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Was this ANOTHER hidden 'Fund' expense to prevent UK learning the truth?

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Was this ANOTHER hidden 'Fund' expense to prevent UK learning the truth?

Post by HiDeHo on 10.07.17 4:11

We know the McCanns have manipulated the media and paid HUGE amounts  to stop the UK press from reporting the details in the files but I would like to ask if Gerry was able to stop the reports from the Lisbon hearing to have Goncalo Amaral's book ban overturned.

(Visit this page to see info about Half Million pounds given to Lord Bell to put them on Front Pages for a year and 30,000 paid to Hanover to change public opinion from hostility to sympathy after they were declared arguidos and more...

HDH Wordpress Blog - 2 – McCanns Manipulated the Media )

Court Appeal Hearing - Live Text Jan 12th 2010.
Tavares de Almeida and Ricardo Paiva took the stand yo explain about the dogs. Under oath and official. The following day there were more than 50 news articles. Gerry excused himself from court at 4pm and claimed to be returning to UK for work commitments. 

A few days later there was NOT ONE article about the McCanns! Had they been prevented from publishing? Is that why Gerry returned so swiftly back to UK leaving Fiona to accompany Kate at day 3 of the hearing Jan 14th.
Kate sounds particularly troubled in this interview....

Live text: Morning session Sky News
By Jon di Paolo
Tuesday January 12, 2010
8:40-- Good morning, i’m outside the palacio da justica in lisbon where the mcann libel trial will take place.
9:03-- Camera crews and photographers are gathering outside the court.
9:05-- The police have put barriers up outside the court entrance - they're obviously expecting large crowds.
9:52-- The McCanns have arrived at court. Word so far is that Goncalo Amaral is still yet to get here.
10:20-- We're in court awaiting the arrival of the judge and legal teams. The McCanns are sitting in the front row at the centre.
10:23-- We're sitting two rows behind the McCanns. The benches at the back of the courtroom are full of journalists from the UK and Portugal.
10:25-- The legal teams have arrived. Goncalo Amaral is sitting on one of the benches at the side of the court, around 15ft away from the McCanns.
10:28-- On the wall above the judge's chair is a large 3D frieze depicting the judgement of Solomon - complete with baby being held up by swordsman.
10:36-- A clerk carrying a large bundle of files has just come in, but we're still waiting for the judge.
10:39-- The judge has arrived - a young woman! Proceedings should now be able to get under way.
10:41-- One of the policemen set to give evidence will do so by video link tomorrow, we are told.
10:46-- Mr Amaral's lawyer addresses the court, speaking very slowly and deliberately.
10:47-- Mr Amaral's lawyer has said that the McCanns should take the stand in order to answer questions.
10:47-- He is declaring the 'principle of contradiction' - the legal basis for Mr Amaral's argument to be made.
10:51-- The McCanns' lawyer replies that the couple are prepared to give evidence but only after Mr Amaral has done so.
10:52-- The McCanns are having proceedings translated by interpreters seated either side of them.
11:00-- A new witness, Luis Frois, is being called by the McCanns' legal team on a date to be scheduled on the 14th.
11:01-- The mention of 'a date to be scheduled on the 14th' indicates proceedings are set to last longer than the three days set for them.
11:07-- Mr Amaral's lawyers want a CD containing police case files to be submitted as evidence because it would corroborate the claims in his book.
11:11-- The McCanns' lawyer is arguing against allowing the police CD to be submitted to the court.
11:20-- The first witness is being called by videoconference.
11:23-- It is the attorney who was in charge of the original inqury into Madeleine's disappearance, Jose Magalhaes e Menezes.
11:25-- His testimony is marred by a high-pitched whine of feedback from the microphone - and the fact the screen can't be seen by the public.
11:26-- The McCanns can't see the person giving evidence. Mr Amaral can, but doesn't seem to be looking at him.
11:26-- Mr Amaral's lawyer is cross-examining the witness.
11:37-- Mr Menezes is saying that English police sniffer dogs were brought to Portugal to help in the search for Madeleine.
11:38-- He says that the decision to make the McCanns 'arguidos' - suspects - was taken by the police and then confirmed by the public attorney.
11:39-- The decision to designate Kate and Gerry as 'arguidos' was taken after the sniffer dogs carried out their searches.
11:40-- There were several possible charges that could have been brought against the McCanns: kidnapping and selling a child were among them.
11:48-- The witness was asked what the probability was of Madeleine still being alive. He replied that he thought it was 50/50.
11:55-- Mr Menezes said that a claim made by the McCanns on the first day after Madeleine's disappearance was not true.
11:56-- The witness said that Kate and Gerry's report that they had been checking on their daughter every half an hour was inaccurate.
11:57-- He claimed that although the parents had been checking on Madeleine, it was not as often as every 30 minutes.
