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"Maddie's Pandora's Box"

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"Maddie's Pandora's Box"

Post by NickE on 26.09.14 15:38

We think many in the Maddie case are confusing a moment of glory for glory itself.

Confusing the “Raising of the Flag on Iwo Jima” with the “V-J Day”.

The V-J Day was the end of WWII. On August 15, 1945, Emperor Hirohito announced Japan's acceptance of the terms of the Potsdam Declaration. It had its official ceremony on September 02 on-board USS Missouri.

Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima (23FEB45) on Mount Suribachi didn’t even represent any victory of any battle. It was just an iconic moment of one. A milestone of the Battle of Iwo Jima (19FEB45 – 26MAR45).

It happened 4 days into what would be a 35 day battle. Many would die on the following 31 days on that island on that battleground In fact 3 of the Marines appearing on the photograph, Harlon Block, Frankln Sousley, and Michael Strank were killed in action over the next few days.

And many millions would lose their lives in the war between that moment and V-J Day.
It was a glorious moment, filled with symbolism and it caused an enormous impact on public opinion but it was, as said, only an iconic moment and nothing more than that.
Just like it will only be an iconic moment when the McCanns are officially charged. Nothing more than that.
Only a milestone. The “war” will continue and each inch of terrain still has to be conquered with all the “casualties” that it represents.
And that is what we think some in the Maddie case seem to be failing to realise. They cry for that moment without realising exactly what they’re wishing for. All in our opinion, of course.
All because of what we call MADDIE’S PANDORA’S BOX.
This case has to have one. There is no way around it. It’s not optional. And some have not realised that nor the full consequences of what that entails.
We’re not saying, although we do advocate it, that charging the McCanns will open the truthful MADDIE’S PANDORA’S BOX, the one that would reveal the real scandal behind this case. We’re just saying that a Pandora’s Box, whichever one will be chosen, will be opened. But one has to be opened and that is what the moment the McCanns are charged truly represents.
Many, we repeat, in our opinion, are overlooking this. Failing to realise that whatever one is opened it will have to reveal names, faces, institutions, locations and, above all, reasons.
To find closure on this subject the general public has to have its thirst quenched in what pertains to the following:

1. Why did the case take so long to solve?
2. Under what circumstances (who, why, when, where and how) did Maddie die?
3. If Maddie died in the apartment, why was body taken away from it?
4. If Maddie died in apartment and body taken away, where was it taken to between 10pm – 4am and subsequently on the following hours and days?
5. What happened to Maddie’s body and who and why helped for that to happen?
6. Who protected the McCanns and why were they protected the way they were?

Six simple questions that have to be answered. Have to and not should be.
Only the last question may go unanswered but that is only in one instance, the whitewashing scenario, the only one that doesn’t contemplate the McCanns being charged. But even then answers to all the other 5 questions is mandatory.
In all scenarios in which the McCanns are charged all six questions have to have an answer.

And each answer to each one of the questions, be the charges whatever they may be, has to be satisfactory. Clear and clarifying. The public demands it. It's sick and tired of the circus the Maddie case became and wants to have explained why it had to endure such penance for so long.

And in all scenarios where the McCanns are charged, a MADDIE’S PANDORA’S BOX has to be opened. Publicly. As we said, absolutely no way around this as we will show.

All those thinking that the day that charges are brought against the McCanns for Maddie’s death and/or disposal of her will mean the end of things are only fooling themselves. No one will be saying “that’s all folks, let’s clear the area now as there isn’t anything more to see here”, because there is more to see: the answer to the six questions.

Plus, it has to be a Pandora’s Box indeed. It has to reveal secrets. It has to provide those anticipated scandalous elements that everyone is expecting and won’t settle until they get them. Only then will the crowd empty the public square and return to their homes.

Attempting to limit things by only saying the nation protected them because they were pretty and seemed lost on that foreign land, won’t do. It will be futile and only exasperate people further.

There will have to be skeletons flying out of the closet. Enough of them to justify why truth was held hostage for so long.

And that, we think, will have disastrous consequences for some of those now advocating the McCanns be brought to trial. And we’re not only including the “WH” – or pretendy White Hats – but also Government BH Deciders. SY is only their piece on the board.

