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New Sighting of Madeleine in India

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Re: New Sighting of Madeleine in India

Post by jd on 14.09.11 0:37


SRINAGAR The Jammu and Kashmir Police on Thursday denied media reports that a British girl who had reportedly gone missing in Portugal four years ago was found in Leh.
Abdul Gani Mir, deputy inspector-general of police (DIG), said: “We have not recovered any missing foreign girl from Leh. There is no question of carrying out a DNA test since we don’t have the girl. Our field staff in Leh have confirmed that no such girl has been recovered by them.

It appears that the “sighting” of a Madeleine look-alike in Leh, India was some sort of hoax. Since Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns’ long-time PR spokesman, was quoted in UK papers as saying that they were “liaising with” Indian police and awaiting DNA test results, one must wonder if people associated with the McCanns were not in on it. According to Indian police, there was no investigation and no DNA taken, so who was Mr. Mitchell liaising with, and what DNA was he talking about?

Some tweets from Jamie Wood (journalist, executive producer and editor of Sky News 17:00)(oldest at bottom)

@Ech0mark Hi, sorry, we have never reported the story online because we phoned Indian police who immediately denied it was true
Thu Jul 28 2011 16:51:01 (GMT Daylight Time) via web in reply to Ech0mark

@ststama I can’t answer for them, all I can report is that when Sky phoned the police they said they didn’t know about a girl or a DNA test.
Thu Jul 28 2011 15:09:14 (GMT Daylight Time) via web in reply to ststama

@bl0ke No link sorry, our India bureau phoned the area’s top cop and he’s denied knowing anything about it
Thu Jul 28 2011 14:18:58 (GMT Daylight Time) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to bl0ke

One final attempt to end twit frenzy, spell it Madeleine or (wrongly) Madeline McCann, Indian police say they know nothing about it pls RT
Thu Jul 28 2011 13:08:46 (GMT Daylight Time) via web

For benefit of those following incorrect spelling “Madeline McCann” Indian police in Leh say they no nothing about a girl or a DNA test
Thu Jul 28 2011 12:42:59 (GMT Daylight Time) via web

@DRoseTimes Not only that, but the chief of police in Leh has told us he has no idea what they’re talking about
1:38 PM Jul 28th via web in reply to DRoseTimes

In case of any doubt over Madeleine McCann story, Sky News has spoken to Supt Vivek Gupta, senior cop in Leh – he knows nothing about it
1:37 PM Jul 28th via web

Story on Daily Mail website about DNA test on girl who looks like #Madeleine McCann, Indian police tell Sky News they know nothing about it.

So are Carter Ruck going to show the great British Public that they are a responsible company with ethics and sue the McCann team for lying & making up stories to 60+ million people

Who pulled the strings?...THE SYMINGTONS..And the Scottish connections...Look no further if you dare

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Re: New Sighting of Madeleine in India

Post by lj on 14.09.11 1:39

Well there is nothing new about the McCanns lying. Didn't deter CR or CM before.

"And if Madeleine had hurt herself inside the apartment, why would that be our fault?"  Gerry

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