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Gerry's actually a dog lover...!

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Gerry's actually a dog lover...!

Post by missbeetle on 16.05.15 7:24

Who'd have thought it?

'Tis strange, but true; for truth is always strange...
(from Lord Byron's 'Don Juan', 1823)

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Re: Gerry's actually a dog lover...!

Post by canada12 on 16.05.15 8:08

And Amelie's wearing the same sweater as here:

She certainly doesn't grow very fast.
Who'd have thought it? :-)


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Re: Gerry's actually a dog lover...!

Post by joyce1938 on 16.05.15 10:20

There is a chance that mum bought the 2 girls same shirt ,and the later one is mads bigger one passed on ,I used to do that for 2 of my boys and that is what would happen ,one passed to next one ..joyce1938

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