Those who think it’s possible to bring the McCanns to justice without ever having swinging brought up in the process.

Let’s try and prove our point. Let’s imagine we are able to distribute Aladdin’s Lamps all around. Each one is to rub the one they’re given and ask the respective genie to have the McCanns charged exactly the way they want them to be charged – no more, no less. Charges tailored to fit as per the accuser’s desire.

For example, the paedo-scenario believers are to ask the genie to have Payne charged with Maddie’s murder and for having sexually molested the 3 yr old girl. The McCanns are to be charged with all that involved protecting the murderous nepiophile who killed and abused their daughter.

All believers of each one of other scenarios please formulate the respective charging scenario accordingly. The respective genie is to grant these wishes.

Let’s proceed from that moment. The moment the McCanns are officially charged as per scenarios above.

First thing that one has to realise is that once that happens for a certain scenario all other disappear. Once the McCanns are charged the chosen scenario will be the one. One cannot have the McCanns charged within the paedo-scenario and then when one may find out that it doesn’t have legs to stand on or that it’s becoming too compromising for some to change to death by sedation. What is done cannot be undone.

Once charged the chosen scenario must be taken to the end. There can’t be changes. Those charges have to be unique. And whatever official MADDIE’S PANDORA’S BOX scenario that opens it will be the only one that will be opened. All others will be thrown away.

This one will then become the official MADDIE’S PANDORA’S BOX. The one that has, we repeat has, to answer all the six questions satisfactorily.

UK cannot risk for that not to happen. UK cannot risk having been “duped” once with the abduction and then finding out it has been “duped” again. That would be too much of a travesty.

No turning back once the McCanns charged.

To exemplify what we mean we have to pick a scenario. Let’s choose Maddie having died from sedation. Among the many we have read it’s the less sensitive one. The one that has the least controversy.

Why the investigation took so long would be easily explained by the fact there is no body so it would be very difficult to find the appropriate proof. True, if we discount the fact that hairs could have always been tested for these substances all these years as, it seems, there are still some hairs out there.

But all other questions will be very difficult to have an appropriate answer.

If she died of simple sedation, and for whatever reason the parents and friends wanted to hide that fact, why on earth did the UK mobilise all national means possible to hide it?

Was death by sedation really a reason to warrant a cover-up of such magnitude?

If she died by sedation, wouldn’t it have been easier just to say she had died of sudden death and then control all autopsy processes? Unfortunately many die with no explanation every day, so it seems quite a plausible excuse to use to avoid raising any suspicions from authorities. Only an autopsy would contradict this but that could be overcome by having the ambassador request the body be flown back to UK and have the autopsy done there.

But, we insist, even if the autopsy contradicted the “sudden death” what would be the big problem for UK if it was found out that she had died indeed of sedation? It would be only a case of parents being caught in a lie. What serious harm would the McCanns going to prison, or not, bring to UK? We see none and it would show how ridiculous it was for a nation’s ambassador to have rushed from Lisbon to Luz because of a group of friends who committed indeed a crime were having problems with the law. Why were the McCanns protected above and beyond all their national peers in such similar circumstances? The answer very difficult to provide.

If Maddie did indeed die of sedation why not be transparent about it? Having the Portuguese authorities find out that was the way she died would be problematic for the parents, no question about that, but the parents were just a middle class couple from Rothley. They should take whatever was coming like everyone else. So, again, why all the fuss and hurry UK showed in helping this couple?

They are doctors. We came up with the sudden death and I’m sure this group could invent something better if needed until “proper” help arrived. Would any medical explanation given by doctors be found suspicious by local authorities? We don’t think so. GNR would call PJ, simply because it was procedure, and PJ would in turn call coroner on duty.

What had UK to lose if the sedation was discovered? British doctors accidentally killed their daughter by sedation is news that wouldn’t last more than 24 hours. UK must have owed something to this couple, or their friends, to commit itself the way it did and that has to be explained. Can it? We don’t think it can unless another Pandora’s Box is opened. You know, the one with all the expected scandals.

Someone would have to be explain exactly which card was played by the T9 to make UK come and to protect them. A reason for that would have to be given. But more than a reason, we would have to have a face, or faces, of those who folded under pressure to this McCann, orT9, blackmailing and an explanation from him/her/they as to why that happened.

