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Shift of focus in last nights documentary Mm11

Shift of focus in last nights documentary Regist10

Shift of focus in last nights documentary

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Shift of focus in last nights documentary Empty Shift of focus in last nights documentary

Post by MariD on 03.05.17 19:51

Hi Everyone
Did anyone else think (if you ignore who was arguing for what and who) in the BBC documentary last night, that there was a shift in focus?
1. A Secret file was 'unearthed' - really? must go and see what secret files I can 'unearth' if it's that easy to get hold of some. Or maybe I can just get someone to hand one over to me?
2. I got the feeling there was some polarisation of the various parties, some distancing themselves from the other parties.
3. The programme was used as an opportunity for those in high positions to give permission to others to say what they wanted said, sort of preparing the ground ?
4. Was this a BBC programme only aired on Sky?

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Shift of focus in last nights documentary Empty Re: Shift of focus in last nights documentary

Post by Searcher on 04.05.17 19:04

The programme dared to mention areas of the 'investigation' that nobody is allowed to mention (unless they are a troll ..).  That gave the impression that, having alluded to it, any result could then automatically be taken as a genuine conclusion.  The problem was that so much was left out and not mentioned - which perhaps generally viewers would not know unless they had read or listened to the research - that to most of us on this forum I would imagine it was just more of the same.

What the producers and presenter needed to understand was that millions of us round the world (I would say millions) have now gone into the inconsistencies and contradictions well enough to draw our own conclusions.  On those grounds, it was a very inadequate programme.  B&Q must be running low on their pots of the stuff.

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Shift of focus in last nights documentary Empty Re: Shift of focus in last nights documentary

Post by titandump on 05.05.17 0:01

I didn't see the program, but I did find the most interesting thing this week to be the Met's Colin Sutton being interviewed by Martin Brunt, Sky News:

basically, outlining being told by someone in a higher position not to touch the case as he would not be able to investigate it as normal - and all I got from it, was prove the McCann's innocent AND then find an alternative means. I am sure this has been mentioned on here already but I haven't been able to go through posts yet. 

This is to me the first sign of a truly moral person breaking rank. This is headline news and yet bar a story or two, just kinda gets mentioned. How this is not fodder for the media shows how deep this runs. We need a few more Colin Sutton's; some people need to make peace with themselves and come forward with where they believe the rot begins in covering up for filicide or filicide and an aggravating factor. It will come out, there as many strong good people as there are weak, self preserving people. Obviously a few people behind the rot still sit in positions of power, but won't forever. I'll be the first to applaud the whistleblower who takes these 2 and their crock of shit tapas friends, down. The facts haven't reached most people yet due to the press blackout.

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