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Jane Tanner: Who wrote your script?

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Jane Tanner: Who wrote your script?

Post by Jill Havern on 22.08.18 20:16

Jane Tanner: Who wrote your script?


By Dr Martin Roberts
07 February 2010


Okay, so 'everyone is acting, some in big ways.' (Gerry McCann on ITV, 25 May, 2007).

Jane Tanner is undeniably a member of the cast, as is crystal clear from what follows. The question is, who wrote the script? What you are about to read is not the result of a 'cut and paste error' but the literal flow of Jane Tanner's verbal responses during her Rogatory Interview with Leicestershire Police.

JT: Madeleine, if she's dead or alive, whatever, you know... maybe it is too late to find her but there's somebody out there that's done this and it's not Kate and Gerry; it's not us, you know... they can do it again and that is the... you know, they're laughing their socks off; they've just got away with this scot free and, you know... and I think it's... the thing is, they are there, then it's not us and that person is out there and, you know, could do it again and, as I say, it might be... we obviously hope not, but it could be too late for Madeleine; but a lot of other kids out there that might not be too late for, and it's just... and to sit and see, and I know... I can quite understand why that time and effort has to be put into looking down that route and... but, you know, I can't say any more but it's not... well, it's not us; it's not Kate and Gerry and it's something happened which to Madeleine that night and none of us are involved and, you know, I just don't know what else we can do to make them believe us and I think that's the... you know, and I think that's the... you know, I think that, and I don't think there is anything else we could do to believe us but, you know, we're not (inaudible), we were normal people that made a really stupid decision because we were lulled into a false sense of security from previous holidays where baby listening was offered, so I don't know."

4078: "But you have a sinking feeling inside that it was?"

JT: "Yeah, and I... yeah, and I just think, you know, they just... and, you know, at the end of the day, this person is still out there. Somebody did this and it wasn't Kate and Gerry and it wasn't any of us, you know, and it just... that is the worse thing, that person is out there; could do it again. He's absolutely, you know... they must be laughing their socks off... well... not, you know, they, so I think that's, you know... that's all we can... and I think it's just that frustration and, as I say, I mean, I can't make them believe us, and they might still not believe us, but, you know, like I say... so I'm just begging, really, that they believe us, I think it's a..."

Jane, poor tortured soul, 'can't say any more.' (For 'can't' read 'won't').

Source: mccannfiles
Good quality wristbands: Were the windows jemmied or not?
Reference: Jane Tanner rogatory interview

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Jill Havern

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Re: Jane Tanner: Who wrote your script?

Post by Tony Bennett on 24.08.18 8:48

This article a long time ago by Dr Martin Roberts makes the clear allegation that Jane Tanner was working to a 'script'.

This, in turn, reminds us that her 'script' i.e. her description of a bogus abductor - matches in almost every detail the description of an abductor given by Nuno Lourenco to the PJ on the early morning of Saturday 5 May. And as we now know, that desciption, in turn, was based on Wojchiech Krokowski, a Polish holidaymaker, that week.

We also know that Lourenco's claim that his daughter was nearly kidnapped by Krokowski at Sagres was a tissue of lies from start to finish.

Those facts alone are sufficiet on which to base a hypothesis that someone, or some people, gave a SCRIPT to both Jane Tanner and Nuno Lourenco well BEFORE Thursday 3 May.

In other words, it is yet one more piece of evidence, along with so many others, that something serious happened to Madeleine well BEFORE Thursday 3 May.

A further fact that we have is that hairs of the same haplotype as those of Robert Murat and Jane Tanner were found in the very flat where Krokowski and his wife stayed that week.

That doesn't prove absolutely these hairs belonged to these two. But they are far more likely to belong to these two than to anyone else.

From this analysis, the following three propositions can be made:

1. Something serious happened to Madeleine earlier in the week, and

2. There was a planning meeting earlier that week to discuss and finalise scripts for the evening of Thursday 3 May.

3. We can go further and suggest that this planning meeting may have taken place in Krokowski's flat, and was possibly attended by:

Wojchiech Krokowski
Jane Tanner
Robert Murat
Nuno Lourenco, and by
the person, or persons, who were directing the script and were also planning the elaborate set of performances which took place on the evening of Thursday 3 May.

Or what the report of Inspector Tavares Dr Almeida described as 'a staged abduction'.


Kate McCann, in her book 'madeleine', page 5: "Since 3 May 2007, there has undoubtedly been much going on behind the scenes we haven't known about and perhaps never will".  Goncalo Amaral: "We will know the truth about what happened to Madeleine when the MI5 files on her case are made public".   

Tony Bennett

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Re: Jane Tanner: Who wrote your script?

Post by kaz on 24.08.18 12:00

I suppose a good question might be: WHY was Jane Tanner the one chosen to deliver this script? She certainly isn't articulate in the slightest. Surely one of the others could have made a better job and the acting vacancy would have been open to ALL  of them  ? So, WHY Jane Tanner?


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Re: Jane Tanner: Who wrote your script?

