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Becky Watts: Another girl gone missing

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Re: Becky Watts: Another girl gone missing

Post by nomendelta on 12.11.15 10:25

@Tony Bennett wrote:From one of the reports in the Daily Telegraph:


A killer obsessed by violent teenage pornography has been convicted of murdering his 16-year-old stepsister in a case reigniting calls for tougher internet controls.

Becky Watts was killed on February 19th 2014.

Nathan Matthews is believed to have watched a film entitled "Virgin teen gets raped in own house" before he throttled 5ft 2in Becky Watts in her bedroom and then dismembered her body.

Police found a 17 minute pornographic film, which showed a victim being beaten up on her bed, among 236 images and 21 movies found on his laptop.


Time after time after time we read of horrific acts, including murders, triggered by people watching violent videos. It's been proved over and over again that watching this stuff, whether on videos, the internet, the cinema or the TV, adversely influences many minds and often cause them to do terrible, terrible things to other people. 

We know that watching child sexual abuse on line - which apparently tens of thousands in the UK do every day - is the 'gateway' which then leads some people to commit horrific acts against children.

Yet the government, the internet service providers, the film and media industries refuse to address the issue, amidst cries of 'freedom of expression!' and 'censorship!'   

Small wonder, then, that the apostle Paul gave this advice to the Christian believers at Philippi:

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

- Philippians 4 v 8
I know what you're saying Tony but I have to disagree. Much was made of the boys that killed Jamie Bulger being exposed to certain horror films and the possible effect it had on them. Sadly, there is a HUGE section of society for whom letting their kids watch and experience things they should be considered way to young for is quite normal. As is staying up to 3 or 4 in the morning playing inane violent video games. If videos and games had the effect which is claimed then surely such crimes would be much,  much more widespread. 

IMHO, the seed is already there in most of these individuals and such videos merely fuel the fire. Don't get me wrong - I do not endorse violent movies, games or pornography. I used to enjoy a good scary movie but these days find them unsettling. But there are many more factors responsible for creating these monsters.


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Re: Becky Watts: Another girl gone missing

Post by Amy Dean on 12.11.15 12:05

I agree, nomendelta. I don't think that it was established if James Bulger's killers had even seen the violent videos mentioned - only that they might have done.

Pornography and violent material is I feel only a danger to individuals who are already damaged in some way.
Amy Dean

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Re: Becky Watts: Another girl gone missing

Post by ref; Becky Watts on 12.11.15 13:17

Sorry @ ref; Becky Watts, I have removed part of your post in error - Tony Bennett 

ref; Becky Watts wrote:

One thing that can be proven is the often over usage of violent scenarios in games and films that show the violence used in the scenes and carnage for gratification reasons, yet fail to portray these actions on a human basis, that this is not real life that they are depicting, they never show the qualities of the human beings left in turmoil for years, never really able to come to the terms of what has happened in what they are portraying.

REPLY by Tony Bennett

Fully agreed.

But let's also look at the effect of an appalling background, as was the case with the girlfriend, Shauna Hoare.

As in so many other cases, being thrown into care by your mother and father and virtually abandoned gives you deep feelings of not being loved, and has a tendency to make one angry with the world. So it seems to have been in this case:



The killer who was pregnant with twins: How Shauna Hoare fell under the spell of Nathan Matthews when she was just 14 and was expecting his children when he murdered Becky Watts 

* Shauna Hoare's disturbing childhood began when she was taken into care

* She was passed around six different foster families after mother remarried

* Her mother Lisa Donovan has seven other children with three different men

* It is unclear how involved Hoare's Irish father Ernest was in her young life

* Hoare was later to fall under the spell of Nathan Matthews at the age of 14 

* It later emerged that Hoare was pregnant with his twins at the time of killing

by Sam Tonkin For Mailonline

Published: 18:54, 11 November 2015 | Updated: 22:37, 11 November 2015 

POC: Face of a killer: Shauna Hoare first met Nathan Matthews when she was 14, a year after moving back in with her mother having spent much of her childhood bouncing between different foster homes

Bounced from foster home to foster home, Shauna Hoare's childhood was a dysfunctional and disturbing one that began when her mother remarried soon after she was born.

Before she had even reached school age, Hoare found herself taken into care and later brought up by six different foster families.

She maintained contact with her mother, Lisa Donovan, who had seven other children with three different men, but the pair would later become estranged as a controlling Nathan Matthews ramped up his grooming of the teenager.

How involved Hoare's Irish father Ernest was in her young life is unclear. He himself remarried in 2003 and had two more children in addition to the four he and Ms Donovan had together.

