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Dossier woman

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Dossier woman

Post by Jill Havern on 31.08.15 6:04

In addition to the social commentary which is the cornerstone of The Pillory, various research projects are currently in progress.
The Pillory is intrigued by the anomalies surrounding the dossier which resulted in the doorstepping and death of Brenda Leyland and the identity of this person:The purpose of dossiers created to store online data about users of social media is invariably questionable and yet a particular McCann-related group freely admits to sustaining such dossiers over a period of years. What interest these files can have for the McCann family is debatable unless the McCanns have paid the compilers to carry out such activities.
The Pillory is of the opinion that the dossier libraries are instead a form of private enterprise, unauthorised, unauthenticated and unendorsed by the McCanns or their representatives. The question then becomes, to what end are these dossiers of any observable value in the McCann saga? Clearly, they are of no value if the McCanns have not commissioned them… yet they have been created and updated regardless of lack of McCann involvement.
What value and purpose, therefore, do these dossiers have to anyone but the compilers? The answer has to be none. The dossiers exist solely for the unpublicised purposes of the compilers; therefore their contents have only one function and that is to promote and support these undeclared purposes.
Murkier and murkier.
The Pillory notes the comments below:
My dossier’? How interesting, and useful, that one person can now be, by admission, placed on record as a compiler of McCann-related dossiers.
Robtard makes reference on December 18th 2014 to this dossier as being ‘the Dossier 2nd edition’ which suggests that the 1st edition is no longer in use; perhaps because it passed to other hands as of October 2nd 2014? Interesting.
In the above images there are clear and firm statements from Kate Holt (under her Cass Sidebotham pseudonym) and from Robtard D Guest (under one of his many alter egos) that the McCanns were not involved in the dossier passed to Sky News and that the McCanns were not involved in the handover to Sky of said dossier.
The Pillory queries how Holt and Guest can state these things with such absolute certainty and concludes that such certainty can only derive from having direct knowledge of the compilers and the person designated (or the person who volunteered) to deliver it in Scotland. Holt makes clear reference above to owning a McCann-related dossier yet The Pillory does not believe that Kate Holt is the Person of Interest in the photo. The Pillory has formed a different opinion as regards that person’s identity.
The Pillory then examines the thread extracted from the then Madeleine McCann Debate Group (now renamed and largely defunct). In this thread:
we see Prateek Varshney (another Robtard D Guest Facebook account) alluding to the dossier as if it is a private joke. We then see Kate Holt, Gwen James and Lisa Newick responding in the same indirect manner as if they acknowledge the private joke made by Robtard.
The Pillory sees no reason for the matter of a dossier to be the subject of a private joke unless to mention that dossier in a less oblique style would be publicly unwise. There is clear amusement shared between these four in this typed exchange and that too is curious.
This chat took place on October 3rd 2014. The Leyland dossier was handed to Sky News by the Person of Interest on October 2nd 2014.
In the chat, Gwen James (not her real name and one of an array of pseudonyms) makes the comment that ‘it’s out of our hands now eh’. The Pillory finds this comment most peculiar of all as it implies that the four had some involvement in the dossier and its delivery; that the dossier was ‘in their hands’ before being ‘out of their hands’ as Gwen James states.
These four (under myriad pseudonyms) are longterm and core members of the aforementioned and now renamed Madeleine McCann Debate Group. They have all at various times and under various pseudonyms posted approvingly on the Robert Guest Public Information Page, where Robtard (as Richard David) publicises his and Holt’s video attacks on those they routinely target:
The Pillory has drawn a final conclusion as to the identity of the Person of Interest and is now observing developments. Reference has been made elsewhere to the ‘breeding of suicide victims’ and that is being taken very seriously indeed.
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