Post by willowthewisp on 24.08.18 12:31

Hi Mr Tony Bennett,Jill Havern.  So would it be safe to conclude,that if you rule out Kate,Gerry,Tapas 7/9 from any involvement to remove Madeleine McCann from the abduction,disappearance 3 May 2007?

Who did it Aliens?

If as you state,something happened to Madeleine between Sunday 29th April and 3 May 2007,reported disappearance,Abduction,who was involved from the UK Government during this time period?
Control Risk Group,Mi5/6,Bell-Pottinger?
Clarence Mitchell?
The "Patsy"?

If as Jane Tanner has stated in her Leicestershire statement,"it was None of the Tapas Group,Kate,Gerry?

Then who composed the timelines from the Madeleine McCann scrap book,is Jane stating this was a "thesis" wrote down by Russell O'Brien,her partner,Not involved?

None of the Tapas Group,Kate,Gerry, have tried to "Hoodwink" the public,Portugal PJ,that Madeleine was alive and well up to the disappearance dated as above?

Not taking anything as gospel,Truth?

When Robert Murat questioned second time makes a statement,"He(RM) is just an ordinary guy involved in one of the biggest fuck ups on the planet", it seems pretty clear,there has been an orchestrated move to deceive as to what actually happened?

Sandra Felgurieas,to Gerry, "Did You know Robert Murat before Madeleine disappeared, Gerry,cough,i'm not going to comment,turns,walks away",Clarence Mitchell in tow?

I would opt for the Jez Wilkens pram scenario meeting Gerry outside 21.05pm,being the Fuck up?

If, the"Masterplan" was scripted for 21.00 hrs and was foiled by Jez wilkens,then had to,"Take Two",the script moves forward(DCI Andy Redwood Moment) to 22.00 time of abduction,the "Smith sighting" of a person carrying a child,there are at least Three Adult Tapas not at the tables eating their Meals and one sick child accounted for during this hour,David Payne,Diane,W, never moved until Kate raised the alarm?

Perhaps that is the reason why"Operation Grange"cannot go forwards or backwards from this revolving hour,but could move the "Rolling clock forward to incorporate the abductor set for 21.05 onward's to 22.00 hrs,Smith sighting?

"Take Two, 22.00pm", may have had to have been gone for,if the"Hoax Scenario" had actually been seen by the Smith family,(Person carrying child knew he had been seen)!

The,"Mainpoint" being this is a simulated Abduction plan,with all main players seated at the table,aka the Non reconstruction blows their thesis apart!

PS,If you rule out Mr Martin Grime and his crime dogs,Eddie,Keela and the contaminated Birningham,FSS results,viola,you have No evidence,but then, the dogs didn't pick up cadaver scents from clothing or keys did they!

I'll get my coat!

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Re: Jane Tanner: Who wrote your script?

Post by skyrocket on 24.08.18 14:29

Yes, Willow I agree – I believe that the abduction hoax was initiated before 10pm. There are enough witnesses to suggest that there was no one left at the table at that time. IMO, the group ended up with 2 scenarios running concurrently, for whatever reason.
As for Jane Tanner’s script – I agree with Tony in that it came from the same writer/s that all the others did. Each of the main supporting players had their parts (and that goes beyond the T9):
David – 6 -7pm visit and last ‘independent’ sighting of MBM
Matt - last independent check of the McCann children (I don’t believe that he stuck to script)
Jane – Tannerman sighting
Rachael – implicated Robert Murat
Fiona – implicated Robert Murat
Russell – implicated Robert Murat (but back-tracked later); states that he produced the 6/4” photos for the PJ; wrote the 2 hand written timelines
IIRC, all the girls also brought up the crying episode when questioned.
It’s a high-risk strategy involving so many people - ad-libbing; forgetting lines; changing lines. A real-life nightmare, and I would have thought a lifelong cause of stress for each and every one of them. I would be having endless sleepless nights, unless I knew I was safe whatever.
Consider for example:
David ‘s inability to recall that Kate was dressed only in a towel;
Matt’s description of looking along the row of books in a non-existent bookcase (there was one in 5H), and, the rest of his fanciful description of his room check of 5A;
Jane expecting anyone to believe that she walked within 1 metre of both GM and JW and that neither of them saw her or that she wouldn’t have acknowledged them;
Rachael, Fiona and Russell all apparently being told by Jane (before the PJ arrived) that she had seen someone carrying a child around 9.15pm and that none of the four of them felt able to run straight to the McCanns to inform them, or failing that, to the MarkWarner staff organizing the searches so at the very least a car could be sent immediately in the direction of the Millenium.
Here’s a snippet from Russell’s Rogatory regarding the typed timeline, which raises some questions:
1578    “Okay”.
 Reply    “And the rest of it’s, you know, in shorthand but accurate.  Yeah, I’ll go just down to there because it changes there.  Erm, just to clarify that you made the timeline, I’ve written it, it’s fine, all of that, I think that’s fine, the times are quite vague and I’m not sure really but they’ll do. I don’t know why it says ‘Control Risk’ in'”

1578    “That’s the company”.
 Reply    “Yeah”.

