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Dogs don't lie site

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Dogs don't lie site

Post by bristow on 21.05.14 19:25

Maybe I have been living under a Mushroom but I haven't seen this blog site before?

Coincidence is a messenger sent by truth.

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Dogs Don't Lie

Post by missbeetle on 22.05.14 3:49

Great find, Bristow.

Particularly the comment by a Fred Stone.

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Re: Dogs don't lie site

Post by Shhh on 23.05.14 16:48

Very interesting


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Re: Dogs don't lie site

Post by Guest on 23.05.14 18:57

Bristow what happened to the lovely wet nose? I l miss it.

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Re: Dogs don't lie site

Post by Hicks on 23.05.14 19:29

The comments from Fred Stone are very interesting, especially the bit about Madeleine being born in Holland and contracts bitterly contested.

Didn't the McCann's have friends in Holland who came over to Portugal bringing Gerry's stolen wallet back?

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