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Joana Morais

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Post by Jill Havern 30.08.18 12:43

“The McCanns are ‘forced’ to search for their daughter”
by astro   9 years ago  

Joana Morais - Page 3 Madeleine460x276

The interview with Oprah Winfrey, analysed by a forensic psychologist

Paulo Sargento looks at the McCanns with clinical attention. He understands the contradictions, he identifies the signs of pressure that they are subject to. Innocent or guilty, they can’t escape from the machine that has taken over their lives.

interview by Carlos Saraiva

You have been suggesting that Kate McCann may commit suicide. What leads you to conclude this possibility?

I don’t think she may commit suicide. I received the information, before last Christmas, that she tried to commit suicide and was admitted to a hospital in Leicester, although there was never any registration of entry.

But how did you find out? Is your source trustworthy?

Well, it’s an English source, the same that on other occasions transmitted things that matched the truth.

Anyway, after all these months, she has been showing signs of some seclusion, inhibition and greater sadness. She used to jog and stopped doing that. And there’s something that is rather interesting: people who are addicted to jogging, when they stop practising, they tend to grow fatter, not thinner, like in Kate’s case. That would only be possible in one case: if the person was, in fact, very depressed. The other issue concerns the reports from the family itself, which are counterproductive, like in the Channel 4 documentary, where they try to make us believe that everything is normal in that family, with Gerry working and Kate looking after the children. The truth is that she was no longer seen taking the twins to school, or going out with them for a walk. And there were even rumours from Kate’s mother that there were problems between the couple. This talk about Kate’s depressive state is not mine, but rather from the friends and relatives themselves, who say that she is obsessed with the process and spends hours reading it. As a matter of fact, an English newspaper mentions that she has been repeating that she’d rather be in a coma than suffering in the way that she does. This kind of signs help to make the information more credible.

Would you say that she is psychologically ill?

I can’t get into people’s heads, but considering the context, considering what is known and considering Kate’s speech itself, there is a strong possibility that she is suffering a serious emotional disarray.

Wasn’t that inevitable, independently of what one thinks happened to Maddie?

She knows that the child is not coming back.


Joana Morais - Page 3 KateMcCannPA_468x533The washing of Maddie’s soft toy, on the 12th of July 2007, that Kate mentions in her own diary. It’s very likely that it is the first expression of a mourning process, which can be compared with the fact that she apparently didn’t recognise her daughter in the age progression portraits that she was shown on Oprah’s show. In the first situation, at least in her own words, Kate doesn’t admit that Maddie may return. And she alleges that the soft toy was very dirty and didn’t hold her daughter’s smell anymore, so she washed it. This may be interpreted in two ways: she either wants to conceal evidence or she is convinced that her daughter is not coming back. But I add yet another possibility that reunites both, which is, to hide the indication and not expecting the little girl to return. Of course the portrait is an artistic work and since then, new sightings started to appear. Kate is unable to project her daughter’s growth, which helps us to understand this woman’s grieving, regardless of her having had any participation in the events, or not.

Let’s talk about the McCanns’ interview with Oprah. From a psychological point of view, how do you evaluate the couple’s behaviour?

Image sanctification at the highest level. Notice that even Kate’s clothes were chosen for the occasion. Do you ever remember seeing her in a skirt?

Joana Morais - Page 3 Ca967162-b341-4feb-88dd-fecb0766bf67_738D42D9-134C-4FBE-A85A-DA00E83FDC20_4F9B4A0E-DD02-41E7-A364-60E8E32A0F00_img_detalhe_noticia_pt_1Now that you mention it, I noticed the extremely thin legs…

Of course you did. She presents a different image, using a skirt for the first time, with a contents that is more maternal, more familiar more adequate under the point of view of a 40-year-old woman who has a daughter that has been abducted. All in all, fitting better with what the North American middle class likes to watch on television. But you noticed her very thin legs. Well, people who regularly jog get muscled legs, but once they stop practising and continue eating, they fatten. Well, if one stops practising and is depressed, one loses the appetite and grows thin. Note that even people who are not technically trained, do notice these small details. When I mention the suicide issue, it’s also a way of saying: watch this woman, because she needs help.

You were talking about the clothes that were chosen for the Oprah interview…

Yes, notice the almost tepid colour of the cardigan and the manner in which it matches the colour of Maddie’s clothes that can be seen on the screen behind the McCanns. Totally studied. The replies are automatic, as if they had been dictated by an advisor.

