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Hobs:  Quote from kate mcCann, from the Jon Corner interview of August 2007. "There's not a textbook about it is there, "What to do when your daughter gets abducted'...?" Mm11

Hobs:  Quote from kate mcCann, from the Jon Corner interview of August 2007. "There's not a textbook about it is there, "What to do when your daughter gets abducted'...?" Regist10
The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann™
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Hobs:  Quote from kate mcCann, from the Jon Corner interview of August 2007. "There's not a textbook about it is there, "What to do when your daughter gets abducted'...?" Mm11

Hobs:  Quote from kate mcCann, from the Jon Corner interview of August 2007. "There's not a textbook about it is there, "What to do when your daughter gets abducted'...?" Regist10

Hobs: Quote from kate mcCann, from the Jon Corner interview of August 2007. "There's not a textbook about it is there, "What to do when your daughter gets abducted'...?"

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Hobs:  Quote from kate mcCann, from the Jon Corner interview of August 2007. "There's not a textbook about it is there, "What to do when your daughter gets abducted'...?" Empty Hobs: Quote from kate mcCann, from the Jon Corner interview of August 2007. "There's not a textbook about it is there, "What to do when your daughter gets abducted'...?"

Post by Verdi 10.06.19 1:22

Hobs:  Quote from kate mcCann, from the Jon Corner interview of August 2007. "There's not a textbook about it is there, "What to do when your daughter gets abducted'...?" Missin10

Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Quote from kate mcCann, from the Jon Corner interview of August 2007. "There's not a textbook about it is there, "What to do when your daughter gets abducted'...?"
There may not be a book with that title, there are however, decades of statements, reports, interviews and books written by the parents of missing loved ones that tell us exactly how innocent parents behave and speak when their child is abducted.

Innocent parents act in a specific and expected way.

Guilty parents act in a specific and expected way.

The two are mutually exclusive.

Look at all the faked abductions of children and they all read and sound the same way, Caylee Anthony, Ayla Reynolds, Lisa Irving, Haleigh Cummings, Kiesha Abraham, Zahra Baker, Hailey Dunn, DeOrr Kunz, Isabel Celie, JonBenet Ramsey and many others and they all read the same way.

Someone broke in and abducted their child or abducted their child whilst they were outside/in the campsite/with the nanny./they were carjacked etc.

In some cases the guilty parent was found guilty.
Others, we know they did it, they know we know they did it and yet no one has to date been arrested despite overwhelming evidence of said crime or overwhelming evidence of other crimes including child porn, bestiality and extreme porn, or they got a real dumb jury who were looking at money from book deals rather than justice for the child.
911 calls where the father giggles or the mom claims she was drunk (after prompting) or the grandmother says the car smells like a dead body was in it.

All refused to cooperate with LE, all lawyered up, most stayed silent.

One where the step mom (misty croslin) is doing 25 years for drug crimes since they have still been unable to locate the missing child's remains and she refuses to say what really happened that night.This is the expected behavior of the guilty.Then we have the innocent parents, Sara and Michael Payne, Paul and Coral Jones, the parents of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, John and Revé Walsh, Kerry Needham.

All cooperated with LE, none lawyered up, all physically searched, all called out to their missing child, all begged the abductor not to harm their child, to let their child go and leave them somewhere safe.

We have parents who decades down the line, knowing their child is dead, still call out to the killer to tell them where their child is buried, who would still physically search for their child hoping against hope for a clue or a response.
Hoping that the abductor or someone who knows what happened , where they are or who currently has them will tell them where their child is (especially if it is a non custodial parent) offering rewards, promising not to press charges, who will make appeals to their child reassuring them that they are still looking for them, they they love them very much, and being seen to look, getting out there physically searching, handing out flyers talking to lcoals, drivers anyone and everyone.

This is the expected behavior of the innocent.

There may not be an actual book called the A-Z of how to deal with your child being abducted.

There are decades of police interviews, public appeals, statements from the guilty and the innocent from the moment the child went missing, the 911 calls, court cases, biographies, university courses, media stories, movies, documentaries and  first before all,

Parental instinct.The drive that kicks in from the moment of birth although present to a lesser degree during pregnancy.
The drive, the need to protect their child from harm, strongest of which is maternal instinct.

Instinct that would cause a mother to run into the flames to rescue her child.
Instinct that would cause a mother to sacrifice herself to save her child.
Instinct that is seen in the mothers of all species.