12:01-- Police intercepted text messages sent by the McCanns because they were suspicious of the parents' role in Madeleine's disappearance.
12:02-- The text messages sent by Kate and Gerry were never admitted as evidence gathered as part of the investigation.
12:08-- Mr Menezes said he has not read the book written by Mr Amaral that triggered this case, Maddie: The Truth Of The Lie.
12:18-- A report signed by Chief Inspector Tavares De Almeida said that Madeleine died in the flat in Praia da Luz, the witness adds.
12:19-- Now it's the turn of the McCanns' legal team to cross-question the witness.
12:24-- The McCanns' lawyer makes the point that 'evidence' usually sightings - has suggested Madeleine is still alive.
12:25-- He says that the McCanns are not responsible for generating any of this 'evidence' that their daughter is not dead.
12:26-- Another of the McCanns' lawyers moves to quiz the witness - literally. She gets out of her seat and walks right up to the video screen.
12:33-- She says that the McCanns were always totally prepared to come back to Portugal to take part in a reconstruction of the disappearance.
12:34-- The McCanns' lawyer asks the witness whether he understands the title of Mr Amaral's book to imply some sort of dishonesty by the McCanns.
12:38-- Who suggested the checking of the McCanns' text messages, Mr Menezes is asked. The police, he replies.
12:39-- The text messages were never considered as part of the investigation because the judge did not allow it, the court hears.
12:45-- The senior lawyer for the McCanns has approached them on the front bench of the public gallery for a quick huddled conversation.
12:48-- He was involved in the case from the beginning, but taken off it in September 2007.
12:48-- Tavares de Almeida, chief inspector of police at the time of Madeleine's disapperance, has taken the stand to give evidence.
12:51-- Mr de Almeida tells the court that he is still working as member of the Portuguese police.
12:52-- He tells the court that British police took an active part in the investigation.
12:53-- He said the Portuguese detectives found the co-operation given by their British counterparts useful.
12:54-- The British police told the Portuguese officers what the capabilities of the sniffer dogs being used in the investigation were.
12:56-- One of the dogs used to search the apartment in Praia da Luz identified blood and another identified the smell of a human body.
12:58-- The dogs detected the traces inside the dining room of the holiday flat and in the car the McCanns were using.
1:02-- The animals also found a scent on a piece of cloth in a flat rented by the McCanns after they left the apartment where Madeleine vanished.
1:11-- A report by the British police stated that one of the sniffer dogs was in a nervous, excitable state, and wanted to get into the room.
1:34-- British police would have found it very difficult to charge the mccanns.
1:35-- De almeida: we were controlled by the british police.
1:36-- De almeida: british police kept information about the mcanns to themselves.
1:39-- De almeida: Forensic lab technicians from birmingham came to portugal so it is strange concerns were raised about contamination.
1:53-- De almeida: british authorities other than police hindered investigation by withholding information.
1:54-- De almeida: when we asked uk for info on mccanns we got a single side of a4.
2:05-- The mcanns' lawyer is getting quite worked up in her cross examination of de almeida
2:09-- The mcanns' lawyer is rebuked for saying de almeida was accused of torturing suspects - he was never charged.
2:10-- The court is adjourning for lunch. Back at 3pm
Live text: Afternoon session Sky News
By Jon di Paolo
Tuesday January 12, 2010
3:28-- We're back in court. The mcanns are here but mr amaral is missing.
3:29-- Mr amaral has just walked in and we're under way.
3:33-- Inspector ricardo paiva, of the portuguese police, has taken the stand.
3:34-- Insp paiva says he was the family liaison officer for the case but was taken off at the mcanns' request.
3:45-- Paiva is asked whether he ever got the impression from the mccanns they thought maddie could be dead. He says yes.
3:47-- Kate whispers something in gerry's ear and gives him a little smile. He stays looking straight in front.
3:52-- Gerry has put his arm round kate as they listen to paiva's testimony
4:03-- Paiva also says the mccanns were made suspects after the british sniffer dogs were brought in.
4:04-- Paiva: there was total collaboration between british and portuguese police on the case
4:09-- Paiva: it was scotland yard who first thought it could be a murder case.
4:09-- Paiva: amaral's theories are based on the facts of the investigation.
4:12-- Paiva: amaral's thesis has prevented other theories from being investigated.
4:13-- Paiva: mccanns never pointed me towards any evidence that maddie was still alive.
4:16-- Mr amaral looks like he's dozing off.
4:29-- Paiva: we found the 'merchandising' operation with wristbands and so on very strange.
4:31-- Paiva: if she was being held somewhere publicity would be more likely to hasten her death.
4:55-- The mcanns' lawyer is taking an aggressive tone as she cross-examines mr paiva.
5:08-- Proceedings have ended for today.
5:11-- Some confusion here- that wasn't the end of proceedings, just a break before today's final witness.
5:29-- Ok, that's all we have time for. Back tomorrow morning.

