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When was Madeleine gone? - NEW POLL...On 3rd May, or before 3rd May?

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When was Madeleine gone?

1 On Thursday 3 May
2 Before Thursday 3 May
3 Unsure
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Post by Yorkshirgel on 04.05.18 11:59

Shoot me down if you like, but I believe this was all pre-meditated. Hence the remark made by GM 'I am not here to enjoy myself'.  What was he there for then?  A family holiday and he says he was not going to enjoy himself.  I do not believe 'MM' was there in the apartment, in fact the photo looks staged to me.  Perhaps they lived in another apartment altogether?  Also it beggars belief that GM would have had to come all the way back to UK to find some DNA belonging to MM.  There would have been multi opportunities to get her DNA. ie sticker book, tennis racket, the pre-school group, her hairbrush, cuddle cat.  Is it a stretch too far to say that, because of the secrecy surrounding this case, MM was an experiment in cloning related to the story in the news recently about populating Mars?  I know how far fetched and weird that sounds, but as cloning is banned in this country it would have created an almighty problem for the government if it was revealed they had authorised work of this kind.  There were so many scientists and doctors at this 3* resort, out of season, that this alone is something suspicious to wonder about.  I do not think the photo of 'MM' playing in the park on day one is who we are told it is.  I think this little girl was removed and went back to UK, leaving photostated photographs, well it is one possibility.  OR that if it was a clone child and the dogs, which I believe, found evidence of a body, the clone child was removed from Portugal and they made sure she left no trace.

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Re: When was Madeleine gone? - NEW POLL...On 3rd May, or before 3rd May?

Post by Verdi on 04.05.18 13:07

How nice to see you posting again Yorkshirgel and still with your customary style of creative thinking.  Although this current assessment of the case differs somewhat from your past musings, without a scrap of evidence to change your view I hasten to add.  This is not blue sky thinking, it's pie in the sky thinking and really needs to be stamped out before it grows a pair of legs.

I strongly advise that you read the following which hopefully will dispel any further thoughts on the lines of your latest commentary.

Please note:  The content of the above follows years of research and analysis of the case of missing Madeleine McCann by a dedicated team of volunteers.  I don't ask that you agree on any point of finer detail but at least consider the content before pursuing groundless theories.

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