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The Mark Williams-Thomas thread

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The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Empty Re: The Mark Williams-Thomas thread

Post by Mark Willis on 07.08.18 9:00

About time MWT's machinations were aired. I have always thought him a charlatan. Thanks for placing all the articles in one place.
Mark Willis
Mark Willis

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The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Empty Re: The Mark Williams-Thomas thread

Post by Jill Havern on 07.08.18 9:07

Snipped from a letter CMOMM sent in 2013 to Surrey Police:

ex- Surrey PC.     Mark Williams-Thomas.

Bringing the Force, and the Service, into Disrepute.

Mark Williams-Thomas’  name crops up in various places.  He bills himself as an “expert in Child abuse”, and refers back to his service in the Surrey Police, when it seems he was a DC for a short time and a Family Liaison Officer, also for a short time. [3]

It is recorded that he was prosecuted for Blackmail, one assumes by Surrey Officers, and although acquitted left the Force in 1990 under circumstances which he has never explained.  From what we can gather he completed only 11 or 12 years service.  Strangely he claims to have been re-employed by Surrey Police as a DC for one year in 2009, and also claims to have worked whilst in the police on child protection variously for 12 years, and for 20 years.  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5]

He previously claimed that he single-handedly brought the Savile case to the notice of the public. He has pontificated on several other cases and has said that he is engaged in viewing Child Pornography on the internet “for research purposes”.   He has not made it clear that he is among the persons authorised to do so.   [5]

But one of his more damaging claims is that whilst he was in Surrey Police he ‘led’ a number of murder and national paedophile investigations. [3]   [6]

Surrey, like all other forces, operates along ACPO guidelines for the investigation of serious crime, allocating even “simple”  murders to DI or DCI, overseen by Det Supt, and that a National Paedophile enquiry would be co-ordinated by the DChSupt, reporting to the ACC Crime and would be on a joint Inter-force Liaison group specially set up for the purpose.

For Mark Williams-Thomas to represent that he, as a junior DC personally ”led” such enquires must cause the general public of Surrey to doubt whether they have been given a proper professional service.  This is potentially damaging for the image of Surrey Police and of the Service as a whole.

Whilst anyone is entitled to carve out a professional life after retirement or resignation, and fantasists may not commit offences by their statements - unless thereby they obtain pecuniary advantage -  his activities seem to be beyond acceptable, and it may be that the Surrey police should be invited to consider issuing some form of explanatory statement, perhaps in the form of a Press release, to be used at the appropriate moments, in which the true facts about his service and real experience were set out.  [7]

 It cannot be in the public interest, especially in the currently extremely sensitive areas of child sexual abuse and paedophilia, for a person to make bogus claims about his expertise, based on a series of false statements about his service as a Surrey Police Officer.  


1[url= williams-thomas-1509838#ixzz2SuTADf4z]williams-thomas-1509838#ixzz2SuTADf4z[/url]

"As a police officer I worked in the area of child protection for 20 years". 

2 [url= scale.html] scale.html[/url]

Let us look at just one of those who has driven the hysteria over Sir James Savile and who claims he "exposed " the truth in his TV tabloid show "Exposure" when what he actually did was present a series of claims.
Mark Williams-Thomas is described repeatedly as a "child protection expert". Even Australia's respected ABC program 4 Corners introduced him as such.
He has no justification for making the claim and offering himself up as an expert on how to protect children.
The truth about Mark Williams-Thomas is this  he was a uniformed police officer on the beat for 9 years with the Surrey Police.
He graduated to Detective Constable - a role he held for only nine months before he left the Surrey Police under unexplained circumstances.
No detective constable in any police force around the world conducts police investigations. Rather they are part of a team with an Inspector (at the least) overseeing an inquiry. A DC could be answering phones, chasing up addresses, sitting in a car with another officer watching a suspect.
Yet the media has blithely accepted Williams-Thomas exaggerated claim that implies he was a major investigator on a number of important cases including the jailing of celebrity Jonathan King who oddly, was not the subject of any investigation until after Williams-Thomas left the force.
It would be prudent not to ask Williams-Thomas former colleagues at the Surrey Police what they think of him taking all the credit for the team's hard work.
This eight-month former DC then popped up with a company "advising' on child protection, a subject of which he had no specific knowledge of apart from his own self appointed, non-existent qualifications.
Two companies he set up were closed down.


"Bringing with him his wealth of experience as hands on former Detective, Mark Williams-Thomas is able to provide a new dimension to many of the criminological problems facing today's society – for example, how the police investigate major crime and the risk management of sex offenders in the community.”   His expertise includes in particular risk management and assessment of offenders and he now owns his own Child Protection and Risk Management Consultancy - WT Associates Ltd. Prior to setting up WT Associates in 2005, Mark was a police Detective specialising in major crime. He worked on or was in charge of some of the largest paedophile and murder investigations in the country, as well as being was one of only 10 specialist Family Liaison officers during his time in the police. Mark is also completing a Masters in Criminology at the University of Central England."

4 jimmy-savile?CMP=twt_fd

He began his police career in Surrey in 1989, where he was a detective and family liaison officer. He launched the high-profile investigation into the singer and record and TV producer Jonathan King in 2000, leading to his conviction in 2001 for abusing boys, and led a local inquiry into paedophilia.
Williams-Thomas has described himself as a "doer" during his 11 years in the force and was once told by a superior that he was a "nightmare to manage". -ma-pg-dig
Child Protection Expert & Criminologist
TV Presenter/Media
September 2005 – Present (8 years)

Child Protection Consultant
2005 – 2011 (6 years)

Surrey Police
Public Company; 1001-5000 employees; Law Enforcement industry
2009 – 2010 (1 year)

[? ? ?]

 6 [url= Catch a Paedophile][/url]

I've spent the past 18 months shadowing the officers of Scotland Yard's Paedophile Unit and, despite being a former detective with more than 12 years of experience in child protection, I've been horrified by what I've seen.
It's not just the appalling nature of the photographic images that so alarms me; it's the number of them.

Mark Williams Thomas (M.A) - TV Presenter, Criminologist & Child Protection Expert
Mark is a former police detective who has far-reaching experience of working at the centre of high profile investigations.
During Mark's police service, he specialised in child protection and major crime and he is renowned throughout the UK's police forces as well as the national media for his expertise in these areas.       

[my emphases]
Jill Havern
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The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Empty Re: The Mark Williams-Thomas thread

Post by Jill Havern on 07.08.18 11:20

Surrey police to hold review after trial of Jonathan King collapses

Commissioner apologises for failures in case against 73-year-old charged with sex offences

An independent review will take place after “fundamental failures” led to the collapse of disgraced music industry figure Jonathan King’s trial, a police and crime commissioner has said.

Surrey police have apologised for serious failings in their investigation and an urgent independent review has been commissioned following the decision to dismiss the case due to failures in the disclosure process. There will be no further action against King and he will not be retried over alleged historical sex offences.

The 73-year-old, of Bayswater, central London, had denied 23 serious sexual assault charges against boys aged between 14 and 16 alleged to have taken place between 1970 and 1988. The trial collapsed in June and it has been confirmed that the proceedings against King will not continue.

The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 3000

King, an ex-radio, TV and pop star and producer of acts including 10cc and Genesis, was released from prison in 2005 after serving half of a seven-year term for abusing underage boys between 1983 and 1989. He was previously found guilty at the Old Bailey in 2001 of sex offences against five youngsters aged 14 and 15.

In a statement after the recent proceedings were stopped, the police and crime commissioner for Surrey, David Munro, said: “I have read the judge’s decision in full and, as the police and crime commissioner for this county, I’m afraid it makes very difficult and concerning reading.

