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Sky dossier

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Sky dossier

Post by Loza on Tue Oct 07 2014, 10:42

Hi new

There was a link on twitter earlier to the names on dossier handed into @sky. I not good at posting links but will try to get it up.. I thought I'd better let you know Petermacyou are on mccannhateexposed

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Re: Sky dossier

Post by Smokeandmirrors on Tue Jan 13 2015, 22:49

The truth will out.

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Sky dossier

Post by G-Unit on Tue Jan 13 2015, 23:30

Loved this bit where Sir Bernard is referring to a file handed in by the McCanns to;

'our team investigating er reviewing the murder of er sorry tsk, reviewing the missing girl er er the McCann daughter'

Oh dear  laughat

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Re: Sky dossier

Post by plebgate on Wed Jan 14 2015, 10:43

Is the actual list able to be copied in full.  

Why PMac's name is on there I really cannot understand, unless trying to help the police with their enquiries is classed as hate these days?

I have never seen what I would class as a hateful comment from PeterM.


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Re: Sky dossier

Post by Sourdough on Wed Jan 14 2015, 13:06

Are you talking about the Troll Dossier that was handed to Sky?
Did Brunt give out the names of who is in that file?


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Re: Sky dossier

Post by jeanmonroe on Thu Jan 15 2015, 12:14


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