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ANNOUNCEMENT - Les Balkwell founds new anti-police-corruption group: ACTION against CORRUPT POLICE OFFICERS, or ACPO for short

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ANNOUNCEMENT - Les Balkwell founds new anti-police-corruption group: ACTION against CORRUPT POLICE OFFICERS, or ACPO for short

Post by Tony Bennett on 11.11.15 17:58

Today - 11 November 2015 - Les Balkwell, father of Lee Balkwell, announces that he has founded and is the first Chairman of...


or 'ACPO', for short.

A website has now gone live, at

It's in its earliest stages at present.

On launching the group and its website, Les Balkwell said:


"The killing of our much-loved son Lee has taken me into a dark world of endemic police corruption and the active co-operation of many senior police officers with career criminals, gangsters and major drug-dealers.

"In recent years, articles by journalists such as Michael Gillard, Tom Harper and Jon Austin have begun to shed light on this murky world of senior police officers who lie to protect their friends in the criminal community. But even journalists these days can't always write up the stories they want to write on police corruption. Even editors fear the consequences of reporting on drugs gangs and the senior police officers who protect them.

"So I've decided to found Action Against Corrupt Police Officers (ACPO) which will co-operate with all other groups and individuals fighting one of the greatest evils in our society today - corrupt police officers. Initially I will do this by naming and shaming corrupt police officers and publishing reports about those suspected of corruption.

"My first major piece of research will start with the man who was the Head of the Essex Police Crime Division when my son was murdered - Steve Reynolds. He personally supervised the first senior investiagting officer in my son's case - DCS Graeme Bull - who was found guilty of THIRTEEN charges of misconduct by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) in January 2012. When DCS Simon Coxall replaced him in February 2003, Reynolds was also his supervisor, until 2005. Coxall was found guilty of a further FIVE charges of misconduct in the same IPCC report. Other senior Essex Police Officers were found guilty of a further EIGHT misconduct charges.

"My report on Reynolds will cover:

* How he tried to recruit new police officers into his Police Masonic Lodge in south Essex 

* How he tried to get an honest police officer to lie for a corrupt colleague

* His promotion to the IPCC itself in 2005

* How, after being promoted to the IPCC, he was immediately placed on the IPCC enquiry into the killing of the Brazilian, Jean Charles de Menezes, at Stockwell Tube Station on 21 July 2005  

* How he lied about the trial of Dean Boshell

* How he conspired to ruin the career of an honest police officer 

* His actions in the case of corrupt North Yorkshire police officer Colin Andrews 

* His actions concerning an investigation by the IPCC into a police informer (Operation Huscote)

* How the IPCC failed to act after I exposed his misconduct in 2009, and

* How he suddenly left the IPCC in 2014. 

 "I am going to place this announcement on Jill Havern's website, 'The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann'. That's not because I have any views on that very controversial case, but simply because I am grateful to Mrs Havern for creating a special section of her forum for my campaign and helping to keep the public informed about it. It's my way of saying 'Thank you' to her".



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Tony Bennett

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Re: ANNOUNCEMENT - Les Balkwell founds new anti-police-corruption group: ACTION against CORRUPT POLICE OFFICERS, or ACPO for short

Post by pennylane on 11.11.15 18:54

Thank you for posting this up Tony.  A shocking insight into police corruption. 

Oh my goodness, what a heroic man Les Balkwell is!  I shall keep a keen eye on ACTION against CORRUPT POLICE OFFICERS (ACPO)!

Police corruption is indeed 'one of the greatest evils in society!'  

I wish Mr Balkwell enormous success in his research, and his undertaking of this urgent and vitally important endeavor. 

God bless you Mr Balkwell.  roses roses roses


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