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Transworld taken to task Mm11

Transworld taken to task Regist10

Transworld taken to task

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Transworld taken to task Empty Transworld taken to task

Post by Guest on 20.04.13 18:33

Dear Transworld Publishers,

I bought a fine specimen of the Book (ok, ok, I know, but etc etc)

Induced/coerced by the conviction that, buying it, I would contribute to the search for a singularly charismatic 3 yr old little girl.

Dear publishers Transworld: now, but for the promise of commitment to transfer my purchase price to the Find-that-charismatic-3 yr old coffers, I would not have bought that book. Your bid to give my money to that search is part of the deal between you and me.

Have you, Transworld, fullfilled your commitment -nay, your legally enforceable contract with me- and if so, what amount, including my donation, and I'm sure many others too, have you till date transferred to ANY account benefitting little alive Maddie McCann?

I hesitate to say " benefitting little alive Maddie McCann ONLY"

I leave to you the response to my question, which may not come as a complete surprise to you after all the publicity give to your Good Selve's commendable intent to transfer my purchase money to little Maddie. I quote: "All royalties donated to Madeleine's Fund" .

In short, to paraphrase the late much lamented Maggie Thatcher: Where is my money?

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