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Shocking evidence of police - CPS collusion to arraign killer of Lee Balkwell on a false charge

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Shocking evidence of police - CPS collusion to arraign killer of Lee Balkwell on a false charge

Post by Tony Bennett on 27.06.14 12:41

There is currently a prosecution under way of Simon Bromley for the killing ('manslaughter') of Lee Balkwell by 'gross negligence'.

It has been the contention of his father, Les Balkwell, that, on the contrary, his son was killed not by Simon Bromley's alleged negligence, but - rather - by deliberate acts.

It's also Les Balkwell's contention that a corrupt network of police and CPS lawyers have conspired for 12 years to smother the truth about how Lee Balkwell died - and have now mounted this (allegedly) bogus prosecution, based on a claim that this was no more than a 'tragic accident'. I propose to reveal more details about this corrupt network in the days ahead.

In the meantime, here is shocking evidence of the truth of Les Balkwell's allegations - the Defendant's father openly boasting to friends in the community that there is indeed a corrupt deal between Kent & Essex Police and the CPS to bring this bogus prosecution in a desperate attempt to bury for ever the truth about how his son died, and the extent of the police/CPS cover-up. The basis of the alleged deal is that the Defendant will plead guilty to some 'negligence', get  alight sentence, and then the whole case will be marked 'closed'.
Ms Grace Ononiwu, Chief Crown Prosecutor for East of England CPS, was shown this document on 13 March this year, together with many other documents suggesting that Lee Balkwell was deliberately killed, and that there was no evidence that this was an accident apart from the Defendant's own claims. So far she has not agreed to abandon this prosecution for which there is no credible evidence.

Statement by Les Balkwell about David Bromley, 8.3.2014


Statement of Leslie Balkwell about a conversation concerning David Bromley, January 2014

Dated 8 March 2014

Some time in January, prior to the court hearing in Basildon Magistrates  Court on 28 January 2014 when Simon Bromley appeared there and was committed to the Crown Court for trial at Chelmsford Crown Court in April,  I took a ’phone call on my mobile ’phone, whilst driving along the M11 towards London, sometime during the morning, from an interested party, who I am not willing to name in this statement because of possible repercussions for them. It is someone who has helped me a number of times in the past with information and has regular contact around David Bromley in particular.

I answered and said: ‘Hallo’. This individual said ‘Hallo Les, how are you?’. I straightaway said ‘You’ve obviously ‘phoned me cos you’ve got something to tell me’.

He said, ‘David Bromley’s been bragging again and getting high on coke again and he’s putting it about that a deal has been struck between the barristers that Simon Bromley will plead guilty and will not serve one day in prison over your son’s death’. I replied: ‘Thanks very much for the f___ing good news. I am not surprised, this is such a corrupt cover-up’. He said: ‘You’re telling me’.

I want to emphasise that this individual specifically said it was the barristers (not the CPS or the police) who had struck this deal. 

Signed _______________________________ Dated __________________
Leslie W Balkwell


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