“It is clear to me there were fundamental failures in the disclosure process which have resulted in the decision to dismiss what was an important trial involving alleged victims of serious sexual offences. I am very sorry for all those involved who have been badly let down by this unacceptable and troubling situation.

“They have been denied the opportunity for a fair trial due to the undoubted shortcomings of disclosure which have been laid bare. I am extremely disappointed and have contacted the chief constable and already spoken to the deputy chief constable about this matter seeking a fuller explanation of what went wrong.”

He said they all agreed that an independent review should be commissioned to scrutinise the case “and the wider disclosure process within Surrey police to explore whether this was an isolated incident”.

“Clearly something has gone drastically wrong in this case and this must be addressed as a matter of urgency or we risk all that hard work being undone,” he said. “I will ensure my office carefully scrutinise the review and any changes required to restore the public’s faith in this area of policing.”

Surrey police said it was aware of the ruling at Southwark crown court to stay proceedings against King, adding: “We recognise that there were serious organisational failings in the investigation, particularly in relation to disclosure process and we will continue to study the judge’s ruling in detail.”

A spokesman for the Crown Prosecution Service said: “During the trial, the police made us aware of issues with their handling of disclosure in the case. We asked the court to dismiss the jury and worked with the police to remedy this ahead of a retrial. We appreciate today’s decision will be upsetting for the complainants and will contact them to explain our decision not to appeal the ruling.

“While we are satisfied the CPS handled the disclosure process appropriately and robustly in this case, there is an unprecedented focus from police and prosecutors to drive improvements in this area.”

Birds solicitors, which represented King, said: “This case is yet another example of failings in the disclosure process. The judgment of the court sets out the detail of those failings which the judge described as a ‘debacle’.”

The CPS said King originally faced 24 charges, but one was dropped.
Jill Havern
Jill Havern

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The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Empty Re: The Mark Williams-Thomas thread

Post by Jill Havern on 07.08.18 11:56

Nikki Plummer‏ @nikki_plummer  12m12 minutes ago

Remember this #FakeNews beauty #MarkWilliamsThomas The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 2753 Not content with ruining #Portugal s tourism you tried to ruin #Cyprus s too. Didnt half add some weight to Kate & Gerry #McCann s "abduction" story for a short while tho eh #MWT on #ThisMorning Until the truth poured out...

The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 319

The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 419
Jill Havern
Jill Havern

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The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Empty Re: The Mark Williams-Thomas thread

Post by willowthewisp on 07.08.18 14:40

Hi Jill Havern,Verdi, So Mark williams Thomas left his Police " Note Book" with personal information with a Journalist,who No doubt broke the story about Mr Jonathon King gave close support to  Mr Cliff Richards at his "Privacy Trail" against the BBC,where it transpired the information passed as to person and Address in Berkshire with a live "Warrant" from South Yorkshire Police?

But it was Dan Johnson,the BBC Reporter "Blackmailing the Police",that forced them to reveal the person's address,well done Justice Mann for your "Fair Hearing" Not,held behind closed doors,something to hide Mr Mann about Mr Richards in regard to Operation Yewtree and a special guest house list in Richmond?

Just part of the elusive cover up on systematic child abuse in the UK," Nothing to see Here,Move along People " Bryn Alyn,Elyn,Kincora,Dunblane!?

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The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Empty Re: The Mark Williams-Thomas thread

Post by Tony Bennett on 08.08.18 22:14

It appears that Mark Williams-Thomas's name came up in the recent case of Cliff Richard v the BBC, which the BBC lost.

This would appear to be an extract from the judge's judgment:

The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Mark_w10

If so, it looks as though the alleged victim of Cliff Richard brought his story to the attention of the police via Mark Wiliams-Thomas and ITV.  

Also, according to the judgment in the case of the collapse of the second criminal case against Jonathan King in June, back in 2000 MWT was hawking around the names and addresses of King's alleged victims and offering journalists - for money - to arrange interviews with them.

Now, it seems that it was in the very same year (2000) that MWT 'left' Surrey Police, for reasons that until now we have not been able to find out.

A reasonable guess, based upon the sensational revelations in the Jonathan King case, would be that his misconduct came to light and that MWT was offered the choice by Surrey Police to resign - or be disciplined, or prosecuted, for misconduct in public office. As the Daily Mail reported, this offence, if proved, carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

It may be that MWT was vey fortunate not to be prosecuted over his alleged misconduct.

As we know, MWT WAS prosecuted soon afterwards for alleged blackmail - the offence of demanding money by making threats. He was eventually found not guilty.

It remains a mystery how he was given the information that led to him being able to front the programme which outed Jimmy Savile, making him look like a public hero.

On his website, he makes this boast:


Mark is a multi award winning investigative reporter and has amongst his awards, two Royal Television Society Awards, a Broadcasting Press Guild Award and an International Peabody Award. He is also BAFTA nominated.

He is a former police detective and a criminologist who has far-reaching experience of working at the center of high profile investigations and undertaking major reviews.

Mark has over the last decade reported on nearly all the biggest crime stories including: Oscar Pistorius , The Alps murders, Tia Sharp murder, Claudia Lawrence murder, the murder of Alice Gross and the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

One of Mark's greatest skills is his ability to get exclusive access and interviews with key people related to the cases.


We may legitimately ask: who exactly is helping him make these contacts - and why?

On the Madeleine McCann case, MWT was one of those sent out very soon to Praia da Luz where he made the ludicrous claim that Leonor Cipriano was innocent of the brutal murder of her own daughter, Joana, aged 8, despite the Supreme Court of Portugal in a long and detailed judgment having confirmed the guilt of her and her brother Joao, and sentenced them to 16-year jail terms (which I consider a light sentence btw).

He has made other strange pronouncements on this and other cases.   

He has also openly boasted on Twitter that he watches hours and hours of child sexual abuse, which he said was 'for professional reasons of research'. For anyone else, as with Pete Townshend of The Who, who ran a similar defence, this would be a crime. So, again, who exactly has given him permission to watch all this child sexual abuse - and why?    

Only last week he claimed that before Barry George/Bulsara was WRONGLY found guilty of murdering Jill Dando - he, MWT himself - knew the identity of the hit-man who killed her! And the media gratefully allowed him to come and spout this nonsense on TV just weeks ago!

I don't know about anyone else here, but I suspect that CMOMM member Richard D Hall was a lot nearer the truth in his recent 'Kill Jill' film than Mark Williams-Thomas will ever be about that execution.    


ETA:    My attention has since been drawn to this Press Gazette report (some time ago) in which it is CONFIRMED that Mark Williams-Thomas WAS the source of information and the man who put the alleged victim in touch with South Yorkshire Police.

So far Williams-Thomas's efforts in that case have resulted in:

* a multi-million pound investigation by S Yorks Police into Cliff Richard which got nowhere

* Cliff Richard suffering ill-health and having to spend over £1 million defending himself

* A court case by Cliff Richard against the BBC which cost licence-payers hundreds of thousands of pounds and which resulted in a judgment which could restrict press freedoms.

Well done again, MWT      


Dr Martin Roberts: "The evidence is that these are the pjyamas Madeleine wore on holiday in Praia da Luz. They were photographed and the photo handed to a press agency, who released it on 8 May, as the search for Madeleine continued. The McCanns held up these same pyjamas at two press conferences on 5 & 7June 2007. How could Madeleine have been abducted?"

Amelie Mcann (aged 2): "Maddie's jammies!".  

