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Madeleine McCann and the Kingdom of Clarence by Spudgun

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Madeleine McCann and the Kingdom of Clarence by Spudgun

Post by spudgun on 28.07.11 15:22

(Chief of Police in Leh, Vivek Gupta: claims of sighting of Madeline ''false''; has NOT been approached by anyone for DNA)

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Re: Madeleine McCann and the Kingdom of Clarence by Spudgun

Post by jd on 28.07.11 15:30

If it was Maddie, then on last saturday they only had to look at her right eye and the birthmark on her left knee to immediately have a pretty good idea it was her . If this 6 year old (not 8) 'girl' had these 2 markings then the McScams (you would hope) & Scotland Yard would have been in India Sunday morning....5 days later the red tops break this story referring to no dates whatsoever in their article....oh clarence mitchell!

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Re: Madeleine McCann and the Kingdom of Clarence by Spudgun

Post by Guest on 28.07.11 15:31

Thanks Spudgun, just posted the other one earlier, hope you don't mind if I copy this one here...............

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Madeleine McCann and the Kingdom of Clarence

Given that I am currently enjoying something of a reputation as having a big, fat, scurrilous mouth, (possibly true), and that I never know when to keep it closed, (ALSO possibly true); I though I would confound my detractors and keep it short and sweet!

Am I alone in thinking how utterly preposterous and somewhat disturbing it is, that at LEAST 25 Media outlets, Newspapers and BROADCASTERS, are currently reporting about a little girl having been found in INDIA that resembles Madeleine McCann and that the McCanns are awaiting the results of the DNA test; whilst at the same time, the police and authorities in the LEH province of India, the scene of this furore, are all utterly bemused and baffled, asking questions as to what everyone is going on about as they have no KNOWLEDGE of ANY girl having been found OR of any DNA tests!!!

Clarence Mitchell has made about 4 statements concerning this latest "sighting", ALL of which are nonsensical and actually CONTRADICT each other.

Of course, there are MANY people who DO follow this case with open hearts, hoping upon all hope that it IS the little girl, and they will continue to pray and hope for Madeleine's safe return.

They will also lambast and vilify the PRESS and Media who report such "sightings" and developments for raising false hope.

Wheras, if they examined such 'reports' and continued widespread coverage with a little more scrutiny and impartiality, they would arrive at the same, logical conclusion.

That the people with whom they hold in so much reverence, adulation and close affection, (Team McCann), are the ones actualy responsible for the stream of fabricated stories, hoax's and fake sightings; that the British PRESS and their respective editors are their servile minions;

And that Clarence Mitchell is their Master!
Posted by Spudgun at 06:24 1 comments

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Re: Madeleine McCann and the Kingdom of Clarence by Spudgun

Post by Get'emGonçalo on 28.07.11 15:35

All the 'sightings' of Maddie in the early days were reported in the media on a Thursday.

Thursday's child has far to go : Morocco, Belgium, USA, Australia, Dubai, India Rolling Eyes

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Are there any children out there who won't be mistaken for Madeleine?

Post by Guest on 28.07.11 16:12

Re the sighting in Belgium that was thought to be very reliable (from a child psychologist if I remember correctly) am I right in saying that DNA testing on a drinking glass and straw that the child had used showed that the donor was in fact male? And that was classed as a promising lead!

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