CLICK HERE for remaining two days text report:

10:38-- We're back in court. The first witness is moita flores, former senior policeman and noted public figure.
10:41-- Flores: this case involves a question of freedom of speech.
10:44-- Flores is an acquaintance of amaral's and wrote the preface to the sequel to his book about madeleine.
10:50-- Flores: PJ investigation was based on well-established principles of police work adhered to all over the world.
10:54-- Flores: mcanns have been trying to convince police since the beginning that abduction was the only line of inquiry worth pursuing.
11:02-- Flores: I have spoken to respected experts on crime and none of them agrees it would be possible to pass a child through the window.
11:03-- Flores: It is not possible to ask an investigator anywhere in the free world to follow the abduction line only.
11:03-- Flores: We would all like to find Madeleine alive, but that is another thing.
11:03-- Flores: Our constitutional rights cannot be attacked.
11:05-- Flores: The good name of the McCann family is not attacked by Mr Amaral's book. The book is about the investigation.
11:12-- Flores: No judge should be able to order people not to think about a case just because the police investigation has ceased,
11:17-- Flores: No-one should be allowed to steal our constitutional rights - rights that were very hard to win. That is what this trial is about.
11:24-- Mr Flores is being cross-examined by a lawyer from a Portuguese television company that aired a documentary based on Mr Amaral's book.
11:26-- Flores: It is not true to say that the police only pursued the line of inquiry that the McCanns were guilty.
11:26-- Flores: Many, many hours were spend by officers checking out every other possible line of inquiry.
11:27-- Flores: A detective has to think about what went through the head of the victim and the criminal.
11:30-- Flores: It would have been a very stupid person who tried to pass a sleeping child through the window of the McCanns' holiday flat.
11:30-- Flores: The theory about passing the child through the window makes it seem as though someone is trying to fool the police.
11:41-- The McCanns' lawyer, Isabel Duarte , is repeating the same question to Mr Flores. Yesterday, she became quite impassioned on their behalf.
11:42-- The McCanns are both in conversation with their interpreters. Gerry however looks relaxed and smiles as he talks.
11:47-- Flores: I worked in a different part of the police to Mr Amaral but I know him from the investigation and I respect him a lot.
12:00-- Isabel Duarte, the McCanns' top lawyer, leaves the bench and approaches the couple for a quick huddled chat before returning to the fray.
12:04-- Flores: This case is pathetic. A citizen is being prevented from freely expressing his opinions in a reponsible way.
12:06-- Flores: The McCanns have every right to do everything they can beyond what the Portuguese police did in order to find their daughter.
12:12-- Flores: The documentary (based on Mr Amaral's) book is a hypothesis that believers take to be the truth.
12:13-- Flores: The book is autobiographical, it traces a period of Mr Amaral's life.
12:16-- Flores: Sections of the British media spread propaganda about Mr Amaral.
12:20-- Glamorous judge Maria Gabriela Cunha Rodrigues halts the cross-examination of Mr Flores by the McCanns' lawyer, saying it is not relevant.
12:22-- Flores: It was a scandal to see such nasty portraits painted of the Portuguese investigators by the British media.
12:27-- Flores: Mr Amaral was the victim of a smear campain. He is a good professional with a good technical background.
12:27-- Flores: Mr Amaral was the co-ordinator of the investigation. He was not in the field.
12:40-- Duarte: What does the title of the book (by Mr Amaral) mean? Flores: The book is a thesis, not the absolute truth.
12:41-- The proceedings have adjourned for lunch. Back in an hour's time.
4:46-- Sorry about the pause - we had a brief intermission during which Gerry McCann left the court.
4:47-- Mr McCann held an impromptu press conference outside the front of the court where he was beseiged by journalists' questions.
4:50-- He explained that he was leaving the court case as he had unavoidable work commitments in the UK, but that Kate would stay on until the end.
THURSDAY Jan 14th 2010
9:23-- Good morning. We're outside the courthouse for the third day of the mccann libel trial.
10:18-- We're back in court and proceedings are under way. Kate McCann is here, but Gerry has flown back to the UK.
10:20-- Mrs McCann is sitting on the front bench of the public seating with Fiona Payne, a close friend and member of the so-called 'Tapas Seven'.