Tony Bennett
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The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Empty Re: The Mark Williams-Thomas thread

Post by Tony Bennett on 09.08.18 10:28

Here is Mark Williams-Thomas talking to a journalist in 2013 and boasting of how he would flout the law and police regulations by breaking strict police confidence about investigations:

The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Mark_w11


Dr Martin Roberts: "The evidence is that these are the pjyamas Madeleine wore on holiday in Praia da Luz. They were photographed and the photo handed to a press agency, who released it on 8 May, as the search for Madeleine continued. The McCanns held up these same pyjamas at two press conferences on 5 & 7June 2007. How could Madeleine have been abducted?"

Amelie Mcann (aged 2): "Maddie's jammies!".  

Tony Bennett
Tony Bennett

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The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Empty Re: The Mark Williams-Thomas thread

Post by Keitei on 09.08.18 21:35

Check Tweets out here:

Those who play games do not see as clearly as those who watch. 

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The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Empty Mark Williams Thomas

Post by willowthewisp on 10.08.18 21:28

So what can anyone do if Mark Williams Thomas has been part of the "Masterplan"to cover up,who or what has been involved in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann?

fuck all,that's what anyone can do?

You can link him to "Twitter" posts,Teddy Shepperd,connecting his part(MWT) to the obvious disgust of millions of people,where it states he was working for the McCann's all along,due to his part of being involved via the Metropolitan Police Service,Gold Group 8th May 2007/Operation Grange?

You can then connect,Martin Brunt,Sky News Corporation,via Teddy Shepperd,Twitter, the "Dossier" to Sir Bernard Hogan Howe,Big Jim Gamble,Gerry,exposure of the Trolls,Mrs Brenda Leyland,the excuse will be it's "Circumstantial" in a case of this complexity,put down to "Conspiracy Theories" with too much time on their hands?

The more you unfurl about what these people have been involved with leads to only One point,child abuse,but there is No obvious evidence of Madeleine McCann being abused?

The parents have stated an "Hellish Liar"Paedophiles have taken Madeleine,there are the connections to person's who have frequented a known Address in Richmond Surrey,who the parents met,then there is Clement Freud connections to powerful Media magnets, Rupert Murdoch,Rebekah Brooks,David Cameron,Andy Coulson,Kenneth Clarke,Ben Fellows all circumstantial,without one shred of proof,think about it? 

In May/June 2007 the Metropolitan Police Service/Interpol investigated to a possible Paedophile Gang to have abducted Madeleine McCann. In 2008,they concluded they could find No Paedophile ring or Gang in Operation,yet in other News Paper findings,they stated the opposite,so who knows what they did or Did Not find "Operational"?

Are they all connected to Alexis Jay IICSA, directed away from the Kincora Boy's Home, MI5/6,IRA,DUP, Ministers of the Church,Royal Family?

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The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Empty Re: The Mark Williams-Thomas thread

Post by Verdi on 14.08.18 15:49

In the week a judge throws out a THIRD historic abuse case against pop mogul Jonathan King convicted of molesting boys... Police appear in dock over missing evidence of star witness who helped secure his seven-year sentence

Child sex abuse case that saw pop mogul Jonathan King handed a seven-year jail sentence has been reopened
Fresh evidence is being considered by the Criminal Cases Review Commission
The commission is set to decide whether it will be ordering a new appeal

By David Rose for The Mail on Sunday

Published: 00:17 BST, 12 August 2018 | Updated: 00:20 BST, 12 August 2018

The child sex abuse case that saw pop mogul Jonathan King handed a seven-year jail sentence has been reopened in the light of fresh evidence – including documents which dramatically undermine the testimony of a star witness at his 2001 trial.

Fresh evidence is being considered by the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC), which will decide whether to order a new appeal. It emerged as a result of King’s trial this year on separate, though related, charges of ‘historic’ sex abuse, some dating back to 1970.

That case was brought to an end last week when the judge issued a damning ruling, accusing Surrey Police of failing to disclose critical evidence and misleading the court.

The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 4F071AC400000578-0-image-a-4_1534028377763

Judge Deborah Taylor told Southwark Crown Court that it would be impossible for King to get a fair trial because ‘the integrity of the criminal justice system and processes have been undermined publicly in a fundamental way by disclosure failures and persistent misleading of the court’.

She added: ‘A trial has been aborted due to the failures. The time of the court and public money have been wasted, in a time of scarce resources… Continuation would undermine public confidence in the administration of justice.’

The Mail on Sunday can reveal that the fresh evidence to be considered by the CCRC includes:

Witness A – one of five underage victims King was convicted of abusing in 2001 – who gave a long, unpublished interview to the News of the World four years before he spoke to the police, in which he revealed a very different story from his trial testimony. This newspaper has established he told the reporter in 1997 that he met King when he was with a friend at an amusement arcade, and was not assaulted until weeks later;

In 2001, Witness A said former DJ King first approached him when he was alone at a market stall, drove him in his Rolls-Royce to a ‘peep show’ and, later that same day, took him to his home, where he assaulted him. The police knew of these discrepancies seven months before the 2001 trial, but allegedly did not disclose the 1997 account to the defence team;

As the MoS first revealed in 2016, an investigation by the author Bob Woffinden, who died earlier this year, shows that another boy King was convicted of abusing was not in the same country as the music mogul throughout the period when he claimed he was certain the alleged abuse took place. He was in England, but tickets, receipts and credit card bills unearthed by Woffinden show that King was in America;

A 2014 report by Merseyside police on Operation Arundel, the original 2001 Surrey investigation, was only disclosed to King’s lawyers shortly before the 2018 case finally collapsed. The report, triggered by Surrey’s widely criticised investigation of allegations against Jimmy Savile before his death, made sweeping criticisms of the way Arundel officers took statements from alleged victims, saying the method they used ‘increases the possibility of error’, and ‘the integrity of any statement taken in this manner is open to question’;

The report says officers failed to tape the questions they asked during interviews, while victims’ statements were written up and signed ‘days if not weeks’ afterwards from short ‘trigger notes’, instead of immediately. The CCRC will now decide whether this casts doubt on all the evidence that convicted King in 2001;

The first Arundel detective to take a statement from an alleged victim of King was Mark Williams-Thomas, now a TV presenter. According to Judge Taylor’s ruling, after Williams-Thomas left the force, police found ‘a document on his computer offering for sale names and introductions to victims of Mr King’. The judge also said that when he left, Williams-Thomas took his police notebooks concerning King with him. The prosecution said he should not have done this because they were force property;

In 2018, though not in 2001, King was charged with abusing Witness B, the alleged victim interviewed by Williams-Thomas. Witness B could not have testified in person because illness had destroyed his ability to speak: the jury would have been asked to convict King on the basis of his 2001 statement. Witness B’s medical records, which showed he had been in numerous mental institutions and had been a drug addict, were only disclosed in June, shortly before the trial collapsed.

Yesterday, King, 73, told this newspaper in an exclusive interview: ‘I’m naturally delighted by the outcome, but my real hope is to protect others in future, and to let the many teachers, care workers and others who have also been wrongly convicted of so-called historic sexual abuse to have their cases reopened too

‘There needs to be change at all levels. But as Judge Taylor has done, we must start with the behaviour of the police.’

He said that Surrey Chief Constable Nick Ephgrave, the man ultimately responsible, should resign.

King’s long career in pop began in 1965 when he had a top five hit while still a Cambridge student. He went on to write, perform and produce many more, while also discovering bands such as Genesis.

His contacts were also impeccable. In 2001, Simon Cowell stood him bail, and when he was arrested, King had been offered the chairmanship of recording giant EMI on an annual £5 million salary.

Other famous friends included former Page 3 model Samantha Fox.

He admits the sexual opportunities that success gave him were endless, and some might find his promiscuous behaviour reprehensible.

But he says he never made any secret of it, and was always clear he was not interested in settling down. In a recent video, he ironically described himself as a ‘vile pervert’.

