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Algarve resident tells of car sighting near Madeleine McCann apartment

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Re: Algarve resident tells of car sighting near Madeleine McCann apartment

Post by princess_leia on 03.05.17 11:36

Round and round we go, where it stops, nobody knows!


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Re: Algarve resident tells of car sighting near Madeleine McCann apartment

Post by sandancer on 03.05.17 12:43

OmG ! She saw a car !

Correct​ me if I'm wrong but PDL is not like the Channel Island of Sark where cars are not allowed is it ?

Looked​ British , so not a greasy spotty foreigner , or not like a tourist 

The circus goes on , the Clowns have center​ stage !

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Re: Algarve resident tells of car sighting near Madeleine McCann apartment

Post by Doug D on 03.05.17 15:04

From Jenny Murat’s original statement:
Still relating to the facts which occurred on the evening of 03 May 2007, the deponent states that on that night she was at home with her son Robert. They followed their normal routine: About 19h50 she went to the "Batista" supermarket to buy bread. Then she went back to the house where she arrived more or less at the same time as Robert. (so out of the house for about 10 minutes then) Later they sat in the kitchen where they were talking for some time, having also eaten. She recalls that they were talking until close to midnight about Robert'™s project, related to the property and called 'Romigen.Com". Finally they went to their bedrooms to pass the night.
--- Asked, she explains that while they were talking in the kitchen, she is not able to say when, she recalls having heard a siren ringing at least once. Although not usual, she also did not "connect" because it could possibly have been an ambulance. (She recalls that sometimes, when the wind blows in a certain direction, it is possible to hear in the house sirens of police cars or ambulances that pass on the EN125).
--- Questioned, she says that during that night she also heard no noise or strange movements of people and also no one knocked on the door to ask or to request help to find the missing girl.
---Asked, she assures that her son Robert did not leave the house that night. Furthermore, she says that he usually gets up first. On that day she does not remember if that was what happened.
On Thursday, May 3, he (Robert) returned home at about 8pm and ate supper with his mother. He thinks they had cheese and ham sandwiches. "I'm not much of a one for eating in the evening." 
He claims to have passed the evening chatting with his mother and, again, she supports his alibi.
The logical route from Casa Liliana to the Baptista would take you a matter of yards to ‘Tannerman Corner’ and then left down R D F G Martins to the supermarket, 150 yards away.
Rua Dr. Francisco Gentil Martins is not one way, although ‘no entry’ turning up the hill from the Baptista, and local custom may possibly treat it as such.
There are no signs to make people coming from the OC tennis court road turn right, or from the two apartment roads opposite the OC turn left.
Rua Direita, out the other side of the Baptista is one way, but a narrow single track, so pretty unlikely that anyone would drive fast down it the wrong way, (as told to the BBC news this morning).

What relevance is she placing on seeing A CAR at about 5 minutes to 8?
Just more bollocks to try and make a story out of nothing.
O/T snippet, but on google maps (Feb 2015) the ‘Stop’ sign outside the Baptista does show the ‘McCann Circus’ stenciling on it.

Doug D

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