10:21-- There are far fewer people in the court today. Journalists, campaigners and members of the public packed the benches for the past two days.
10:24-- There are only eight or so people other than Mrs McCann, Mrs Payne and the McCanns' translators.
10:32-- The first witness is being called - Antonio Paulo Santos.
10:36-- Mr Santos is a lawyer and general manager for the video production association, a nationwide industry body,
10:38-- He is also an ex-investigator for Portuguese police, making him a colleague of Mr Amaral's, although they worked in different departments.
10:38-- Mr Amaral has arrived in court and has taken a seat in between two lawyers.
10:39-- Mr Santos tells the court he considers himself an acquaintance of Mr Amaral's.
10:42-- The judge has stressed that this hearing is separate to the action being brought by the McCanns for £1m in damages.
10:44-- She stresses that this trial is solely about the publication and distribution of the book and the documentary upon which it was based.
10:51-- Mr Santos is discussing the details of the contract between Mr Amaral and the makers of the documentary.
10:52-- Mr Santos: I read Mr Amaral's book and watched the documentary on television.
10:53-- Mr Santos: Mr Amaral never accused the McCanns of guilt, either in the book or the documentary..
10:57-- Mr Santos: As a former policeman, I think Mr Amaral's conclusions are based on the evidence gathered during the official investigation.
3:01-- Ms Duarte also said she has made a an official complaint to the police about Mr Amaral, alleging that he has abused the legal aid system.
3:17-- Kate McCann and Fiona Payne have returned to the courtroom and resumed their positions on the bench at the front of the public seating.
3:23-- Luis Cunha Velho, from Portugal's biggest TV channel, TVI, has taken the witness stand.
3:24-- Mr Velho: The amount of people who saw the documentary based on the book was far smaller than the audience for the McCanns' Oprah interview.
3:26-- Isabel Duarte (McCann lawyer): How many people in Portugal saw the Oprah interview with the McCanns?
3:29-- Mr Velho: Not very many people saw the Oprah interview because it was broadcast on cable television.
3:36-- The next witness to take the stand is Paulo Soares, another executive from TVI.
3:39-- Soares: We tried to buy the documentary produced by (British) Channel 4 but were unable to.
3:42-- Soares: I received an email from a British production company advising me that they were going to produce another documentary on Madeleine.
3:44-- Soares: I took the email in to the usual weekly executive meeting in order to decide whether or not to buy it.
3:45-- Soares: I did not know what material the British documentary contained.
3:47-- Soares: I heard the McCanns were involved in the production of the documentary.
3:48-- Soares: Though there were lots of cameras in the Algarve there was no in-depth analysis of the case.
3:56-- Soares: Suddenly, the production firm lost interest in selling the documentary, because the McCanns didn't want it broadcast on our channel.
3:59-- Soares: Channel 4 bought the rights to the documentary, which covered its broadcast in Portugal.
4:01-- Soares: The deal with Channel 4 would have restricted the amount of time available for us to broadcast the documentary.
4:01-- Soares: That's why we chose the Portuguese documentary instead.
5:21-- We're back in court and Ana Teixera, international programming director for TVI, is the next witness to take the stand.
5:23-- She tells the court that the channel's general programme director had wanted to buy the Channel 4 documentary on the mccanns.
5:26-- Teixera: They signed the deal to screen the Channel 4 documentary, but a time slot was not assigned. It was pencilled in for 9.15pm.
6:00-- Teixera: A few days later we received a call from Channel 4 saying the documentary was not to be sold to TVI because the McCanns opposed it.
6:04-- Teixera: We requested via their lawyer that the McCanns take into consideration the fact that TVI is Portugal's biggest broadcaster.
6:06-- Teixera: We then acknowledged that another Portuguese channel, SIC, was going to broadcast the documentary.
6:06-- TVI tried to stop the broadcast by SIC but their attempt was rebuffed by a court.
6:08-- Teixera: All this means that TVI did everything it could to broadcast the documentary.
6:10-- Teixera: There are three main reasons to broadcast both documentaries.
6:11-- TeFirstly, audiences; secondly, two versions of the case; thirdly, to prevent rival channel SIC getting the audience share.
6:13-- Teixera: Firstly, audiences; secondly, to get two versions of the case; thirdly, to prevent rival channel SIC getting the audience share.
6:13-- Proceedings are finished and will start again on the 10th of February.