‘I’m bisexual,’ he said, ‘and I had sex with hundreds of people. About 40 per cent were women.

‘But I found it absurd that in the 1970s and 1980s, I could legally have sex with a 16-year-old girl but not with a boy the same age because the age of consent for gay sex was 21.

‘So I deliberately broke the law with young men who were over 16, and who wanted to have sex with me.’

King insisted he went to elaborate lengths to ensure he never slept with anyone under 16, adding: ‘I was very good at seduction. I’m sorry if some people have come to regret having sex with me in later life. But if anyone said no, I accepted it. I knew some of those who made allegations, but I didn’t have sex with any of them.’

In all, King has faced four trials.

The first – in which he was convicted of abusing boys aged 14 and 15, with offences ranging from buggery to touching inappropriately – led to his seven-year jail sentence, of which he served three and a half years.

In the second, in November 2001, he was accused of abusing two boys but found not guilty on all counts.

A third trial due after that was dropped by the prosecution.

The charges he would have faced then were ‘left on file’. But King was assured by his lawyers that they would never be revived.

Legal experts say it is highly unusual for charges of this kind to be tried years later. However, this is what happened in King’s fourth trial, which ended last week.

Of the ten alleged victims, seven – including Witness B – had first made statements in 2001, when their claims were either left on file or did not lead to charges.

The other three came forward after King was arrested in 2015 amid huge publicity.

The 2001 trial started in June. In April, King’s defence, led by solicitor Steven Bird and Henry Blaxland QC, had tried to get the case stopped as an ‘abuse of process’, arguing it was unfair to revive the old allegations.

At that stage, the judge disagreed. But then, following pressure from King’s defence, further documents were disclosed, including the Merseyside report on Operation Arundel and Witness B’s extensive medical records.

The prosecution, acting on information from the police, had wrongly told the court these documents contained ‘nothing of relevance’, and that there was no ‘final version’ of the Merseyside report – when, in fact, there was, and Surrey Police had a copy in their files.

King was found not guilty on the two charges which had lain on file, including the claim he abused Witness B. Then the case was aborted.

Meanwhile, a long statement to police by the News of the World reporter describing his interview with Witness A in 1997, with its many discrepancies from his 2001 evidence, had also come to light.

It had been sent to King’s office as part of a package of ‘unused material’ in October 2001 but he never examined it because by then he had been convicted, and was in Belmarsh prison.

King said he was sure that the reporter’s statement had not been disclosed before his trial, and if it had been, his barrister, Ron Thwaites QC, who had a formidable reputation, would have used it to undermine Witness A’s allegations.

The 2018 prosecution lawyers said ‘it is not possible to say’ if the reporter’s statement was disclosed before the 2001 trial or not, but admitted that the information it contained was ‘not in any statement made by [Witness A] himself’.

‘I was misled,’ Judge Taylor said at the end of last week’s ruling.

She added that, whether the misleading was deliberate or not, to allow this ‘would give rise to a belief that in this type of case, where there are sexual allegations against figures in the public eye, the courts are prepared to sanction the end justifying the means’.

Perhaps most astonishingly of all, she also suggested that the 2018 case had ‘not been driven by complainants’ allegations’, but ‘by concerns about reputational damage to Surrey Police in the wake of the Savile case and the consequent Merseyside investigation’.

Last night the CCRC confirmed that it had reopened the 2001 case. A spokesman said: ‘We will examine whatever material there may be which is relevant. Anything that concerns witnesses’ credibility will have a bearing.’

Williams-Thomas said he ‘not been given any opportunity to defend myself’ before the judge issued her ruling, saying that he should have been. He said he left the police with an ‘exemplary record’ and only kept his notebooks because he was advised to do so.

As to the document the judge said was found on his computer offering to sell details of King’s alleged victims, he said: ‘After two investigations, no action was taken against me.

‘It must follow that no offences were disclosed. I categorically deny any wrongdoing here or in relation to any of the other criticisms… I pride myself on my ability to protect victims of such crimes.’

A Surrey Police spokesman said: ‘We recognise there were serious organisational failings in the investigation, particularly in relation to disclosure.’

The force ‘deeply regret we did not meet the required standards to ensure a fair trial. For this we wholeheartedly apologise.’

The spokesman added that the force had commissioned an ‘independent review’ and a formal complaint by King was now being investigated. However, Chief Constable Nick Ephgrave had ‘no intention of resigning’.

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The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Empty Re: The Mark Williams-Thomas thread

Post by willowthewisp on 14.08.18 16:26

Hi Verdi,well,well,this smoothly anointed Ex Police Officer Mark William's Thomas involved in scandalous accusations of Police Officers deliberately withholding information from a Crown Court Trail Judge,whilst serving as a Surrey Police Officer,then keeping hold of his "Police notebook",with juicy titbits?

You see its far cheaper to have the Police, " censored the case up" than re-investigate it properly,prepare it for Crown court via CPS/DPP,with all defects apparent,then thrown out for non-disclosure grounds, by the defendants legal team genius?

Then on any IOPC investigation,blame the original Police Officers or other Police forces for their incompetent practices,yet they are supposedly trained to the same standards of "Hendon",so they never pass out as "Serving Police Constables",misconduct in Public Office apparent?

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The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Empty Re: The Mark Williams-Thomas thread

Post by nomendelta on 15.08.18 7:43

The gossip email "popbitch" featured MWT this week - interesting reading.

A few years ago, we told you that Simon Cowell’s company Syco was teaming up with policeman-turned-presenter Mark Williams-Thomas to produce a UK true crime series to rival Netflix’s hit, Making A Murderer. There’s certainly an interesting 10-part true crime documentary to be made – but we doubt it’s the story they’re thinking of.

Jonathan King’s latest trial collapsed this week, with the judge placing a lot of blame on the conduct of Surrey Police. Singled out for particular, excoriating scorn was former Surrey policeman… Mark Williams-Thomas.

The judge pointed out that in King’s first case (in 2001) MW-T was the officer assigned to take statements from the accusers. He then left the police force, but took the names and contact details of King’s accusers with him and tried to sell them to the media (a big no-no for police officers). Somehow, much of the info seemed to end up in the hands of… Max Clifford.

Meanwhile, Jonathan King was arrested and put up on a £150,000 bail. This meant he was unable to take up the offer to be a judge on ITV’s talent show, Popstars, so King recommended a then-unknown industry figure to take his place… Simon Cowell.

Cowell got a job on the franchise’s spin-off, Pop Idol (in 2001), partly as a result of King’s recommendation. Cowell didn’t need to do anything to thank King however, as he’d already chucked £50,000 in towards his bail.

And how did Cowell celebrate his newfound stardom? By hiring the PR services of… Max Clifford (who, you may remember, died three years into an eight year prison sentence for sexually assaulting women and girls).

There’s a load more to this story – so Netflix, if you’re reading, call us. We have your next hit right here.

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The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Empty Re: The Mark Williams-Thomas thread

Post by Verdi on 15.08.18 12:21

Focusing on the deceased and unproven historic cases of sex abuse, sure does keep the spotlight off the living prolific child sex abuse offenders of today.

Looks to me like Max Clifford was the custodian of an image protection racket for the wealthy.  He - a child sex abuser himself!

The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 7d2a3381b2936854a535e6e26c68b8cd

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The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Empty Re: The Mark Williams-Thomas thread

Post by Verdi on 15.08.18 12:30


Woman on phone (Naimh???) ?I'd like to see what kind of a Mickey Mouse search, you know, police investigation was done by the Portugal, err, police?

Nicky Campbell Well, I'll tell you what, let me stop you there.  I'll come back to you because, Mark Williams Thomas, you know stuff about, you know a lot about that, don't you?