The questions were also kind…

They were prepared. I believe that the couple was paid to go there. And they only went, previously knowing the questions. They wouldn’t go any other way. Don’t doubt that. As a matter of fact, they had been invited before, and they only went now because Gonçalo Amaral is translating his book into several languages and a reply was necessary. The questions were prepared and the replies were rehearsed. Just analyse the grammatical style that is used in the replies to Oprah and check the grammatical style that is used in Clarence Mitchell’s press conferences. I’m sure you’ll discover major similarities. And on certain blogs, you can see the same resemblance. This is called media manipulation.

What do you think about Kate’s crying?

Her crying may be genuine. There is great pressure in the air.

Joana Morais - Page 3 Kate+cries+on+oprahBut there’s a change in this behaviour, throughout the process. Kate starts out by not crying and is severely criticised for that, as if she didn’t feel pain, then there’s a reactive phase against criticism, and she cries, and now, on this stage, which is America’s most famous talk show, which is broadcast all over the world, she cries again. How do you evaluate this change?

Well, when we mourn, if we’re not confronted with our loss on a daily basis, we cry increasingly less and reformulate increasingly more the destructive effects of that loss. But if we’re confronted every single day, that is a huge pressure that ends up throwing us out of balance, and Kate on an emotional level, Kate is at the end.

In terms of worsening the depressive state, or mourning and returning back to normal?

In terms of worsening the depressive state, and, unfortunately for her, that will be at the core of the solution of this case, one of these days.

Do you think that when she “breaks”, the case will be solved?

Yes. I think this is about a sacrificial dilemma. Imagine a scenario where there is, indeed, a terrible accident with Maddie. The girl is found dead and the parents face a dilemma: let’s assume this, we call the police and confirm that this was an accident, but we’ll have to justify the other two children, why they were alone until that time. Especially because the couple wasn’t aware of the fact that in Portugal they were not subject to the crime of exposure and abandonment (they would only be so in case of intent). They had been here for four days and it wasn’t possible that they had had time to inform themselves. Apart from that, they weren’t sober. This has to be said, considering the consumption of bottles during dinner. Therefore, they have to decide swiftly between concealing a reality, sacrificing one person for the benefit of their lives, their careers and the twins’ lives. In a cost/benefit relationship, the choice of the greater good for the greatest number is often made by human beings. Although it may be merely an impulsive, not thought out choice, it forces for a pact to be kept, so it can result for a greater number of people.

And this, for me, is a likely vision of what happened that night. Please note that all of us, under more or less dramatic circumstances, are faced with these sacrificial dilemmas. It just happens that in this case, the sacrifice is too big, and if it was done in this manner, it is a crime.

I sometimes think that this case is on its way to becoming an unbearable enigma. I presume that you don’t share this opinion, given the fact that you believe that some day, someone will “break”…

That will happen for sure, there are too many people involved in the matter and that is going to happen.

But you spoke about the possibility that the child died, and a possible flight forward…

… that is a possibility.

Admitting that everything was a terrible accident, is it possible that one could interiorise that nothing happened, that she is alive, despite being dead, that she will return, although that will never happen. Is it possible, the contradiction between what one did and what one wants to believe in?

Yes, if we’re talking about people with psychotic features, which is not the case.

But could it be a case of social survival?

Precisely. That story of doing something and then believing one didn’t do it, it’s very complex. In some cases it’s possible, but we can only tell for sure by evaluating people. I don’t think that Gerry and Kate have the characteristics to create such a dissociation, whether psychotic or not, that at the moment they would confuse reality with a theory that they invented afterwards.

Joana Morais - Page 3 McCannsWho leads, from the psychological point of view? Is it Gerry?

He’s dominating and controlling, there is no doubt about that, but he has a major problem: he’s very impulsive. For example, I remember his reaction during an interview in Spain, when he was confronted with the possible death of his daughter. The man “freaked out”. In an admirable manner, Kate managed to calm down not only Gerry, but the entire film crew. She’s sitting in front of the cameras of a foreign channel, with ‘difficult’ questions. There are actors who are used to the media frenzy that wouldn’t have behaved so well. She is the key, she has been controlling through a more feminine strategy, careful to keep the relationships of status quo, not of rupture. In that sense, Kate dominates. Therefore, any weakness from her part is revealing.

Now with this issue of her failing, we have been seeing a succession of silly acts: the entourage gives foolish replies, they make ridiculous sketches, they arrange for five persons to say that they saw a guy with pimples, well…

But that’s the usual ‘folklore’.

This only means that when she loses control, everything around her is a folklore to try to hide that there are problems. This has only one purpose, which is to keep people busy in the newspapers and in blogs, running over each other. And everyone has forgotten to talk about Maddie already. Unfortunately, nobody cares about Maddie.

This has reached another level. We should use an old scientific principle: for as long as we have a simple enough explanation to justify a certain piece of data, we shouldn’t look for a complex one, because it may confuse us. And the situation of the child’s death on location, with the subsequent concealing of the cadaver, is the most simple one that allows us to understand most of the data. Going out to search for an abductor without consistency or data, is silly.