1578    “I think that submitted, is this the company investigating on behalf of Gerry and Kate'”
 Reply    “Yeah, yeah, but the time, the timeline was done by us and us alone, the one that you got out yesterday”.

1578    “Okay.  So ‘Control Risk’ needs to come out'”
 Reply    “Yeah, so I don’t know whether we gave, we probably gave them a copy as well, although I don’t remember specifically, but, you know, Gerry, Gerry had a copy of the file just as, as we did, but Control Risk, I don’t think were even, were even there at that point”.

1578    “Okay”.
 Reply    “Erm, and so that was a timeline that was made purely by the nine of us, erm, and, yeah, so Control Risk, certainly Control Risk had no part of it.  Erm, it says it ‘Was written the first weekend after Madeleine’s disappearance’, ‘After the first weekend’, so I don’t think we did it on the Saturday or the Sunday………”.

Note how DC Gierc 1578 appears to nearly stumble as well.

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Re: Jane Tanner: Who wrote your script?

Post by Verdi on 25.08.18 1:22

@Tony Bennett wrote:This article a long time ago by Dr Martin Roberts makes the clear allegation that Jane Tanner was working to a 'script'.

If the groups act (i.e. the witness statements) was scripted, they made a complete hash of it didn't they?

I don't doubt Jane Tanner's description of the potential abductor was, not scripted but developed to fit a particular identity - primarily centered around the child and the pyjamas worn, to vaguely match those said to have been worn by Madeleine when she disappeared - unwise to be too precise.

The Tapas group in it's entirety were aware of Jane Tanner's alleged sighting when the timeline was scribbled on Madeleine's colouring book, on the night of 3rd/4th May 2007 - I include both the McCanns in the Tapas group at this point in time.  How do I know this?  Because the sighting  is included in the timeline.

At the instigation of David Payne, allegedly, a typewritten version of the timeline was reproduced in much greater detail the following week and submitted to the PJ and most likely whoever else team McCann thought appropriate - on Thursday 10th May if I remember rightly.

I don't believe anyone scripted the Tapas groups 'version of events' nor their witness statements - even less likely the rogatory interviews.  Far too amateurish for a professional scriptwriter.  If, that's a very big if, a representative of the establishment was flown in to steer the catastrophe anytime prior to Kate McCann's 22:00H alarm on the night of 3rd May 2007, the simplest option would have been to just move on as if nothing had happened.  For example the McCanns to swiftly leave Praia da Luz for personal reasons, no questions need be asked.  Certainly not to create a major hullabaloo by drawing attention to the mysterious circumstances of a missing three year old child.  That's what high profile PR pundits are all about - smothering the truth not drawing attention to the lies and deceit.

Instead we have page upon page of jumbled contradictory ramblings and a whole load of media nonsense to contend with.  That is not a professional approach to controlling a travesty.  This all leads to one conclusion only - a fatal tragedy occurred involving little Madeleine McCann sometime between 28th April and 3rd May 2007, the parents and their friends were complicit in some way shape or form, they made a total pig's ear of the whole affair with their garbled nonsense and the establishment have been trying ever since to clean-up their mess.  With some very embarrassing results I might add.

The McCanns and their friends created the situation all by themselves.  You can't erase what's already been documented.


The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made" - Groucho Marx

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Re: Jane Tanner: Who wrote your script?

Post by willowthewisp on 25.08.18 15:09

Hi Verdi,your post comments i agree with totally.

But the "Million dollar question remains unanswered,Why did the Government and all it's Police forces Agencies used collude to cover up what has happened to Madeleine McCann?

The only other amount of a cover up of the same magnitude is Child abuse within the "Care Home" system?
This abuse has been covered up for decades,this is also thought to lead to the "Paedophile ring" that only exists in the minds of the abused children and "Conspiracy theorists"?
This type of abuse has never been directed to any Minors or carried out by "Upper class,Echelons from Society,No MP's or Lords would counter act this type of action to any children,even though MP,Chief Whip,Tim Fortescue from the Conservative Party openly stated on video in an interview(Brownie Points)?
He must have been misquoted in any transaction?

MP's Cyril Smith,Lord Janner have never abused their positions as MP's whilst serving in Parliament or the House of Common's,it's a figment of imagination of young teenage minds,dispicable,discerning  behaviour to allude to finely honoured Gentle Men were trying to send them down the right path in life?

They have never visited Elm Guest House in any capacity,except out of their work place commitments and never ever been associated to the Monday Club,special deals?

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Re: Jane Tanner: Who wrote your script?

Post by Verdi on 25.08.18 15:56

Ask the Pope angel willow !

I hope he's giving out free souvenirs whilst on his tour in Ireland - good quality wristbands and assorted accesories..

It's the only plausible explanmation for a mass cover-up of these proportions - it would also explain why Madeleine McCann, in body or remains, must never be located.

The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made" - Groucho Marx

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