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"Unreliable" dogs do it AGAIN! Double murder couple found guilty.

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Re: "Unreliable" dogs do it AGAIN! Double murder couple found guilty.

Post by Gaggzy on 28.07.14 17:52

PeterMac wrote:
tasprin wrote:The dogs are reliable after all.
The parcel was found to be harmless
. . . acording to the dog, so the officers moved in and there was a gigantic explosion during which the centre of Birmingham was obliterated . . .

Oh, sorry.  Didn't that happen ?
Surely the Police and Fire officers didn't actually BELIEVE the dogs . . .

That would be LUDICROUS
Wouldn't it Gerry, St Katherine, Guru Mitchell, and all the rest of the other three people who don;t believe in dogs.

The McCann Creed.

I DON"T believe in dogs.
Who were bred and trained specifically for this purpose.
In their ability to find things
In their ability to tell the truth at all times.

I believe they are lying little hypocrites, who will do anything for a bite of sausage
I believe dogs are part of the Communion of Satan
I believe dogs do not work to root out Sin
I believe dogs are not able to detect Un-resurrected Bodies
And I believe dogs cannot send people to prison, everlasting.

And here's a biscuit and a little drink !

Yes, those dogs are just 'so unreliable.'

The police should have brought a tom cat in instead. It wouldn't have alerted to cadaver odour, but it would have pi55ed in every corner of apartment 5A for them.


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Re: "Unreliable" dogs do it AGAIN! Double murder couple found guilty.

Post by AndyB on 29.07.14 22:03

Another lucky guess by the notoriously unreliable cadaver dogs. This time under water.

Below is a Google translation of this page:
Search Dogs Signi Foundation have put an end to the nagging uncertainty in which the wife and children of Robert Leur (47) from Gelderland Brakel be for 26 years. The "detectives" were able to locate the Waal. The car and the body of the man Last week they solved in a canal in Almere even a disappearance case.

For the wife and children of Robert Leur came the news of their husband and father disappeared since 1988 as a complete surprise, says Esther Neerbos of Signi Search Dogs. "We had our search kept quiet because we wanted to give false hope if they have remained without result. The relatives were very pleased that an end has come to the uncertainty. 'After 26 years

The police this afternoon deposit the silver gray Fiat Argentina which Leur disappeared in 1988. The vehicle was near the Brakelse spring sidewalk in the Waal. Search Dogs Signi foundation were struck in recent days on the affected area. Sonar equipment then confirmed that there was something.

Contours roof
From Neerbos: "The car was almost nothing left. The first divers went down, doubted whether it was the car of Robert Leur. Only the contours of the roof strike above the sand at the bottom of this. Moreover, the metal had a very light color. In retrospect sense because the car is 26 years sandblasted by strong currents on the Waal-bottom. "

Gave a second dip in its confirmation that it was originally silver gray Fiat Argentina van Leur. "The angular contours of the roof already pointed in that direction. After the license plate was dug, we knew for sure. "

Robert Leur disappeared on March 2, 1988. He left his home in nervous state, as mentioned the investigative report from the police. The disappearance case intrigued the Signi Search Dogs Foundation, says Esther Neerbos. "We love old disappearances anyway eye but this case is not well studied in the absence of equipment to track cars."

The foundation was waiting in its search for the ideal conditions. This summer was the day. "There was less flow in the river Waal and therefore a greater chance of success."

Fellow pastors and Finder
It is the second success in a week's time for Signi Search Dogs. These localized on Sunday, July 20th in a canal in Almere car of missing since late November Henry de Vries (46) from Harderwijk . "Pure coincidence," says Van Neerbos. "Sometimes we look for years in a case without finding anything. But solving two disappearances in a short time it gives a lot of satisfaction. "

Both successes stand in its name of the Malinois Fellow (3) and Finder (9) says Van Neerbos dog companion. "We have dogs but they are our best team. Why? They both have guts and are very careful in their work. "


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Re: "Unreliable" dogs do it AGAIN! Double murder couple found guilty.

Post by Justformaddie on 30.07.14 11:37

Go doggies!

Parents=protection high5 

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Re: "Unreliable" dogs do it AGAIN! Double murder couple found guilty.

Post by tasprin on 30.07.14 15:46
Experts: Cadaver dogs 95 percent accurate, can smell remains 15 feet underground
July 29, 2014
John O'Brien
MEXICO, N.Y. -- A well-trained cadaver dog almost never gets it wrong, according to experts. If the dog has the proper training in picking up the full range of scents of human decomposition, his accuracy rate is about 95 percent, said Sharon Ward, a cadaver dog trainer in Portland, Ore. "So if a dog says it's there, there's a darn good chance it is," she said tonight. "They're pretty darn accurate." A New York State Police cadaver dog alerted twice in the same area Monday outside a cabin in Mexico where Oswego County sheriff's investigators are looking for the remains of 1994 kidnap victim Heidi Allen, according to a lawyer for the man imprisoned on a conviction of kidnapping her.