Anyone seeing someone coming forward to accept this role? We’re not.

But some reason has to be given for UK’s utter commitment to the couple just because of a sedation.

But even if all of the above can – we don’t see how but will pretend it can – be explained, that is not the worst obstacle this scenario has to face to be credible. The biggest obstacle it faces is all that concerns what happened to the body. And this obstacle is one all non-swinging scenarios face

Why it was taken away from apartment?

Where was it taken to and when did that happen? Who helped and why?

Who, where, when, and how was the body disposed of?

For example, was the body taken to the sea and dumped there? Then the exact place where that happened must be shown. The public will want to know that. And once it is shown it will be historic, it cannot be changed. No longer a hypothesis but a reality to be put straight into history books.

So this part of the storyline has to be nailed very tightly shut. No question about that.

Also there will have to be an explanation as to why the body didn’t wash up somewhere. What were the special tide conditions that night that enabled that to have happened? From what we know, the sea was “normal” during those days, nothing extraordinary was ever reported. Chilly evenings do not affect tides and currents.

The body should have washed up in the following days. Why didn’t it? That coast line was combed to the inch in those days by air, sea and land.

What about the intentionality of the Smith Sighting? Will it be ignored?

We have thoroughly explained this intentionality and have only been contested with a sporadic “I can give you many reasons as to why Textusa is wrong about the Smith Sighting” but then giving none.

If the proposed scenario is to state it was the “creation of an abduction” as we say it was, then the explanation of what happened to the body has to take that into account.

If the proposed scenario is to state that it was Gerry walking around with the body then it has to be ignored. That will bring the risk of being questioned in the future as many have read our posts and people will still be able to come and look here and ask themselves why wasn’t logic taken into account.

Were signs like this put up in Praia da Luz on the night of May 3rd?

We have debunked any sort of body disposal at the beach. But let’s imagine they will say that was exactly what happened. That Gerry dug with his own hands a shallow grave on the beach sand and returned later to collect the body.

Again, it will have to be shown where this grave was dug. It will have to be explained when he returned to it and, most important, where he took the body afterwards.

Did he take it to someone in Luz? Who? Why? And how and when did Gerry get this help? Did he walk up and knock on an ex-Pat’s door and asked if they minded having over the dead body of his daughter who he just happened to kill by sedation?

Or was it some sort of covert UK organisation who covertly came to get the body and took it to UK that night? Because of a sedation?!? And would the UK ever recognise that? If it didn’t happen, and we are certain it didn’t, we’re not seeing that happening.

Was he taking the body to the church? We debunked that too. Who called the priest? Why did the priest accept doing this ignoble favour to people he didn’t know? Will the priest acknowledge all this?

The problem with invented scenarios is that for them to become real they rely on having people taking the blame for doing something they didn’t do. Why should they? Let me, who I didn’t do anything, condemn myself so that the McCanns, who are guilty of doing, get away with it and don’t get the blame? Whenever required, do replace “McCanns” with whichever names are appropriate.

To aggravate this further, these people, who have to admit to something they haven’t done, will have to confess (invent) why they hid a body they didn’t hide.  Why they allowed themselves to be convinced to participate in a crime involving a death by complete strangers.

For example, look at the paedo scenario. Someone from UK will have to come forward and say yes we knew all along that Payne was a paedo and that he did kill Maddie but we decided to protect him because…

What reason can there be and who will volunteer to play this ignominious role? No one.

Unless it’s true but then it will not be role playing.

Here let us be very clear that if time proves that Maddie’s death resulted from a paedo crime, we demand the above referred be fully exposed: why was a nepiophile protected and who in the establishment covered-up this horrific crime.

Unlike with the swinging-scenario, in which we respect that most of the names of those present there swinging are not to be named as they haven’t committed any illegality nor contributed to the state of events, if the paedo one is the truthful one we think all names associated should be exposed as all would be accomplices to a monstrous crime.

We are not competing with other theories. We only want to find the truth. We respect difference of opinions. We do not claim we’re right. We may be missing connections or misinterpreting either way the importance of this or that event. We accept others may interpret things in a different manner.

