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‘Madeline McCann – Collateral Damage’,Sergey Malinka

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Re: ‘Madeline McCann – Collateral Damage’,Sergey Malinka

Post by aquila on 26.11.17 13:41

I only read half of this Greek Russian tragedy.

Malinka could write a blog/produce an e-book and set his record straight if he feels the need. Instead there is a crowd funding appeal, a teaser trailer that would surely make even Clarence Mitchell cringe, littered with the intended buzzword of bribery.

I particularly like the 'Russian' element, you know, that special injection of  'Russians are dodgy' but now there is a Russian who has gained Portuguese citizenship and wants to do his best for his young child in a country that gave him freedom.

I can imagine there are production talks in Australia to make a documentary around 'The Russian'.

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Re: ‘Madeline McCann – Collateral Damage’,Sergey Malinka

Post by Phoebe on 26.11.17 15:39

"Madeleine McCann - Collateral Damage" what an apt title. This poor child has indeed been treated by so many as collateral damage and now yet another vulture seeks to cash in. Seeking closure - yeah right - seeking easy money is more like it.  thumbdown

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Re: ‘Madeline McCann – Collateral Damage’,Sergey Malinka

Post by Verdi on 26.11.17 20:43

06-Processos Volume VI Pages 1499 -1501
NUIPC: 201/07 .0 GALGS
Sec / Brig:
Date: 2007/05/16


Subject: Informal Conversation with KELSIE HARRIS

To: Exmo. Mr Coordinator of Criminal Investigation
From: Manuel Pinho, Inspector

I must inform you that on this date, accompanied by my colleague CARLOS LUCAS, Inspector, I talked informally with:

KELSIE HARRIS, British citizen, born on xx.xx.1973, bearer of the passport no xxxxxxxxxx, from the UK, residing at Rua Dr. Francisco Gentil Martins, at xx, Praia da Luz, Lagos ( about 30 metres from the apartment distance from where MADELEINE McCANN was abducted) and contactable by phone on 91971xxxx.

She replied to the questions put to her as follows:

1. She is married to MATTHEW FAZACKERLEY, British citizen, who lives in England. She does not know when he may return to Portugal. They both have a child younger than 18 months, who she looks after. Has an all-terrain vehicle, a Land Rover, registration xxxxxxx;

2. Today she learned through the media, that a citizen of Eastern Europe named Serge has been arrested, who lives in Praia da Luz;

3. When she saw the television report about this, she realised that she knows this individual;

4. Therefore, she decided to notify the authorities immediately about what she knows, because she thinks that this information could be important for the discovery of the truth about the disappearance of Madeleine;

5. She indicates that the SERGE is an expert in computers. In her view, there is not a problem in computing that he is not capable of resolving;

6. He was a partner of her husband for about two years, in a computer store called "INTERNET", located in xx, Avenida dos Descobrimentos, in Lagos;

7. That company was dissolved in August last, and the shop was closed;

8. That one of the reasons why this happened, in her opinion, was because SERGE is not an honest man, withdrawing money and values from the firm without her husband’️s knowledge, leading to bankruptcy;

9. He always showed great interest in money;

10. She would also like to say that this was her principal motive that led her to go to the police, that SERGE always demonstrated a very big preference for younger girls, even boasting publicly about his sexual conquests;

11. Around one year ago, she remembers him telling that he was caught by the father of a 14-year-old young girl, when it was having sexual relations with her;
12. Shortly afterwards, he boasted that he was going out with a 33-year-old woman, but that he was also hoping to "eat" the 16-year-old daughter;

13. She does not know if he sometimes showed preferences for girls younger than these;

14. She does not know what kind of sites he consulted on the Internet, namely if he consulted "sites" of paedophilia;

15. When asked, she says that SERGE is a friend of the suspect ROBERT MURAT, because he worked for the firm LOUIE & JAMIE VERNON, real estate, during the period in which SERGE was a partner of her husband in the firm " INTERNET, located on Avenida dos Descobrimentos in Lagos, where the two firms were located side by side;

16. She does not know any details about possible business or agreements [deals] between them;

17. She does not know whether her husband also knows ROBERT MURAT;

18. That, she also knows SERGE drives a vehicle of the AUDI brand, gold in colour and with a Portuguese registration. Before that, SERGE had a black VW GOLF, also of Portuguese registration, with which he had an accident. At this moment, this vehicle is parked in a small car park, located in front of the building where he resides;

19. As far as she knows (having had knowledge of this for about 6 months), SERGE dated for some time an older woman who works in a real estate agency whose name she does not know, located in the main Avenue of Praia da Luz. She does not know other any other details about this woman, such as her name.

That is all she can tell me..


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Re: ‘Madeline McCann – Collateral Damage’,Sergey Malinka

Post by aquila on 30.12.17 14:19

Whenever the term collateral damage is spouted, remember that Madeleine McCann is the collateral damage.

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