Mark Williams-Thomas Good morning.  Yes I do.  Yes, I mean I think Gerry and Kate have come out now talking for two reasons. One, to try and keep that profile there and to talk about the effect it's had on them.  And I think its important to remember, of course, that as a parent you will never give up the search for your child.  Last year I met Patty Wetterling in the US. Her son was abducted at the age of eleven, Jacob. He's still missing.  And Patty still goes through it constantly every single day.  And bringing it to the home shores, Ruth Wilson who went missing on the 27th of November, 95.  I know Ruth's parents very, very well and worked with them. And she's missing and she vanished at the age of sixteen. No sight or anything at all,  And these parents will never give up.  Every single phone call that they get, particularly around anniversaries and Christmas they wait in anticipation that they will get some news.  So Gerry and Kate will never give up.

But obviously what they are asking for now is a re-investigation over some of the elements of it.  And if we go back to the initial stage there was obviously an awful lot that was done, there was an awful lot that wasn't done.  But we mustn't forget that this is a Portuguese investigation and however much influence the British have over Portugal .it is ultimately their investigation.  They've conducted what they consider to be an investigation.  There are no new leads or inquiries that would require them to open the investigation.  The one thing that Gerry and Kate could do with all the Tapas would be to go back to the Portuguese police and say we will co-operate 100% with a review in relation to a reconstruction.  And don't forget that reconstruction was something that never took place and at the time I was certainly saying that reconstruction would have been very valuable but they would all have to co-operate.

NC I'm sure I remember a reconstruction on television, watching it being re-enacted.

MWT Not with Gerry and Kate other than they went back with their own investigators and did a kind of reconstruction.  The Portuguese police wanted to do a full reconstruction with all the Tapas and with everyone back in their?, going through the process (????????)

NC Well, where do you think Madeleine is now?

MWT Well the sad reality is that when children go missing the main age group for children to go missing is ten to 16. That's where the high numbers are. But between the ages of 1 and 4, which is obviously what Madeleine was at the time, within the period of 8 minutes and there are some interesting statistics here, is 20% of children between the ages of 1 and 4 will be located within 8 minutes.  99% of those children will be located within 196 minutes.  So that shows you the sheer, the percentage of children who will be recovered very quickly.  And out of those 98% of those children will be found within 1.2 kilometres of the location to which they have gone missing.

Where do I think Madeleine is now?  Well Madeleine was?  I still believe that Madeleine was abducted outside the apartment. She walked outside the apartment and that's where she was abducted.  Gerry and Kate have got to keep hope that Madeleine isn't dead and until such time as they have got some confirmation and direct intelligence that tells them that she is dead they will always live on the hope that she will return.  The sad reality is that is probably very unlikely.

Naimh Can I just say?

NC Yeah Naimh(?????)

Naimh ?that your statistics were for Britain and I am sure they don't hold true for Portugal.  I'm sure the British Government could have applied some pressure.  I mean, you could have a special investigation where the British police, I know if someone went missing here in England it would be a completely different scenario.  The child would be found in the next 24 hours, 48 hours or whatever.  You know, they need to have a special department, I mean instead of wasting money on stop and search.  I was hearing on your radio that they did a hundred thousand stop and searches and 99.9% were useless, you know.  Instead of spending those resources on frightening the community, you know, we should spend it on situations where we can help parents where children, especially young children, 1 -10, go missing, abroad, you know.

MWT I think, I'll just pick up on that point. I think you are absolutely right as far as knowledge as to how to investigate missing children has improved incredibly.  And I was at a conference yesterday, the national Missing Persons Conference in Coventry and there is clearly an awful lot is now being done, is being done co-ordinated using agencies as well as the police service to help find missing children.  And in Portugal they are some way behind.  I think from a policing point of view they are probably five, maybe six years, maybe even more than that behind in the way they deal with missing children and indeed some of their other investigations.  But I think now, if a child goes missing in the UK, there is a incredible amount of resources that are pulled in and worked on to be able to find that child very quickly and, of course, we have experience of that.

NC OK. Its 9.30 and I am grateful to Naimh(????) and also John in Dunbarton

[Thanks to pamalam at]
Mark Williams-Thomas was never officially assigned to investigating the case of Madeleine McCann so wft is he doing selling himself across the nation's media?  He's not even consistant, his opinion is up and down like a fiddlers elbow.

violin What a con!

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The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Empty Re: The Mark Williams-Thomas thread

Post by sharonl on 15.08.18 21:07

Quote:  Mark Williams-Thomas  

I still believe that Madeleine was abducted outside the apartment. She walked outside the apartment and that's where she was abducted

If this was the case, how does MWT explain the McCanns claims: -

1.  The shutters were jemmied
2.  The curtains were open and blowing
3.  The door was not in the position that they left it
4.  The abductor drugged the twins
5.  Gerry had only just checked on Madeleine - she was asleep
6.  The door was not wide open when Kate entered the apartment - Madeleine would not have carefully closed the door behind her, would she?

Quote  Kate McCann "I knew that she had been abducted because of the state of the place"

Were the McCanns lying Mark?  Why would they do that if Madeleine had been abducted?

Also Gerry was just outside the apartment chatting to Jez Wilkins and passed by Jane Tanner.  Did no-one see or hear Madeleine or this abductor?  Surely she would have screamed if someone picked her up awake?

Tannerman was allegedly carrying a sleeping child

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The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Empty Re: The Mark Williams-Thomas thread

Post by Verdi on 15.08.18 22:00

To add - how does he explain this ..

The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Z

The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 2049

Answers in a plain brown envelope please - it'll get there ....

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The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Empty Re: The Mark Williams-Thomas thread

Post by sharonl on 15.08.18 22:26

big grin  I would like to hear more of Marks' theory, a timeline would be handy.  Then perhaps we could ask him to explain a few things.

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The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Empty Re: The Mark Williams-Thomas thread

Post by Verdi on 15.08.18 23:35

Hey - maybe he would like to join CMoMM to set the record straight sarcastic.

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The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Empty Re: The Mark Williams-Thomas thread

Post by Keitei on 16.08.18 21:17

Mark Williams-Thomas

Edward Williams made this Freedom of Information request to Surrey Police

[size=16]Currently waiting for a response from Surrey Police, they should respond promptly and normally no later than 7 September 2018(details).

Dear Surrey Police,
I refer you to this online article:
"One of the complainants in the case – he cannot, of course, be named but we can call him Complainant A – was a man whose statement had originally been taken in 2000 by a police officer in the Surrey Police. When this blog was originally published it was unclear whether identification of the police officer had been authorised by the judge; it is now clear that his name can be reported. It is Mark Williams-Thomas, now a journalist and TV presenter. I am afraid that until I have a chance to update the post properly he still appears below as “Mr X.”"
"When Mr X left the force he took his notebooks relating to inquiries into Mr King with him. They were, as the Prosecution said, not Mr X’s to keep; they were official documents belonging to Surrey Police. A police officer’s notebook, of course, is always of great importance, being in many cases the only contemporaneous record of relevant events. 
No attempt was made to recover the notebooks by Surrey Police, and nor did Mr X, return them to the police. Why he did not return them voluntarily once he knew that Mr King had been charged and put on trial is not explained."
"Three years after Mr X left the police, he was prosecuted for an unrelated offence. That much was well known, and he was in fact acquitted. However, what was not disclosed to the defence until a very late stage is that during the investigation into the other offence, a document was found on his computer “offering for sale names and introductions to victims of Mr King.” This information came into the hands of Surrey Police’s Anti-Corruption Unit in 2014 – what it was doing between 2003 and 2014 is not revealed in the judgment – but the Anti-Corruption Unit did not pass it on to the officers investigating Mr King. "
1.Provide all data showing what attempts you have made to recover the officer's notebook. 
2.Provide "document [that] was found on his computer “offering for sale names and introductions to victims of Mr King.” 
3.Provide cost of the failed King prosection. 
4.Provide a list of officers and staff who have been disciplined as a result of the failed prosecution. 
5. Confirm or deny if you have reported yourself to the IOPC for the disclosure issues. 
6. Provide all correspondence between you and the Surrey P&CC on this failed prosecution.
Yours faithfully,
Edward Williams

