to the Find Madeleine Fund.

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Full four hour film

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Re: What news is Team McCann trying to bury?

Post by Get'emGonçalo on 22.02.16 11:58


Amelia Black
10 mins
I thought it was a good time to remind everyone of exactly what we're dealing with here,how many of the British public ,inded the world are aware of the incredible lengths gone to to ensure Goncalo De Sousa Amaral suffers? is he the abductor you ask? no..he was the lead investigator of Madeleines case...his team ,not just him I may add and he successor all came to the same conclusion due to the finding of forensics,the incredible dogs Eddie and Keela and the behaviours of the group and parents ,their inconsistencies and refusal to fully assist in the investigation. Goncalos crime? printing the truth of the investigation while the facts had already been released to the public in the form of the ,below is a list of links showing the ferocity at which they have tried to punish this hard working family man whose only mistake imo and others was not (bearing in mind the constraints on him and his team) going after the main suspects more firmly,everyone knows the stats on parental abuse and indeed those that were the last to see the missing alive are almost automatically suspects.this was not however met with understanding from the Mccann couple but instead with years of drawn out libel battles and freezing of personal assests,even Katie Hopkins touches on this and she ,for once, is correct, no amount of money will right the wrongs of the past ,I truly hope Mr Amaral sees justice done very soon and he gets the right decision at his appeal,he is not a well man and its fair to say its time all this came to a conclusion ,altho for Mr Amaral it will just be the start of taking back what is rightfully his ,his money,his home and his reputation…/41s…/TVI_08_10_2010.htm…/CORREIO_DA_MANHA_08_09_10.…

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Re: What news is Team McCann trying to bury?

Post by aquila on 22.02.16 12:04

The only mistake Goncalo Amaral made was to publish his book too early which was the basis for a lawsuit against him.

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Re: What news is Team McCann trying to bury?

Post by whatsupdoc on 22.02.16 12:46

@aquila wrote:The only mistake Goncalo Amaral made was to publish his book too early which was the basis for a lawsuit against him.

Yes, one might be right but timing is of the essence.

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