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Why do people still donate?????? Mm11

Why do people still donate?????? Regist10

Why do people still donate??????

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Why do people still donate?????? Empty Why do people still donate??????

Post by Philthecynic on 22.05.13 13:51

I know that donations to the 'Fund' are given by caring and kindly people. I know that people raise money in good faith and many believe all they read in the press and on TV. I know people buy from the website in good faith. But I still wonder why for the following reasons:
1 The fund is to raise awareness that Maddy is still missing.
The selling of posters, books etc. are supposed to achieve the same thing. How though can awareness of the case be increased when it is regularly on tv and in newspapers? If you aren't aware already you are on a different planet. Posters in windows are for the initial stages of an investigation, not 6 years on when the case is well known and pictures of Maddy are almost iconic.

2 The fund is to provide new avenues of searching for Maddy.
This of course means hiring crack private detectives who are later convicted of fraud or criminal activities. Two police forces have investigated this and not cracked the case. It is accepted by many that the people you feel would be keenest to aid the police have actively hampered them. So private detectives are hired. However competent they are, they are being paid by people who could request a reopening of the official case for free. As they are being paid my the fund they would feel constrained to ensure they did not produce any evidence against those who are paying them.
3 Legal costs.
As I understand it this is used to sue anyone who states that the Mr and Mrs are far from innocent in this matter. If they had been open and transparent from the word go there would be no need for legal action. Given the tissue of lies evidence they have put on record it becomes essential.
4 Expenses.
Well everyone would like a backup income when the ol' salary doesn't quite cover the bills.
5 If the Fund doesn't solve the case in 6 years with all the awareness raising going on, is throwing more money at it really doing to help?
The people who donate are intelligent. They must have some doubts. The last point is the most telling. Would you keep pouring money into a goldmine that continually failed to find any gold?

A lie can go round the world before the truth gets it's boots on.

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Why do people still donate?????? Empty Re: Why do people still donate??????

Post by Khalgregar on 23.05.13 0:24

Because people think they are helping to find a missing girl, and the only way that they can do that is by giving money.

Lost of people aren't aware of the evidence - the fear of being seen as a 'conspiracy theorist' keeps them away. I only started looking at the evidence a few months ago - it didn't take very long at all to see through it all.

They genuinely want to help. They don't realise that the wool has been pulled over their eyes.

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Why do people still donate?????? Empty Re: Why do people still donate??????

Post by Guest on 23.05.13 12:37

it would be interesting to know if money is still being donated on a regular basis now. Yes, it was understandable in the early days when people felt that they had to help somehow.

It's clear from comments on social network sites and on newspaper articles that there are still a lot of people who believe the McCanns but it's unlikely that the majority of them are in a position to be able to continue to pay the mortgage on Rothley Towers.

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Why do people still donate?????? Empty Re: Why do people still donate??????

Post by plebgate on 23.05.13 16:04

I think the headlines this week will stop a lot of people from donating.

The headline was still on DE yesterday, where's Carter Ruck, or have they tried and failed to get DE to take it down?

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Why do people still donate?????? Empty Re: Why do people still donate??????

Post by Spaniel on 23.05.13 21:14

I can perhaps understand why donations were made when the Pt ceased the investigation. I have no idea why so many rushed to contribute at the outset when both the Pt and the UK were very active. I mean why would two doctors from a hugely extended family need pennies from the public and how dare they accept them.

They make me want to spit. I despise the pair of the money grabbing, lying b******s. And that's only one reason why!!!

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Why do people still donate?????? Empty Re: Why do people still donate??????

Post by Snifferdog on 23.05.13 21:35

Imo they truly have no shame. Always begging for money as though it is their right. They are not prepared to offer up anything themselves. They said because S Yard are doing a review they will stop searching for the meantime. I will bet they never thought to donate some of their ill gotten pvt company funds to help other families with missing children.

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