Smith, Tony 14860, Surrey Police 9 August 2018
Dear Edward WILLIAMS,
Freedom of Information: 000630/18
I write in connection with your FOI request which was recently received.
We will respond within 20 working days to this request.
Yours Sincerely,
Neil Coventry 
Information Access Team 
Surrey Police 
Telephone 01483 630007


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The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Empty Mark Williams-Thomas

Post by ferrotty on 04.11.18 19:36

[size=60]In today's Sunday mail. [/size]

[size=60]How a self-promoting TV detective, obsessed with celebrity sex abusers, helped police ruin the lives of Sir Cliff and a string of other famous faces... who all turned out to be TOTALLY INNOCENT  [/size]

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The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Empty Re: The Mark Williams-Thomas thread

Post by sharonl on 04.11.18 20:19

By David Rose and Rosie Waterhouse For The Mail On Sunday
Published: 23:15, 3 November 2018  | Updated: 19:52, 4 November 2018

Question: What do the entertainers Sir Cliff Richard, Jim Davidson and Freddie Starr, as well as the late former Home Secretary Lord Brittan, have in common?
Answer: They have all lived – and in the case of Lord Brittan, died – under the shadow of being falsely accused of historical sexual abuse, although none of them was ever charged with a crime, much less convicted.
And in every case their names have been dragged through the mud thanks in part to the actions of one man, a former policeman turned award-winning TV ‘detective’ called Mark Williams-Thomas.
Williams-Thomas was the man behind ITV’s 2012 documentary revealing the late Jimmy Savile was a paedophile.

Since then he has become a regular fixture on This Morning and presenter of further documentaries, including The Investigator, made by Simon Cowell’s company Syco.
Savile, of course, became a touchstone for a widespread belief that numerous powerful paedophiles had been allowed to get away with terrible crimes. 
The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 5737518-6350331-Mark_Williams_Thomas_featured_in_The_Investigator_A_British_Crim-a-1_1541291476982

Mark Williams-Thomas featured in The Investigator: A British Crime Story. He leaked the names of up to 20 suspects linked to Operation Yewtree 
The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 5739580-6350331-image-m-26_1541291600189

Sir Cliff Richard gives interview after record damages were awarded to him against the BBC

Video playing bottom right...
Click here to expand to full page

Detective who broke Jimmy Savile scandal describes deceased presenter

Cameron slams 'abhorrent' Syria chemical weapons attack
Understandably, perhaps, the author of Savile’s posthumous downfall became determined to build on this first success.
But a major investigation by this newspaper today poses a troubling question: in his zeal to claim further scalps did Williams-Thomas help ruin the lives of a string of famous men who turned out to be totally innocent?
For Williams-Thomas has openly boasted that he was the source of up to 20 suspects’ names being submitted to Operation Yewtree, the sprawling, multi-million-pound Metropolitan Police inquiry into alleged abuse by celebrities established after the Savile film.
Then, when he learned that officers planned to investigate particular individuals, he publicised their names, even though police inquiries were at an early stage.
The credibility he derived from the Savile documentary meant his information had a massive media impact. In some cases, he issued regular breathless ‘updates’ on police inquiries.
The result, according to one of Britain’s top detectives with experience of investigating historical abuse, was a fiasco which ‘tainted the whole investigation, created a presumption of guilt, and ruined innocent people’s lives’.
Williams-Thomas yesterday claimed The Mail on Sunday investigation was ‘littered with incorrect information’, but when asked what this was, he refused to answer.
Former Metropolitan Police Detective Chief Inspector Paul Settle headed a parallel inquiry into claims of abuse by politicians – including Lord Brittan – running at the same time as Yewtree.
The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 5737552-6350331-Freddie_Starr_when_it_was_announced_on_May_2014_he_will_not_be_p-a-2_1541291476984

Freddie Starr when it was announced on May 2014 he will not be prosecuted after spending 18 months on bail for sex crime allegations
The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 5739584-6350331-image-m-27_1541291649609

Jim Davidson on This Morning after he was crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother in 2014
His staff were based in the same, open-plan office in Hammersmith, West London, as some of the Yewtree team. He says he directly experienced the extraordinary efforts made by Williams-Thomas to influence both investigations.
‘Operation Yewtree seemed to have a policy of arresting first and asking questions later,’ Mr Settle told The Mail on Sunday.
‘Their attitude seemed to be, “There’s been an allegation, go and nick him”, before they had even done the basics, such as establishing whether the accuser and the suspect had been in the same country at the relevant time.’
Then, Mr Settle says, the suspect’s name would be publicised. This, the ex-detective says, was ‘reckless in the extreme. If you put famous people’s names out there, you may not merely destroy their livelihoods. There’s a great danger it will lead to a bandwagon effect, generating further, false allegations, so the potential for miscarriages of justice is huge.’
The most prominent Yewtree victim of all was Sir Cliff Richard, whose name was leaked to the BBC – not by Williams-Thomas – allowing the broadcaster to air footage of the raid on his Berkshire apartment in 2014.
The singer faced two years of anguish before finally learning he was not going to be charged.


Sir Cliff Richard breaks down as he speaks about police raid

The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 5737528-6350331-Williams_Thomas_kept_the_story_about_Cliff_Richard_alive_by_reve-a-3_1541291476988

Williams-Thomas kept the story about Cliff Richard alive by revealing to journalists that two of the complainants had appealed to have the CPS decision not to charge him reversed
The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 5739582-6350331-image-m-28_1541291711477

Lord Leon Brittan arriving home at the height of the allegations made against him in 2014
This newspaper has established that one of Sir Cliff’s accusers, a man known as ‘David’, had already been exhaustively investigated by Mr Settle and his team, and found to be a suggestible, vulnerable fantasist. David, who had learning difficulties and had been in care, told them he was raped as a boy by both Sir Cliff and Elton John at a sex party, at which media baron Rupert Murdoch and former Labour deputy leader Lord Prescott were also guests.
‘Needless to say, this didn’t happen,’ Mr Settle said.
Yet the South Yorkshire investigation into Sir Cliff took David seriously. Legal sources have confirmed that although the Met had already decided he was not a reliable witness, South Yorkshire detectives – who took over the Cliff Richard investigation from Yewtree – treated him as a ‘victim’.
David has told the MoS they interviewed him several times, and asked him to give evidence against Sir Cliff. Unaccountably, Mr Settle’s conclusion that he was not a reliable witness was apparently not passed on to South Yorkshire.
And the name of the man who triggered the police inquiry by telling Operation Yewtree that he had evidence that Sir Cliff had sexually abused a child? Mark Williams-Thomas. He has boasted about it in a series of tweets.
On August 17, 2014, three days after the BBC used a helicopter to film the raid on Sir Cliff’s apartment, Williams-Thomas was already claiming credit for it. ‘Some media reports are misleading,’ he tweeted. ‘I passed the original allegation and other info to Op Yewtree in 2013.’
Williams-Thomas, 48, spent 11 years with Surrey Police, leaving in 2000 with the lowly rank of detective constable. He later spent two years working for a firm that removed chewing gum from pavements.
The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 5739586-6350331-image-m-29_1541291756351

