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Ernie Allen: "She may not even realise she's missing"

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Ernie Allen: "She may not even realise she's missing"

Post by Jill Havern on 19.01.18 8:27

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"She may not even realise she's missing"

The McCanns have made many claims since May 2007. The most obvious and outrageous one, the claim that has been repeated ad nauseam and still remains largely unchallenged by the media or seemingly by anyone in authority, is that their daughter was abducted from her bed by an opportunistic predator. Not a trace of her, nor of her supposed kidnapper, has been found since, and we are also expected to accept that there's nothing suspicious about that, either. They have continually laboured the point about a "total lack of evidence" that their daughter is dead or has come to any harm, while glossing over the fact that there REALLY IS NO EVIDENCE to support their claim of abduction. They also freely admit that what happened to them (or more accurately, to their daughter) was a "100 million to one" chance, a freak occurrence. And that much is true of course.

So why are we not permitted to disbelieve an unbelievable and unsubstantiated story? Why should we unquestioningly accept something that is unacceptable?

When examining the McCanns' explanation of how their firstborn child mysteriously disappeared, even the most gullible person (and I am such a person) will find it literally impossible to reach any of the conclusions they are compelling us to reach. It's classic gaslighting in action (see my post:

The circumstances of the claimed abduction are known to all of us here and include:

1. Madeleine, nine days away from her fourth birthday, was left alone in a dark holiday apartment, sleeping in a room along with her younger brother and sister, twins who were just two years old
2. The parents checked on their sleeping children every half an hour
3. Somehow, between this vigilant system of checks, a stranger gained access to the apartment, took Madeleine, and vanished, leaving behind not a single clue or forensic trace

This post looks at what I believe to be the McCanns' second most outrageous claim: that their 'abducted' daughter has not come to any harm, indeed "she might not even know she's missing".

I have shared this footage of Gerry before. It is really quite something to behold, flabbergasting in both its content and its conduct:

He quotes Ernie Allen, who I have also written about:

Ernie Allen is the Chief Executive of the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children. He did indeed tell the McCanns that their daughter might not be aware that she is missing. As Gerald boldly extrapolated: "kids are incredibly adaptable". (Of course: it's perfectly reasonable to suggest that an abducted child will readily 'adapt' to the horrifically nightmareish situation they find themselves in. But of course the McCanns' campaign has always relied heavily on the assumed existence of a live, intact child, out there somewhere just "waiting to be found".)

I really struggle to understand how a man in Ernie Allen's position can look at the McCann case in even the most cursory fashion and come out with all the unmitigated nonsense he spouted at them, including the cringingly sycophantic and irrelevant guff about how their daughter represented the "best of their genetics". Here it is again, if you can stomach it (the first three minutes):

Was it a case of giving the McCanns false hope? I don't think so. Neither one of them is stupid, a fact of which he was clearly aware. Everybody knows that a little girl who is abducted by a stranger is not taken away to be treated like a princess. So why would a man with knowledge and experience of 'missing and exploited children' tell parents of a missing child that their child might not have been harmed or exploited, and could well be living a charmed life, blissfully unaware of the global campaign to 'bring her home'?

Assuming Ernie Allen earned his position due to his intelligence, perspicacity and experience, I think it can only be case of playing them at their own game: feeding their egos and pandering to their patently preposterous delusions. He also knows damn well that in the vast majority of missing child cases, a family member is involved, typically the parents or at the very least an acquaintance of the parents.
NOBODY ever, in history, has targeted and stolen a three year old child from her bed in order to offer that child a lifetime of love and nurturing. It's a total, total nonsense and in fact represents an absolute contradiction in terms.

With stoical disingenuousness, and in his characteristically didactic and authoritarian fashion, Gerry seizes this outlandish "no harm" speculation offered up by Ernie Allen and informs us that "the younger the child, the less likely it is they were taken to be harmed or killed" (I'm paraphrasing, as I can't find the interview, but his words were to that effect).

