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Brenda Leyland - A Modern Icarus Mm11

Brenda Leyland - A Modern Icarus Regist10

Brenda Leyland - A Modern Icarus

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Brenda Leyland - A Modern Icarus Empty Brenda Leyland - A Modern Icarus

Post by statsman on 30.10.14 14:17

I'm not sure if this forum is the best place for this poem but I do want to pay my respects to Brenda in my own way.

Hopefully it will resonate with some of you and I'll be happy to help out with the mythology if anyone wants me to.

A Modern Icarus

Lost in a labyrinth of deceit
The song of a bird transforms her.
Fly with me! It sings.
Look, I have given you wings!
So she sweeps up to the sky
Where Helios from on high
Shoots out an angered cry
And lays her low.
She lands - a burnt offering
To the now placated god.

To those still trapped within this maze
Deliverance is barred from above
But myth dictates that in its place
Comes Ariadne's love.

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