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Justice or Cover-up? (POLL included)

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Justice or Whitewash (part 3)

1. Justice
2. Cover-up
3. Undecided
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Re: Justice or Cover-up? (POLL included)

Post by Mark Willis on 15.02.18 11:11

@Verdi wrote:
madeleine by KATE MCCANN wrote:It may sound odd, but ...blah waffle blah lie .... was certainly better than nothing...

Woof!  Woof!
For those who are not conversant with EVRD woof-speak:

People try to cover up drugs - the dogs find the stash.
People try to cover up bombs - the dogs find the explosives.
People are covered up in an avalanche - the dogs find the stricken.
People try to cover up dead bodies - the dogs find the deceased...

The dogs rest their case (of Winalot...)  lol4

If one stripped away the National Security agencies protecting the McCanns, those two, and at least 6 of their friends), would now be considering what to say at their next parole assessment.
Mark Willis

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Re: Justice or Cover-up? (POLL included)

Post by Verdi on 15.02.18 15:58

@Crackfox wrote:This may be wishful thinking on my part and I will be devastated if I'm wrong.

Sorry to disappoint but I believe you are wrong.  Tying up loose ends before the Portuguese are ready to move, that's just risible?  How long does it take for the investigation to go back to the beginning and look with fresh eyes - very little time I venture to suggest, with compelling evidence and intelligence right before your fresh eyes.  Turn a blind eye and of course you've got no chance - and that is exactly what Operation Grange and the British government are doing with great eclat!  

Operation Grange has not progressed one inch since it's intronisation back in May 2011 - apart from clutching at straws, do you truly believe this fiasco was/is/will ever be a bone fide police investigation?  Fundementally, this case is not complicated -the complications have been created by the key players and the subsequent cover-up.

Think lies, contradictions, distractions, circumstantial evidence, false witness statements, bogus witnesses, global sightings but above all else think Eddie and Keela the wonder dogs.  Key evidence that has been totally ignored/dismissed by the UKs finest - the Metroplotan Police!

Still think Operation Grange is a genuine investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann?

If Portugal are going to proceed with this case, it won't be prompted by Operation Grange - it will be because finally someone recognises that a little lost child, Madeleine McCann, is still waiting for the justice she deserves.  Only good people can make that happen.

I admire your optimism but don't be devastated. There must be any number of lost children still awaiting justice - Madeleine McCann is not an isolated case.

The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made" - Groucho Marx

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Re: Justice or Cover-up? (POLL included)

Post by Crackfox on 15.02.18 19:29

TBH I am a bit torn because on the one hand I think it's dragged on too long for a cover up to be a realistic choice IMO but on the other hand the way the family were given special treatment and seemed to have inside information definitely muddies the water. My hope is that Blair/Brown were personally culpable of meddling but that Cameron/May want to remedy this and have reached out to the PJ in a conciliatory way -  but that's more wishful thinking and nothing more than that.

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