The truth is, when a very young child or baby is taken by a stranger, as rare as it is, the stranger is almost invariably female and mentally ill and *specifically wants a baby*, preferably a newborn or at least as young as possible. (Many kidnappings of babies take place in maternity hospitals.) And yes, it is true that in those situations, although undoubtedly the baby is 'at risk', the kidnapper does not usually take the baby with the intention of hurting him/her.

Madeleine McCann was not a baby, in fact she was the eldest child in the T9's collection of progeny. Now, let's suspend our disbelief for a second: imagine that an abductor has broken into the McCanns' holiday apartment. They know what they want - a child, to give/sell to a loving home. (Keep suspending that disbelief, if you can.) What do they find? A child of almost four years old, and two-year-old twins.

Which do they choose?
Jill Havern

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Re: Ernie Allen: "She may not even realise she's missing"

Post by NickE on 27.01.18 18:08

Is it known when the first contact was made between Allen and/or ICMEC and the McCann's?

When asked if people will ever learn what really happened, Mr Amaral responded: “Yes, we will, when MI5 opens the case files, we will find out".

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Re: Ernie Allen: "She may not even realise she's missing"

Post by Tony Bennett on 27.01.18 19:03

@NickE wrote:Is it known when the first contact was made between Allen and/or ICMEC and the McCann's?

@ NickE
This is from Gerry McCann's diary blog entry from Monday 22 July 2007 ( courtesy of Pamalam's website: )

"Spent the whole day travelling from the Algarve to Washington where I will be visiting the National and International Centers for Missing and Exploited Children and meeting politicians involved in recent legislation on missing children. The flights for our campaign manager and myself were kindly donated by an airline".

All I can say about any prior contact between Ernie Allen/NCMEC & ICMEC is that this visit to Washington to meet with Ernie Allen must have been pre-arranged in advance. 

Note also that Gerry McCann puts 'meeting NCMEC and ICMEC' first, ahead of 'meeting politicians' - although the media at the time did not show him meeting Ernie Allen but meeting some junior politicians, with the White House in the background, making it look as if he was virtually getting the American Presidency to back his search for Madeleine.

If you look at the blog entries for the next three days, it is mostly about endless meetings with Ernie Allen and being shown NCMEC headquarters. So that was obviously the main purpose of the visit.

Ernie Allen is a controversial and very much an establishment figure who has built up this vast empire of international responsibility for missing children, attending international conferences here there and everywhere, and so forth. What real good he has done in the world I am not sure, but two things are clear:

1 He has made a lot of money from this, and

2 He has become very important through this.

I think I am right in saying that some time ago he organised an international conference on missing people and made Jim Gamble of CEOP his 'keynote speaker'. Two great international 'Missing People's Champions' together, then!
One other point. Gerry says he travelled to Washington with his 'campaign manager'. I am not sure who that was. Was it Justine McGuinness?

One more aside. In this same blog entry, Gerry McCann complained about a very bad headline and story in the British press, adding these immortal lines:

"...we  felt our actions were responsible. We were essentially performing our own baby listening service although we have talked of the guilt we felt at not being there at the moment Madeleine was taken. We have been advised that legally our behaviour was well within the bounds of responsible parenting and subsequently been assured that no action will be taken. These types of criticism, particularly at this stage, as well as being hurtful are extremely unhelpful in the search for Madeleine. From the moment we discovered Madeleine missing Kate and I have done everything in our power to try and help get her back...

"Our opinion now is completely clouded by what has happened to us and of course has sent shock waves through thousands of families. The real issue is that we should not have a constant fear of abduction of our children from their bedrooms, gardens or streets for that matter...

"What Kate and I did was at worst naïve and no one should forget that the real criminal is the predator who has taken a completely innocent child in such a premeditated fashion. It is this act that has wreaked havoc on our family and affected millions of other people".


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