Instinct that would cause the parents to search until they drop, not eating, bathing, sleeping or taking time to change their clothes.

Instinct needing sedation to give their bodies a chance to rest before they start again.
The drive, the compelling need to find their child before all else.

Not caring about coordinating clothing or jewelry.
Having makeovers.
Staying inside because it was dark or cold or raining.
Not blogging about minutiae.
Not reading out scripted appeals from bits of paper whilst wiping away non existent tears.
Not caring about showing no emotion because the abductor might get their jollies.
Personal welfare, even personal safety goes out the window until the parent and missing child are reunited.We can see the priorities of the guilty parents and we can see the priorities of the innocent parents be it in interviews or in books they write.

The guilty parent it is all about me, me, me with a passing mention of their missing child.
The guilty having the need to persuade the world they didn't do it and failing to mention their missing child.
The guilty needing to convince the world they are great or even wonderful parents and failing to mention their missing child.
The parents accepting no guilt or responsibility for what happened to their child.
In some cases guilty parents blaming another child when the missing child is found dead and claiming they lied to protect the (innocent) child

Kate mccann writing a book about her missing daughter and even on the cover capitalizing her own name and have Madeleine in all lower case showing her priority even before opening the book.

The innocent it is all about their child, their likes and dislikes, their character, who they are, a living breathing child.
It is about the search what they are doing or did, calling out to their child if there is no resolution with only a passing mention as to how the parents felt, what they wore or who they spoke to on their various trips.
The innocent parents claim blame and guilt even though they are innocent.
What if they had done this instead of that?
What if they had said this instead of that?
Non existent guilt or blame often going back years, if they hadn't moved, if they hadn't gotten that school, if they hadn't had that party, if they hadn't got that swing, if they hadn't gone to that park, if they hadn't given them that bedroom, if they hadn't gone to that store, if it had been a different day, hour minute, second.
All the what if's even though it had no bearing.

We see innocent parents divorcing because each blames the other or themselves.
The strain taking its toll when their child remain missing or is found dead.
We see any siblings feeling guilt and stress because their parents split up and wondering if it was something they said or did when there is no guilt to be placed.

We see guilty parents staying together, often claiming to have a stronger relationship.
It is not a stronger relationship keeping them together, it is guilt.
If they split up then one will use the guilty secret to get at the other especially if custody of children is involved, sometimes to the degree of if i can't have them no one can and murder or murder-suicide results.
The stress involved of keeping such a guilty secret can and will impact the remaining family if there is one.
More so if there are other children who suspect or know the truth but are too scared to say anything, especially of the parents have threatened them with the same thing happening to them as happened to their sibling.
Other children staying silent because of fear of breaking up the family and the subsequent guilt even when they did the right thing and no guilt is to be placed on them.

We see guilty parents praising LE, searchers even whilst their child has not been found.
Praising them for not finding their child rather than exhorting them to do more, to search harder.

We hear stories of how great their child is, how advanced and clever they are, being able to do things like make their own breakfast at a very young age (parentification)
The child knowing they won't be fed by their parents soon learns how to get their own food, older ones helping their younger siblings whilst their parents are often out of it due to substance abuse or just couldn't give a damn.

We hear parents claiming their child's favorite book, TV show or movie is one that is age inappropriate, one that is perhaps too advanced or scary for the age of the missing child

We hear guilty parents telling the world what great parents they are, accepting no responsibility for anything that would paint them in a bad light, praising themselves when the world knows otherwise.
Needing to convince us of their parental abilities makes their parental skill sensitive to them, likely having been called out on it previously.

We hear how well behaved and quiet the child is, not telling us that the child knows not to make a sound or cry because they get ignored and get no response or reaction or, if they disturb the parents it results in punishment.
We hear how well the child gets on with strangers, they will talk to them, hug them rather than the child having natural stranger danger, the child needs human interaction and comfort and will seek it out.

We instead hear how the parents are feeling, how it is affecting them, their emotions yet little to nothing about the missing child and what they could be feeling or suffering.

The parent rarely uses their name, often needing prompting to do so.

It is all about the parents and not the child.

