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Charlotte pennington

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Charlotte pennington - Page 12 Empty Re: Charlotte pennington

Post by roz on 27.07.17 16:00

Jacqueline Mary Williams 2007/05/08 Pre-school teacher OC  - says this: (snipped)
That on 3rd May at about 22.05 she was working at the Mini Club, at the "dinner time period" together with colleagues Charlotte and Amy, when a female individual arrived, whose name she does not know, just that she was the mother of a child there (belonging to Toddlers 2), being a guest who was staying at the resort and who left at the end of the week, who told her that a girl called "Maddie" has disappeared, and that the girl's parents needed help in looking for her.

After this, the "missing child procedure" was initiated, which consists of an organised search, spread over different areas of the complex. The witness immediately helped in the searches, whilst her colleague Charlotte remained at the crêche, looking after the other children that were there and waiting for the arrival of the last parents, after which she also began searching.

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Charlotte pennington - Page 12 Empty Re: Charlotte pennington

Post by Verdi on 28.07.17 0:48

Charlotte Pennington has a hyper-active imagination,  thus she cannot be viewed as a reliable witness.

It's a total waste of time and energy trying to make sense of her tales from fairyland.  If however, anything can be uncovered as to a possible link between her and the McCanns and/or any of their friends prior to the holiday and/or she was babysitting any of their children during that week, then and only then, her name might be worthy of further thought.

Somehow I don't think that very likely.  It's my belief that she's a conceited opportunist with aspirations towards stardom - prepared to go to any lengths to achieve her goal.

Not the first or last to ride on the back of little Madeleine McCann.  Disgusting conduct.

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