Former police detective Williams-Thomas unmasked Jimmy Savile in his ITV documentary 
The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 5737562-6350331-Jim_Davidson_was_told_eight_months_after_his_arrest_he_would_not-a-4_1541291476989

Jim Davidson was told eight months after his arrest he would not face any charges of sexual assault 
But his real goal was to make it in television. And starting by acting as adviser to crime dramas, he gradually began to get work.
His lucky break came when he found himself on a plane next to BBC journalist Meirion Jones, who asked him to help with a Newsnight film on Savile, which the BBC eventually, and controversially, axed.
Williams-Thomas took the story to ITV and won national acclamation and a string of awards.
In the post-Savile frenzy about other alleged celebrity abusers, Williams-Thomas boasted he was ‘working closely’ with Operation Yewtree, and was ‘sharing new leads and contact details for victims’. He claimed he had a ‘dossier’ featuring a ‘catalogue’ of allegations against about 20 suspects, including ‘some household names’.
In some cases, he stated, his information had already led to arrests – though he has not specified whose.
Celebrities investigated as a result of allegations to Operation Yewtree who were never charged include not only Sir Cliff but also Freddie Starr, Jim Davidson, Jimmy Tarbuck and Paul Gambaccini. The latter has been awarded ‘substantial’ damages by the Crown Prosecution Service, and is suing the police.
Publication of suspects’ names by police in cases like Operation Yewtree would now breach professional guidelines issued by the College of Policing, which say that if a name is released before charge, there must be ‘exceptional circumstances’. However, seasoned detectives say that the guidelines merely enshrine procedures which were already well established in the period 2012 to 2014, when Yewtree was at its height.


Freddie Starr can't speak from relief as CPS drops sex attack charges

The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 5737598-6350331-Lord_Brittan_died_under_the_shadow_of_being_falsely_accused_of_h-a-5_1541291476990

Lord Brittan died under the shadow of being falsely accused of historical sexual abuse 
One former detective said: ‘The only time you release a suspect’s name before charge is if you don’t have the evidence to charge and there’s a real danger to the public. Otherwise, you just don’t do it – it’s reckless and unethical.’
Freddie Starr
Tweeted 24 minutes after comic’s arrest
WILLIAMS-THOMAS had close contacts with several newspapers, but his weapon of choice when breaking the news of celebrity arrests was Twitter.
His first came at 18.09 on November 1, 2012: ‘Breaking: Freddie Starr under arrest #jimmysavile’ he announced – the hashtag ensuring that readers would know exactly what type of investigation Starr was facing.
The stature conferred on Williams-Thomas by the Savile film meant his tweet was swiftly followed up by the BBC and every newspaper. The Met then put out a statement which confirmed that a ‘man in his 60s from Warwickshire was arrested at approximately 17.45 on suspicion of sexual offences and taken into custody’.
The arrest took place just 24 minutes before Williams- Thomas’s tweet.
Williams-Thomas issued further tweets about Starr as police inquiries progressed. ‘Freddie #Starr arrest which I broke yesterday dominates front pages,’ he tweeted on November 2, going on to add fresh details: ‘He was bailed after approx 6 hours in custody #jimmysavile.’
Later that day he added an update, saying Starr was still being interviewed ‘as a continuation’ of his previous interrogation. More tweets followed over the ensuing months as Starr faced the agony of waiting on bail, not knowing whether he would be charged. It wasn’t for another 18 months that he learnt he wouldn’t be. By then, his wife had left him and his physical and mental health were wrecked.
The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 5737646-6350331-Jim_Davidson_with_wife_Alison_in_1987_He_was_linked_to_Operation-a-6_1541291476995

Jim Davidson with wife Alison in 1987. He was linked to Operation Yewtree by Mark Williams- Thomas
Jim Davidson
WRONGLY LINKED to Jimmy Savile
ANOTHER celebrity probed by Yewtree whose near-downfall was first announced by Williams- Thomas was comedian Jim Davidson. Unlike most of the inquiry’s targets, he was accused of sexually assaulting adult women, but that did not stop Williams-Thomas making the link with Jimmy Savile.
In a tweet posted at 19.16 on January 2, 2013, he wrote: ‘I can confirm that one of the entertainers arrested today by Op Yewtree is Jim Davidson #Savile.’
Other supposed ‘victims’ came forward after the ensuing flood of publicity, but eight months after his arrest, Davidson was told he would not face any charges.
In a book that he wrote about his ordeal, he said he first learnt of this not from the police or Crown Prosecution Service but a reporter, who told him the source was ‘the ex-detective that did the TV programme exposing Savile’s behaviour’.
Lord Brittan
AT THE end of February 2013, Williams-Thomas told a newspaper he was investigating sexual abuse by a ‘very significant individual’ at Elm Guest House in Barnes, South-West London. By this time, claims had been circulating on the internet that in the 1980s this had been a ‘gay brothel’ where children were abused, and that among those who stayed there were Sir Cliff and Leon Brittan, the former Tory Home Secretary.
One of their sources was a former social worker and convicted fraudster called Chris Fay. He had been trying to spread claims about Elm Guest House and ‘VIP paedophiles’ for many years. In 1990 he introduced ‘David’ – the fantasist who went on to accuse Sir Cliff – to a journalist called Gill Priestly, now deceased. In a series of taped interviews with her, David made astonishing claims: that he had been sexually assaulted by Lord Brittan, and ‘trafficked’ to Amsterdam, where he was forced to watch as children were raped and murdered to make ‘snuff’ porn movies.
Police documents disclosed by the Crown Prosecution Service and seen by this newspaper say Priestly played her tapes to Williams-Thomas while he was a serving police officer. The papers say that at the time police took no action and that in 2002, after Williams-Thomas left the police, she gave some of her tapes to him for ‘safe keeping’.
The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 5737636-6350331-Lord_Brittan_pictured_in_1987_He_was_caught_up_in_lurid_stories_-a-7_1541291476996

Lord Brittan pictured in 1987. He was caught-up in lurid stories about the non-existent ‘Westminster paedophile ring’
In 2013, then Detective Chief Inspector Paul Settle’s team spent more than 70 hours interviewing David, who made many of the same allegations. But Mr Settle says: ‘We knew very quickly the Elm Guest House claims were nonsense. David was very vulnerable and very suggestible, and his allegations were sheer fantasy.’
His story about the ‘sex party’ with Sir Cliff, Elton John and Murdoch was, Mr Settle added, only one of many outlandish claims.
Then, in October 2013, the police records say, Williams-Thomas produced the tapes of Gill Priestly’s interviews with David. He approached Mr Settle’s boss, Detective Superintendent David Gray, and played them to him and a detective constable at the ITV studios. The full contents of the tapes have not been disclosed.
Mr Settle said: ‘We had already finished with David, but here was Williams-Thomas apparently trying to reincarnate him as a witness. It was quite apparent the tapes were the musings of a fantasist.’
However, others were taking David’s allegations seriously.
He was introduced to reporters from the now-defunct Exaro News website. This spectacularly unreliable witness became a source for multiple, lurid stories about the non-existent ‘Westminster paedophile ring’ used to support bogus claims of child rape and murder by Lord Brittan and others.
Eventually, these were debunked by a Panorama programme in 2015. David was to be one of its star witnesses, admitting he had made false allegations because he was suggestible and felt under pressure.
Williams-Thomas had promised to consider giving Panorama the Priestly tapes, but failed to do so, say BBC sources. Then, after David had been filmed, Williams-Thomas sent him an email, urging him either to insist on concealing his identity or not to appear at all, drafting messages that he suggested David should copy and send to the BBC.
‘DON’T tell the BBC we have spoken,’ he wrote, ‘just say you have spoken to a friend who has given you advice.’
Williams-Thomas refused to say why he sent this email. It is possible he believed he was acting in David’s best interests.
The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 5737644-6350331-Cliff_Richard_was_accused_of_assaulting_a_15_year_old_boy_at_Bra-a-8_1541291476997