We see innocent parents almost camping outside police stations demanding information, providing information, the smallest recollection of a word said, a place visited, a wish, a dream anything the missing child said or did that could help find them.
We see parents describing their child to the world, likes and dislikes, their character as well as appearance to help identify them, to humanize them, to make the abductor see them as a harmless child who needs to be loved and cared for and not harmed and returned to their parents.
We hear parents calling out to their child at every opportunity, reassuring them, telling them they are loved and to be brave.
We hear them telling their child they are being looked for and what to do if they get away or are released.
We hear the parents worried about what their child is feeling.
Are they cold?
Are they scared?
Do they have their favorite toy?
Do they have their medication?
Are they eating?

Their sole concern is what is their child feeling, their welfare both physical and emotional.

We hear the parent call their child by name often.

It is all about the child not the parents.

There is no book on what to do if your child gets abducted.
There are dozens, hundreds, thousands of pages and miles of film or gigabytes of data containing the
personal stories of the searches, the results both good, bad or still unsolved, the court cases, happy endings sad endings.

Children abducted by their non custodial parent and taken to another country, perhaps not to be seen again for years or even decades.

Use your eyes to see their behavior.
Use your ears to listen to their words.
Ask yourself what you would do in that situation if you were innocent and your child went missing.

See where the priorities of the parents of a missing child lies

Compare that to what you are seeing and hearing  from those parents and see the truth.

The guilty parents words will always betray them, a single word can be all it takes.

The innocent parents words will always reveal the truth.

Justin dipietro - Ayla Reynolds claimed abduction from bedroom, her remains are still missing and officially declared dead by court.
Large amount of blood found in basement.
Failed polygraphs
Ayla insured by her father for tens of thousands of dollars, he announces to her mom Trista that he is scared something will happen to her which, conveniently happened.
None of his other children were insured.
Made physical  threats to people who doubted his version of events
Lance dipietro Elisa dipietro, courtney reynolds (Justin’s girlfriend) phoebe dipietro  also suspected in the subsequent disappearance clean up and cover up.
Justin and lance are involved in drug dealing and courtney's sister briana roberts went down for intent to distribute the super-addictive painkiller oxycodone.
Prime suspect remains free as of this moment.

Misty croslin (married ron) and ronald cummings - Haleigh Cummings claimed abduction from home, her remains are still missing.
Misty sentenced on eight counts of illegally selling prescription pain pills, including three cases in which the amounts sold carried a minimum penalty of 25 years.
Ron serving 15 years and fined $250,000 for taking part in a string of drug deals selling prescription pills.Hank “tommy” croslin jr. (Misty's brother)became the second person to get a 15-year sentence for trafficking in prescription drugs.
Most of the family seem to be serving time for drugs. No one has come forward to say what happened to Haleigh or where she is in order to get a lighter sentence or immunity

Shawn adkins and billie jean dunn - Hailey Dunn claimed abduction from nearby street,her remains were found 2 years later close to prime suspects house. Despite 140,000 indecent images including bestiality and child porn and drugs, including billie being arrested for drugs.
Billie claimed to have separated from shawn whilst still being in a relationship with him several times.
Both failed polygraphs
Both remain free as of this moment

Deborah bradley and jeremy irwin -  Lisa Irwin claimed abduction from bedroom, her remains are still missing, mom was about to confess when hotshot lawyer from NY shut her down in order to get publicity for himself.
Currently married to a USAF airman she is living with jeremy and his two sons
Deborah claims she was black out drunk  after drinking a box of wine (after prompting from lawyer)
Refused to search the back yard because she was scared of what she might find.
Jeremy was at work that night.
She refused to initially allow their bedroom to be searched but allowed everywhere else. Cadaver dogs reacted in their bedroom.
Refused to be interviewed by police separately.
Failed polygraph
She remains free as of this moment.

Vernal deorr and Jessica mitchell kunz - DeOrr Kunz Jr.claimed abduction from campsite his remains are still missing.
Prime suspects remains free as of this moment.

Sergio celis - Isabel Celis claimed abduction from bedroom her,remains were found almost 5 years later "not by happenstance"
Father initially banned from contact with his sons by CPS, then allowed contact again after 2 weeks.
Failed polygraph.
Giggles during his 911 call
Did not call out to his daughter instead promoting himself as an actor and singer (serious overacting and diva lie)
Prime suspect remains free as of this moment.

Lena lunsford - Aliayah Lunsford  claimed abduction from bedroom, Her remains are still missing presumed dead. Mom Currently awaiting trial.  Lunsford is charged with murder of a child by a parent, guardian, or custodian, or other person, by refusal or failure to provide necessities; one count of death of a child by parent, guardian, or custodian, or other person, by child abuse; one count of child abuse resulting in injury; and one count of concealment of a deceased human body.