Gerry left the courthouse at 4pm Tuesday and returned to UK for (what he tells us) 'Business Commitments'. But WAS that the reason?

Did he return to STOP the media reports from the court witnesses from the day before?

Thanks to Maddie Case Files for compiling a FULL  list in chronological order of ALL news articles from May 3rd 2007 INCLUDING DELETED ARTICLES!





By Jan 20th  there were NO reports on the McCanns in the media

MEDIA REPORTS SUNDAY  Jan 17th, MONDAY Jan 18th TUESDAY Jan 19th 2010

Did Gerry McCann return to UK during the trial to STOP uk reports and if so WHAT WAS THE COST  and WAS THE FUND USED?

More importantly, if he DID return to UK for that purpose, was it to STOP the UK from finding the truth in the files?

Their effort seems to be to prevent the UK from finding the truth and to stop media reporting or to SUE anyone that tries to show the UK public the TRUTH!

I believe that is what they FEAR THE MOST!


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Re: Was this ANOTHER hidden 'Fund' expense to prevent UK learning the truth?

Post by Rogue-a-Tory on 10.07.17 9:33

I don’t believe the Mcs needed a separate fund to conceal legal expense payments from the public eye. Whilst No Stone Unturned is a limited liability company it can file very brief annual reports with Companies House since its size makes it eligible to file abridged account or even micro-entity accounts. Thank successive Tory & Labour Governments for that and their noble efforts to cut red tape by denying the public invaluable information on the activities of innumerable unscrupulous businesses.
This means NSU doesn’t have to disclose any info as to what it’s spent all that hard-earned, publicly donated money on. So long as the company funds are spent in accordance with its stated objectives and authorised in accordance with the processes laid down by its board, its directors and auditors won’t give a damn about disclosure.

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