When she turned 13, Hoare moved back in with Ms Donovan in Bristol, but the two lost contact four years later and remained estranged until the former turned up on her mother's doorstep days after Becky's death.

Matthews was later to reveal in a police interview that Hoare was pregnant with his twins when she became a killer. She is no longer pregnant.

While living with her mother, Hoare went to The Grange School in Keynsham and once claimed that on her way to school one morning she was the victim of a horrific attack.

A promiscuous teenager, Ms Donovan told how her 15-year-old daughter was made to do sexual favours for Matthews.

He would make sexual comments and insist on the favours if Hoare asked him for anything, her mother revealed.

Ms Donovan said Matthews was 'controlling and flirty with everyone, sexually oriented, very overpowering'. 

Read more: 
ref; Becky Watts

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Folie a Deux

Post by Guest on 12.11.15 19:52

I listened to an interesting discussion of this case on Jeremy Vine, Radio 2 today, describing it as a Folie a Deux, or a shared madness.

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Re: Becky Watts: Another girl gone missing

Post by plebgate on 12.11.15 20:57

It does seem like a shared madness - there are many people who are fostered by numerous people and have all sorts of horrible/frightening things happen to them but they don't all turn into cold blooded killers.

What about the person who helped them "dispose" of the body  - given a few hundred pounds and booked a holiday with it - shared madness indeed.

I do think that the violence on tv and internet is partly to blame too plus lenient sentencing, letting people out on day release etc. etc. 

How often have we read about the likes of Brady, Hindley, Rose West and all the others having a "good" life in prison, tv's, smokes, very well fed to the point that (I think) West is so fat she is unrecognisable.  Plus a never ending supply of drugs if they want them.

Does the word deterrent even exist any longer in Britain?  I don't think so.


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Re: Becky Watts: Another girl gone missing

Post by Guest on 12.11.15 21:07

Sentencing tomorrow, life for him, 20 years for her?  I wasn't aware until reading the reports yesterday that she was pregnant with twins at the time of the murder.  Let's hope that those children have better lives and outcomes than their parents.

What a sickening, brutal end for Becky Watts.

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Re: Becky Watts: Another girl gone missing

Post by aquila on 13.11.15 5:47

What I find completely distasteful is Becky's father and stepmother appearing on television sofas in the guise of a human interest aspect prior to the sentencing.

The UK media is trully awful. It's the UK media that creates stories (despite what a certain person with her own blog has to say on the subject).

Who on earth persuaded/paid for/incited a glimpse into the redecorated bedroom that Becky would have liked had she still been alive?

Why would the father and stepmother of Becky not be given and take the basic family liaison expertise to manage their trauma? It's as plain as a pikestaff that the UK media will invest a few quid and milk this story for all its worth.

I wouldn't be surprised if Becky's father and stepmother will sit on many TV sofas in the future and who knows, perhaps they'll start some sort of memorial trust in honour of Becky. Perhaps a ghost writer will produce a book for sale.

Another sad end to a life that had barely begun and media exploitation for a fast buck.

I sincerely hope Becky's father and stepmother keep well away from the Press.

The Police, the CPS and all others involved in this terrible case did an outstanding job - and in a short space of time. The jurors did an outstanding job. Let's hope the Judge does an outstanding job and gives the maximum sentence allowed.

The media will continue to squeeze every last drop of decency from the sad destruction/murder of a young girl to the nth degree. Expect the media to drag out and sensationalise for a few weeks and lure Becky's family to speak publicly.

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The media creates a story

Post by aquila on 13.11.15 15:59

The media creates a story

Father of three judge breaks down in court as he pays tribute to 'dignity' of Becky Watts' family after sentencing 'despicable' stepbrother to at least 33 years in jail for her murder and his girlfriend to 17 years 

  • Nathan Matthews given 33 years in jail and Shauna Hoare given 17 years
  • Judge calls them 'warped' and became tearful as he jailed the couple 
  • Becky's mother says since she died 'every day has been a living nightmare'
  • She said: 'The image of Becky there wearing a bandage around her little wrist to cover up the cut marks - that image haunts me'
  • Her father was 'cast off cliff into despair' and wishes he had died with her

By Martin Robinson for MailOnline
Published: 11:07, 13 November 2015  |  Updated: 15:48, 13 November 2015

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Re: Becky Watts: Another girl gone missing

Post by sonic72 on 13.11.15 16:19

Anyone know if the girl's 17 year sentence is a minimum amount, or is it parole at half-way? None of the reports clarify this, quite poor reporting.
In fact, most of the reports are a word for word clone of each other.