We may not yet have pieces of information that may change our opinion. If and when that happens, we will welcome it. If we’re proven wrong we will easily change our minds because our opinions are not fruit of stubbornness or pride.

One thing we don't do is to pretend to look the other way whenever we see something that seems conflict with what we believe happened. Truth is unique and all its pieces have to fit. Nicely and without forcing any of them into place. 

We, the swinging-scenario believers, want the paedo-scenario to be completely and thoroughly investigated. Because if it’s the truth, it’s the truth we want outed and also because we believe that a full investigation on it would produce interesting results supporting our theory.

However we have to say we do not see from the paedo-scenario believers this same type of interest in having the swinging-scenario thoroughly investigated but note this with interest.

But it’s not only the paedo-scenario that warrants this very specific question.

If it was real-estate then what exactly was the deal hidden and what names were involved.

If a scientific experiment, what was it and why was it hidden and, again, what names involved.

If death before the third, the Ocean Club will have to explain why it collaborated in this horrendous crime – crèche records show a live Maddie up to that afternoon – and Mr Philip Edmonds will have to explain why he’s lying when he states clearly, in a letter to Mr Tony Bennett, that he was with Maddie on the afternoon of the 3rd and why he manipulated photos showing Maddie in the background:

“Dear Mr Bennett,

I am in receipt of your letter of 22 July regarding Madeleine McCann.

I am sure you would appreciate that it would not be appropriate for me to comment too much, as we do not know each other, and I have no idea what your connection to the case is. “However, I would also not want further conspiracy theories to fester by simply ignoring your letter. “Therefore, I can confirm that whatever information I had (including some photos of my sons taken on the day Madeleine disappeared, which showed her in the background) was passed both to the police and to the McCanns at the time.

Having been in Portugal at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance and seen all of the events first hand, there is not one shred of doubt in my mind that the events as reported were correct. “In fact one of the most terrible parts of this tragedy is that there are people out there who are questioning this, just adding further to the nightmare that the McCann family have suffered. I cannot imagine anything crueller.

I’m afraid I won’t enter into further correspondence on this matter with you.

Yours sincerely,

Philip Edmonds”

There has to be a MADDIE’S PANDORA’S BOX but any MADDIE’S PANDORA’S BOX, including the truthful one, will have to reveal names. The truthful one will reveal the names of those who were really involved while all others will only expose volunteers for the fall. And what a fall it is.

One good thing Mr Summers did with his book was to confirm the importance of the Maddie case. It lies with the likes of 9/11, the JFK assassination and Marilyn Monroe’s death. It is indeed the crime of the 21st century.

That’s why we, the swinging-scenario believers, welcome the charges against the McCanns, whatever they may be. For the exact same reasons we said we welcome a full and official investigation on the paedo-scenario.

We believe it will be the most significant step in unfolding the material truth.

As we said, the moment the McCanns are charged the MADDIE’S PANDORA’S BOX becomes the one and only. It cannot be changed.

And that’s what SY has been struggling with since 2011: to find a scenario where there’s no MADDIE’S PANDORA’S BOX to be opened – at the same time find closure on the subject that dignifies Mr David Cameron. Like we explained in our Covering-up the Cover-up post

It’s an impossible task. The closest they can get to it is the scenario we described in our Rats post, whereby Gerry dumps Maddie’s body at sea.

But being close is not being there. Far from it. Ask any silver medallist of the Olympic Games. That storyline contains the events to the T9 but fails to answer the protection question. A British couple and friends killed a little British girl and dumped her body at sea, so why has UK come together to defending them?

Is it alright for a parent (or their friends) in Britain to kill their daughter and then help dispose her body? If it is, why isn’t it so if done in Portugal? If it’s not, why isn’t it also in Portugal?

Someone will also have to explain why the authorities have turned a blind eye on blatant evidence for over 7 years.

Explain why only now the dogs are considered reliable and why only now aren’t the authorities buying the T9 story. To then say it was because they only now started to see that the wooshing curtains and the window jumping didn’t add up… will beg the question, it took them more than 7 years to realise that?!?