Mark redwine - Dylan Redwine claimed abduction from home/outside.His partial remains were found 7 months later nearby.
Dylan was staying with him for thanksgiving but mark claimed when he woke up in the am Dylan did not respond and was still sleeping.
When he got back home later, Dylan was missing and mark claimed he assumed he had gone to stay with friends.Acrimonious divorce domestic violence claims.
Failed polygraphs/refused to take them/under the influence of substances
Father currently awaiting trial for charges of second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death
Sons found compromising photos of dad in a diaper wearing women's clothes and make up and eating faeces from said diaper (coprohagia) and could be motive.
Several times the father said the mom killed Dylan and was generally verbally abusive and controlling towards her

Kristi abrahams and robert smith - Kiesha Abrahams.claimed abduction from home Charged with murder currently serving a minimum of 16 years and maximum term of 22 and a half years for murdering the "vulnerable and defenseless" little girl and for interfering with her body afterwards.
Smith was jailed for at least 12 years for Kiesha's manslaughter and for being an accessory to murder.
They were caught when they hired a taxi at night to take them to where they had dumped her remains to celebrate her birthday

John and patsy ramsey -JonBenet Ramsey. Initially claimed abduction after finding 3 page ransom note on the stairs. JonBenet's body was found in the house in a hard to find room. Note written in patsy's hand and using her language.
Lawyered up and threatened to sue anyone who disagreed with their version of events.
Patsy died of cancer, john remarried a Las Vegas costume designer for showgirls.
Programme was made alleging her brother had killed her. He is suing said company. He was 9 at the time of the murder and apparently liked to play with his own faeces.
Prime suspect remains free as of this moment.

Casey anthony - Caylee Anthony. Initially claimed abduction by nanny Her remains were found close to prime suspects home. Casey was cleared of murder and other charges relating to Caylee's murder, found guilty of lying to LE. Currently free as of this moment after serving her sentence.
Her mom cindy complicit in the subsequent cover up to the extent of leaking where Caylee's remains were when she said "it was not like she was in the woods or anything"and committing perjury in court.

Elisa (step mother) and Adam Baker- Zahra Baker. Initially claimed abduction from bedroom. First 911 call at 05:30am  was to report back of his house on fire, gasoline and a ransom note. 2nd 911 call was at 2pm to report Zahra missing.She was a cancer survivor and had a prosthetic leg. Adam Baker explained that during a fire in their backyard a $1 million ransom note was found on his company truck the night before, addressed to Adam's boss and landlord, Mark Coffey. Adam explained that they called 911 earlier that day about the fire and implied that whoever started the fire, may have done so in order to distract the family, in order to take Zahra. Adam explained the purported kidnapper mistakenly confused Zahra for Mr. Coffey's daughter. Mark Coffey's daughter was unharmed and with her family, Adam stated. Adam said the last time he saw his daughter was at 2:30 am. Apparently, Adam Baker left for work early in the morning and did not return until after Zahra went to sleep.
Zahra attended public school until she started being home schooled. It is not known, though, if she was ever actually home schooled. It is suspected Zahra was taken out of public school because reports of child abuse were made to the school, implicating Elisa.
Failed polygraphs
Her prosthetic leg was found  a couple months later.  her skull found 2 years later.Elisa failed a polygraph and was charged with 2nd degree murder and got 18 years plus a further 10 relating to drugs charge.
Adam received a suspended sentence for non related misdemeanor crimes and was deported back to Australia with his daughters remains as he had entered the country illegally.

Kate and gerry mccann -Madeleine McCann. Claimed abduction from bedroom shared with her twin siblings.Her remains are still missing.
Initially claimed regular 30 mins checks and that the shutters had been jemmied open, windows were open and doors hanging off (from immediate family statements)
Later changed to window being open and shutter up, later changed to the patio door being left unlocked.
Cadaver dogs reacted in the apartment behind the sofa, parents wardrobe, cuddle cat, red childs t shirt and kate's black and white checked pants and also in the hire car. Body fluids found in apartment and car and testing revealed 15/19 markers matched Maddie with 4 too damaged to  be identified (at the time)
Parents claim no evidence of serious harm, no evidence of serious physical harm.
Immediately lawyered up, refused to answer over 48 questions (kate) refused to take part in reconstructions and, on arriving back in the UK hired extradition lawyers.
Hired a PR spokesman, started a fund and used it to fund their lifestyle and sue anyone who disagreed with the abduction theory.
Offered to take a polygraph and then when taken up on offer refused with their PR spokesman saying they didn't need to take a polygraph as they were telling the truth
They lost all suits against Dr Goncalo Amaral plus sundry other defendants and are now liable for all their legals fees plus the legal fees of the defendants which could amount to £100,000's.
Both suspects remain free as of this moment.