Cliff Richard was accused of assaulting a 15-year-old boy at Bramall Lane football ground in 1983
Sir Cliff
Attack ON POLICE WHEN star was cleared
AFTER claiming credit on Twitter for starting the police inquiry into Sir Cliff, Williams-Thomas did not appear to be anxious that publicity about the investigation might have irreparably damaged the reputation of an innocent and much-loved star.
In a further tweet, he noted the ‘incredible co-ordination btwn South Yorkshire press officer at scene and BBC so BBC chopper is in place to catch property removed’. It is not clear exactly what Williams-Thomas meant by this.
In other tweets that autumn, he was critical of the BBC filming the raid. Yet the story told by the first complainant against Sir Cliff, whose allegations had been given to Yewtree by Williams-Thomas, always seemed doubtful.
The man was claiming that Sir Cliff assaulted him in 1983 when he was 15 during a Billy Graham Christian rally in a room used to store goalposts at Bramall Lane, the Sheffield United Football Club ground.
In fact, it emerged when the claims were investigated that there was no Graham rally in Sheffield until 1985, and there was no room at Bramall Lane used to store goalposts. The man said the team’s colours were blue and white, which belong to Sheffield Wednesday, not Sheffield United, whose colours are red and white.
But Williams-Thomas continued to tweet about the case.

For example, at 5.16pm on February 25, 2015, he announced there was ‘some major news due to break shortly regarding the ongoing #CliffRichard child sex abuse investigation’.
This turned out to be the next day’s Daily Mirror – its front page headline proclaimed: ‘Sir Cliff facing new sex claims.’
On June 21, 2015, 11 months after the raid, Williams-Thomas tweeted that ‘contrary to media reports, I can categorically confirm South Yorks continues its multiple allegations investigation of Cliff Richard’.
On September 20, lest anyone think the police were easing off, he revealed: ‘Investigation into allegations against Cliff Richard is still very much alive & has grown in size over past months’.
A few weeks later, the new resources had, it seems, produced results. Williams-Thomas tweeted on November 5: ‘Breaking news – #CliffRichard has been re-interviewed under caution by South Yorkshire Police.’
On January 16, 2016, he added: ‘Cliff Richard investigation has developed new lines of inquiry – file expected to go to CPS within next 8 weeks.’
In fact, the police did not send a file to the CPS until May 10. Prosecutors took barely a month to decide Sir Cliff should not be charged.
The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 5737664-6350331-Sir_Cliff_Richard_with_friend_Gloria_Hunniford_at_The_Pride_of_B-a-9_1541291476998

Sir Cliff Richard with friend Gloria Hunniford at The Pride of Britain Awards last week. Williams-Thomas tweeted updates about the police investigation before any official decision to charge was announced 
Yet even then, Williams-Thomas kept the story alive by revealing to journalists in August that two of the complainants had appealed via their lawyers to have the CPS decision reversed – forcing Sir Cliff to endure a further agonising, two-month wait until the appeals were rejected.
The case was closed, and like a ship’s captain headed for the rocks, Williams-Thomas coolly changed course.
He tweeted on December 22, 2016: ‘The Cliff Richard raid by South Yorkshire Police was totally mishandled.’
After the High Court issued its damning judgement over the Corporation’s coverage of the raid in July this year, he added: ‘Sir Cliff Richard has won his privacy case against the BBC… The way in which the police and BBC behaved was shocking and he deserved to win.’
It is only fair to point out that in some cases publicised by Williams-Thomas, including Rolf Harris, alleged sex offenders have been convicted and jailed. But the MoS has learnt that lawyers representing one of them, the late publicist Max Clifford, will next month fight an appeal which may see his convictions overturned.
Williams-Thomas tweeted about his case many times. Among the issues the court will consider is whether allegations made by victims who came forward following publicity were unreliable.
Yesterday both the Met and South Yorkshire Police refused to answer questions from the MoS about the falsely-accused celebrities and their relationship with Williams-Thomas.
The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 5737662-6350331-Jim_Davidson_was_accused_of_sexually_assaulting_adult_women_and_-a-10_1541291476999

<img id="i-aa67c427b9ba8813" src="" height="474" width="634" alt="Jim Davidson was accused of sexually assaulting adult women and his name was tweeted by the TV 'detective' Williams- Thomas, but he was never charged or convicted " class="blkBorder img-share"/>

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Jim Davidson was accused of sexually assaulting adult women and his name was tweeted by the TV 'detective' Williams- Thomas, but he was never charged or convicted 
A Met spokesman said: ‘The information regarding these individuals was passed to the Met via a number of sources. The Met does not confirm or identify sources of information.’
He said the force only names those arrested ‘in exceptional circumstances’. South Yorkshire also said it ‘would neither confirm nor deny the sources of any information’.
Last week this newspaper put 18 detailed questions to Williams- Thomas, asking for his comments – including whether he regretted publicising the names of suspects who turned out to be innocent. He refused to answer any of them, claiming we had a ‘vendetta’ against him.
He said: ‘It is clear the focus of your “investigation” into me and of your proposed article is to get me to identify my many sources in relation to the cases that I have covered and investigated. 
Put simply, I will not reveal my contacts, or sources, or do anything that might lead to them being revealed. 
Your approach is disappointing and very concerning and looks focused on trying to silence people from making reports to the authorities.’
He also claimed our email to him was ‘littered with inaccuracy and incorrect information’. Asked repeatedly to say what this inaccuracy was, he refused.
Meanwhile, there are signs that the air may be starting to leak from the Williams-Thomas balloon.
Last night an ITV spokesman said the channel ‘is not currently working with Mark on a new series of either The Investigator or the This Morning Unsolved feature item’.
Yet still Williams-Thomas’s hunger to expose celebrity paedophiles shows no sign of abating. 
Only last week, he made fresh claims there are still high-profile paedophiles ‘out there’ who think they are ‘untouchable’ and have not been brought to justice: ‘There are two particular high-profile individuals that I know about who I’m convinced are sex offenders...’
Happily the law requires rather more evidence than the firm belief of Mark Williams-Thomas.

"WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER" - Rebekah Brooks to David Cameron

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The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Empty Re: The Mark Williams-Thomas thread

Post by willowthewisp on 05.11.18 15:13

Hi Sharon,So a question must be raised as to has No UK Police Force chose to invite Mr Mark Williams Thomas along to One of their Offices to investigate why,he has named these person's in News Paper articles,on alleged sexual Offences?

No mention of Max Clifford who was found guilty of Sex charges with young Girls

80% of his claims have now been against innocent person's,where the UK Police have taken No further action,Savile is dead,was he innocent aswell!
Yet "Nick" is charged with eleven Counts of Perverting a Course of Justice and One of Fraud,that the Metropolitan Police filled his forms in for him?

So why hasn't Mr Mark Williams Thomas been charged with Perverting a Course of Justice,a different rule applies to retired Coppers?

So either the UK Police have Not uncovered the evidence to the charges on sexual cases or there was No evidence to charge them!

Are the Metropolitan Police Service concluding that No Sexual misconduct was carried out in Elm Guest House/Operation Yewtree,very similar to the accusations at Haute De La Guranne,Jersey?

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The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Empty Re: The Mark Williams-Thomas thread

Post by Jill Havern on 28.12.18 20:36

Interesting snippet from Private Eye 1480, p.38 (courtesy of PeterMac):

The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Thumbn10
The Mark Williams-Thomas thread - Page 9 Pe-mwt10
Jill Havern
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