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Re: Becky Watts: Another girl gone missing

Post by aquila on 13.11.15 17:00

A judge 'weeps' whilst passing sentence? really? Does anyone believe this trash?

ETA: Daily Express reportage link

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Father to write memoir

Post by Guest on 22.01.16 17:49

Becky Watts's father to write memoir about daughter's murder
Darren Galsworthy’s book to describe family life before teenager was murdered by her stepbrother, Nathan Matthews, and his girlfriend, Shauna Hoare

Darren Galsworthy (l) outside Bristol crown court after his stepson, Nathan Matthews, was found guilty of murdering Becky. Photograph: Ben Birchall/PA
Hannah Ellis-Petersen
Friday 22 January 2016 17.28 GMT Last modified on Friday 22 January 2016 17.30 GMT

The father of the murdered teenager Becky Watts is to write a memoir presenting the “truth” behind his daughter’s relationship with the stepbrother who killed her.
Darren Galsworthy’s book will tell of his devastation at facing up to the fact that his stepson, Nathan Matthews, suffocated Becky, 16, before dismembering and hiding her body in a suitcase.
The 304-page memoir, titled Becky, will describe their family life before her murder in their Bristol home last February, and what the schoolgirl’s relationship with her stepbrother was “really like”.
Galsworthy said it would also dwell on the horror of finding out that his daughter had been killed by Matthews, a child who he had raised as his own son, who had been best man at his wedding and was somebody he trusted.
Matthews, 28, was found guilty of killing the schoolgirl and given a life sentence, serving a minimum of 33 years, while his girlfriend Shauna Hoare, 21, was jailed for 17 years for manslaughter. Watts’s killing was described by the prosecution as sexually motivated and was carried out after the pair’s kidnapping plan went wrong.
Speaking after the guilty verdict was delivered in November last year, Galsworthy said he and his wife Anjie, Matthews’ mother, had been through hell.
HarperNonFiction, who will publish the book, described the memoir as “heartfelt and powerfully affecting” and said it was a poignant way for Galsworthy to pay tribute to his daughter.
The description adds: “Darren recalls with enduring love the daughter he fought so hard to get custody of after she was taken into foster care as an infant, and the happy, innocent child who completed his life.” The book will be published on 3 March, exactly a year on from the date that Watts’s remains were found.
Galsworthy, 52, said he was writing the book both for himself and his wife. “I want people to know what Becky was really like – she was big-hearted, fearless and incredibly generous,” he said. “On behalf of myself and my wife, Anjie, I also want to tell the full story of what we have been through as a family.
“Becky was loved unconditionally and her life was cruelly taken from her in the most horrific way - by somebody we all trusted.”
Vicky Eribo, editorial director for HarperNonFiction, said it was a case that shocked the nation and so was important that Galsworthy’s story was heard. She said: “Throughout the trial Darren and his family were praised by the judge for their incredible dignity in the circumstances.
“In this haunting book Darren brings the same unflinching honesty and integrity to every word he writes about his daughter.”
Matthews and Hoare have both appealed against their convictions, though the court of appeal has yet to decide whether to accept their applications.

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Re: Becky Watts: Another girl gone missing

Post by aquila on 23.01.16 5:56

I just wonder who approached him and persuaded him to write a book and did they really have his best interests at heart.

Will he and his wife be gracing the television sofas to launch the book? (most likely). Is there a possibility of media serialization?

How much will be earned from such a publication.

I find it all a bit macabre.

ETA: I can't help but feel there is coaching to produce a book that's deemed and promoted as factual and of public interest.

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Re: Becky Watts: Another girl gone missing

Post by Guest on 23.01.16 8:21

A terrible end to a young life.  However, I don't see this book selling well.

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Re: Becky Watts: Another girl gone missing

Post by aquila on 24.01.16 6:00

Ladyinred wrote:A terrible end to a young life.  However, I don't see this book selling well.
I see this book 'selling well' for television sofas (the likes of Lorraine Kelly will be in their oils as they trot out platitudes whilst not actually conducting any form of real interview). Loose Women might even have an 'opening'. I see this book as being serialised in some sensational way (is there any other?) by UK MSM who will milk every drop of decency from what ought to be and ought to remain private.

It's a money-making exercise. The people Becky's father should be talking to are the counsellors provided to him and his family. Nothing is private when it's all about money and money doesn't heal a raw and emotional wound.

This is just my opinion but I'm confident a lot of people will agree with it.

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