In each case all the parents acted the same way, concern about themselves, lawyering up, refusing to cooperate, threats both physical and financial, no calling out to their missing child.
Some were charged and found appropriately guilty.One was charged and found not guilty despite the overwhelming evidence by a jury intent on making money from their service and decision rather than getting justice for the dead child, even to admitting they knew she did it but the prosecution didn't prove it means she got away with murder.
Some are awaiting trial either jury seating or grand jury, and sadly, some are running around scot free despite the overwhelming physical and/or circumstantial evidence.
In some cases the claims, the language, the behavior is almost word for word a copy.

A text book on how to fake an abduction.
Decades of reports, statements, interviews, confessions, books and studies on guilty persons, their language and behavior.
All follow the same pattern.
Some get their inspirations and ideas on how to commit a crime from watching a TV show or reading true crime books and true crime programmes.
Others get the inspiration on how to fake an abduction and what to say and do after their child is killed either deliberately or accidentally from TV shows, true crime books and programmes, or in the odd rare case, faking an abduction in order to gain money, goods and services, fame, sympathy or attention,
To the extent that in some cases, we can predict what the guilty person will say or do next, where the next 'sighting' will be, when the next appeal will be even to predicting the next suspect and their appearance.
A tragic game but one that shows the expected behavior of the guilty.
A straight path with the odd little side path for sightings,interviews etc that comes back round to the main path that leads to guilt

Kate and gerry mccann, your own words and behavior betray you.
Your own lies reveal the truth of what happened.

Shawn, billie jean, deborah jeremy, sergio ,john, justin, elisha, courtney, phoebe,vernal, jessica and all the others, sadly too many to mention

Your own words and behavior betray you.
Your own lies reveal the truth of what happened.
Justice will come for the missing and dead.
It may take time.
Faster and bigger advances in technology.
Guilty consciences.
Strained and damaged relationships and marriages.
Broken and fading friendships
All held together by the guilty secret
Not the elephant in the room that you are trying to ignore, it's the elephant on your shoulders weighing you down.
It's that voice inside your head wondering if the person next to you is an undercover detective?
Wondering if your best friend yesterday is your worst enemy today.?
Wondering if your partner has had enough and wants a divorce?
If your other children have been reading up on the internet all the stuff you didn't tell them?
Wondering if your children have spoken to their friends or worse their teachers?
Wondering if maybe you forgot something incriminating?
Wondering if you said the wrong word or changed something?
Wondering if your phones and internet are tapped?
Wondering if today is the day every time the door knocks or the phone rings?
Wondering what is inside that official looking letter?
Wondering how much the next lawyers bill will be?
Wondering what they are saying about you at work?
Wondering what your remaining friends are saying about you?
Wondering if to let your children have sleepovers?
Wondering what the next media story will be?
Internally quaking every time you see a police officer or police car.
Brick by brick, building a prison cell for yourself in your mind, second by second, minute by minute hour by hour, day by day.
Suspicious of everyone.

All eating away at the guilty mind, one second at a time, inexorably onward until justice is done.
Eventually something will give, your brain will snap.

Better to confess now, to speak the truth and feel the relief as your secret is out in the open.
Yes their will be consequences but they are physical and you can begin the path to mental recovery and there will be an end in sight.
People can and do forgive the guilty if the repentance is truly heartfelt and amends will be made.
If the circumstances are right, courts can and do forgive and treatment given if needed.

Until you take that first step though, there is no escape, there is perpetual fear, stress taking its toll on your body, eating away at you perhaps causing you to abuse substances to ease it, maybe losing your job because of suspicions or poor work standards, maybe even your children, forever under the spotlight and microscope of public and police scrutiny.
We are watching
We are listening
We are researching
We are talking
We are searching
We are everywhere

A crime once done cannot be undone
Words once said cannot be unsaid.

Posted by Tania Cadogan at 1/23/2018 08:05:00 AM

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