The only other possibility is the burglary. It is the ONLY scenario that doesn’t require a MADDIE’S PANDORA’S BOX. If they can pull it off.

It only requires a name (or names), a face (or faces), a plausible story as to why, when and how was Maddie killed – having to justify also the blood spattering, a plausible story as to why, when and how was the body taken out the house – having to justify also the cadaver scent behind couch and closet, a plausible story as to why Rua da Escola Primária was chosen – also justifying why wasn’t a car used, a plausible story as to why, where, when, how and who received the body, moved it and disposed it, and the explanation as to why were 2 police forces and entire populations fooled for were 7 years. All this in an iron-clad non-alibi – as opposed to having one.

Besides the above, it has to be justified why there was cadaver scent and Maddie’s DNA in the Renault Scenic. Had the burglars stolen it from the car rental company that night and returned in the morning without anyone realising?

And wherever the body went that night it must be made clear why 800 people combing a 3-5km radius couldn’t find it as reported by BBC on 05MAY07:

“Tourists, local people and expat residents alike have turned up at the Mark Warner village in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz to join the hunt.

So far approximately 800 of them have helped comb an area between 3-5km from the resort alongside teams of police officers and firefighters, as well as members of the Red Cross.”

Not that simple or that achievable.

Our opinion is that SY is pursuing the Burglar theory to show the Swinging BH Deciders that it’s not even a dead-end but really a brick wall. Banging the head against it will only make one bleed and not bring it down. It’s illogical, challenges the mind of anyone over 3 and, most importantly, will meet a fierce challenge.

Mr Summers book was proof of that. It’s astonishingly negative selling surprised all even its detractors and being ridiculed the way it was all across the board, showed very clearly – if still there was no doubt about it – that UK cannot afford to even try to commit to that avenue.

To sum up, the McCanns are either charged with the truth and accept the opening up of the truthful MADDIE’S PANDORA’S BOX or the case is to be re-archived. Any solution in-between will always open an uncontrollable can of worms.

We believe that too much time and all kinds of resources have been spent for the last 3 yrs by UK to settle for a re-archiving solution.

To come up with some lame excuse for all the humiliation and all the money spent is simply to pile a bigger problem on an already huge problem and, although delaying – uselessly – the explosion, to aggravate the effects when it does go off. Because it will. Sooner or later and we think sooner than later.

SY will always have to explain what they were doing searching West and East of Praia da Luz in June 2007 and why they did that. Was it indeed a Portuguese man seen by a British woman speaking English on a mobile while holding a little girl? Because if that is the case then we have a true plague of men holding little girls at 22H00 on May 3 2007 in that true Village of the Damned: Crèche Dad, Smithman (who SY says is seen heading East towards beach/church) and Sockman who heads West.

And if none of these is the abductor (of Sockman only a sock was found so no Maddie where he was seen heading) then please add the fourth: the abductor!

Exclusive to Praia da Luz

We think PdL should put up a specific traffic warning sign: danger, man carrying a blonde little girl ahead.

But in what way does the McCanns being charged benefits the credibility of the swinging scenario?

First because the mandatory existence of a MADDIE’S PANDORA’S BOX guarantees us that things will not be contained within the T9.

Then because once any “fake” MADDIE’S PANDORA’S BOX is opened we think all in danger of being involved will do all they can to not be caught in the whirlwind and will push those who were really involved into it. For example, we expect all those involved in the body disposal to have to step forward. Once they do, who knows who else will follow?

A “fake” MADDIE’S PANDORA’S BOX is a sure way for the real truth to surface.

That’s why we have been advising to use the truthful MADDIE’S PANDORA’S BOX right from the start.

To those thinking a re-archiving will be a solution because it will make things dwindle away, please think again.

Mr Amaral has made it quite clear that it’s his life mission to see the couple charged. He will not be stopped or stop.

Now is the time for the Deciders to choose between putting an end to this quickly or allowing it to continue to be an agonising issue for UK for many years to come. It’s their call.

When asked if people will ever learn what really happened, Mr Amaral responded: “Yes, we will, when MI5 opens the case files, we will find out".

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Maddies Pandoras Box

Post by mank on 26.09.14 23:37

Wow, what an excellent post NickE    censoredgoodpost


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