The dog indicated it smelled a body in an area around a fresh footprint, Federal Public Defender Lisa Peebles said she was told by Oswego County District Attorney Greg Oakes. The footprint is unlikely the source of the scent the dog picked up, Ward said. "Any properly trained dog will ignore a fresh-set print," she said. The fact that it was a state police dog makes it more likely its owner knows very well when the dog has found a body, she said.  "The handler, especially a state police handler, should know if a dog lies to him or not," said Ward, a trainer with Pacific Crest Search Dogs, a nonprofit that uses the dogs to find human remains in Oregon and the state of Washington. Depending on the type of soil, its aeration and the presence of tree roots in the ground, a cadaver dog can pick up the scent of remains deep underground, Ward said.

She cited a case where police asked her if her three cadaver dogs could pick up a scent of remains 30 feet deep. " I said, 'I have no idea. I've never trained on that, but I'll try,'" she said. All three dogs put their noses in the same area and alerted, she said. She told the police to bring in a bulldozer, and they found a body 15 feet down, Ward said. Cadaver dogs are trained to not alert on dead animals in the area -- only human remains, she said. "In my yard, I have a cow bone and and elk bone out," she said. "If my dog hits on one of those, he's in trouble." How old can the skeletal remains be? Hundreds of years, said Cat Warren, a cadaver dog expert from North Carolina who published a book, "What the Dog Knows: The Science and Wonder of Working Dogs". But she and Ward both warned that the dogs are like people. They do make mistakes sometimes. "The dogs are not magic," Warren said. "It depends on their training."

Cadaver dog 'alerted' twice at cabin where search for Heidi Allen's body continues, attorney says
An investigator with the Federal Public Defender's Office and journalists found the cabin Sunday afternoon. But they discovered that someone else had recently been there and had ripped up the floorboards. If Allen's remains are found at the site, that will likely be strong evidence that the wrong man has been imprisoned for 20 years for her kidnapping and presumed death, according to Peebles. She represents that man, Gary Thibodeau, who's serving 25 years to life in prison. Peebles' investigator and a reporter located the site based on information that James Steen allegedly gave to two women in 2006. He told the women that he and two other men, Roger Breckenridge and Michael Bohrer, kidnapped Allen, beat her to death at a trailer on Rice Road and hid her body in the cabin across the street, according to one of the women.


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Re: "Unreliable" dogs do it AGAIN! Double murder couple found guilty.

Post by Guest on 06.08.14 10:23

Not been on much lately but seen this in the news this morning. Yet again the dogs indications lead to a follow up.

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Re: "Unreliable" dogs do it AGAIN! Double murder couple found guilty.

Post by tasprin on 06.08.14 18:07

Belfast Telegraph
Specialist dogs make finds in the search for Caroline 

Video: Police bring in sniffer dogs during fresh dig at Caroline Graham’s former home
Blue Billywig Video Player
By Claire Williamson – 06 August 2014

Forensic scientists have been called in to examine items found by specially-trained dogs at a former house of a teenager who was murdered 25 years ago. Fresh PSNI searches of a property in Portadown where Caroline Graham lived with her boyfriend when she disappeared in 1989 are continuing.

The specially trained dogs that can identify traces of human remains were brought into the police hunt for the body of the 19-year-old on Monday. Caroline had been for a night out to The Coach nightclub in Banbridge with a girlfriend. She stayed part of the night with her friend in a hostel in Portadown but was gone in the morning. The search was launched at the property after new information about the teenager's disappearance was received. Police said that the property's current owner is not involved in the probe. Detectives from the serious crime branch investigating the murder called in specialist forensic scientists to examine items in a house at Hanover Street in Portadown where Caroline had lived.

A PSNI spokeswoman said yesterday: “The house was yesterday subjected to a detailed examination by two PSNI victim recovery dogs. As a result of indications by the dogs, forensic scientists have been asked to examine certain items. “The search continued today and is expected to run into a third day. Police are repeating their appeal for anyone with information about 19-year-old Caroline, her murder or where her remains are buried.” It is understood both dogs gave indications separately and the items are not body parts.


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Those dogs ! ! ! AGAIN

Post by PeterMac on 27.08.14 21:09

Police find criminals' stash of handguns, machete and more than 800 pieces of stolen jewellery in hidden a pond . . . all thanks to one very curious dog
Alarm raised when woman's dog came from swim with jacket and cufflinks
Police were astounded to find 850 items in pond in Worthing, West Sussex
They include a machete, guns, watches, engravings, necklaces and earrings
Forensics officers spent weeks cleaning items and posting them online
Just a handful of the sentimental treasures have been claimed so far

Notoriously unreliable.
They cannot be trusted to keep their mouths shut !  

Unlike the Tapas 7, and the rest of the extended family, and the Pink Spokes-thing, and Ester McVey and . . .



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