Independently of the psychological frailty, momentary or not, admitting that there was the child’s death, and in that case, a machination was put in place, we would be looking at two diabolical minds. It would take unusual mental strength to take this lie forward, wouldn’t it?

I also think it’s not only them. When it’s about survival, we adopt traces that are as adaptive as possible towards that goal, even if it conflicts with the current social norm. It may not be morally accepted, but it’s human. What I think is that they never imagined the media multiplication that this was going to suffer. They imagined that there would be some initial confusion, we were going to be seen as a paedophile country, they would rapidly become victims and things would stay that way. I’m going to mention one single detail: Gerry McCann went three months without writing in his blog. And during that period, almost nobody spoke about Maddie. I wrote in my blog that it was an attempt to extinguish a trademark, to extinguish a phenomenon. I’m not going to think that Gerry reacted to my message, but two days later he came to justify the silence, alleging that he had been working with the investigation team…

People ask: but if it was them, why do they continue searching? I think they aren’t searching for anything anymore, they are merely forced to keep up the media interest, they are “forced” to look for their daughter. Faced with external pressure, they have to do something, or definitely the spell will turn against the sorcerer and the whole thing falls apart. That’s why I say that the couple is now subject to such pressure that it must cause them atrocious suffering, but they cannot escape anymore. This machine cannot stop anymore. And that is why, when Kate is more fragile, new things always appear.

The advisor’s ‘gaffe’

Joana Morais - Page 3 ClarencePalmasClarence Mitchell, a former advisor to the English government, has been the controller of information in the “Maddie case”.

The McCanns’ advisor committed an unforgivable ‘gaffe’ during an interview to Sky News. When he is told that a certain criminologist defended that Maddie’s abduction had probably taken place in an unplanned manner, that Maddie had wandered out of the house looking for her parents and a paedophile had passed by at the time and took her, Mitchell says an interesting thing: ‘that didn’t happen, that’s ludicrous, Kate knows it, she knows that didn’t happen’. Now, what can we conclude from this?

If she knows that didn’t happen, does she know how it happened?

That’s the first deduction. Why? We must admit that this theory dismantled another one, that of the open window and Kate’s fingerprints on the window. This leads us to think that there is always a cat hiding with its tail sticking out, that is to say, a set of contradictions that lead me to freely consider that Kate has in fact a serious emotional disturbance and that she tried to commit suicide. Even more so, because parents in this kind of situation, who lose their children under serious circumstances, approximately 80% become depressed, and among those, an important part assumes characteristics of seriousness that lead them to try suicide, or even to commit suicide. Therefore, the interpretation is parsimonious although speculative, but it is not as far from context as one may think.

“Gonçalo Amaral was exonerated because he ‘pressured’ Kate”

Joana Morais - Page 3 Gon%C3%A7alo+Amaral“There were many people saying that Gerry McCann was to become a Secretary of State for Health in the English government. That might explain something, but one must also look at the close relationship with prime minister Gordon Brown’s brother. There is no doubt that Gonçalo Amaral was not ‘marked’ on the day that he made that statement. Others said much worse. As a matter of fact, the aberration is how Dr Alípio Ribeiro keeps his post when he publicly assumes that the constitution of the McCanns as arguidos was precipitated. Gonçalo Amaral was exonerated because right on the first day, he started ‘pressuring’ Kate. And soon after, the ambassador arrives with a PJ top officer – I’m not going to say who that is – and nobody else is questioned on location. Gonçalo Amaral is ‘marked’ right away. The couple may have had nothing to do with their daughter’s disappearance, but they must be hiding something very important to justify this kind of interference.”

source: O Crime, 14.05.2009, paper edition

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Post by Jill Havern 01.09.18 11:00

McCann Detectives hassling Algarve: 'Leave us alone once and for all'
by Joana Morais   8 years ago

Joana Morais - Page 3 2334

McCann Detectives in Lagos

by Marisa Rodrigues

"Leave us alone once and for all", is the request made by a former Ocean Club employee, in praia da Luz, Lagos, who has been "insistently" contacted by a new group of private investigators hired by the McCann couple.

"They've contacted me three times, by letter, by phone and recently they came knocking at my door. They were two women, one Portuguese another English, searching for evidence to reopen the process, but we want to forget what has happened. We will only answer to questions made by the Judiciary Police", vented the woman in frustration. She is one of the witnesses heard during the investigation to Madeleine's disappearance, in May 2007.

This is an action that the former coordinator of the Portuguese Judiciary Police classifies as "illegal". Even suggesting for "those people to be identified and heard by the police because they are committing a crime."

This revelation comes a day after Wikileaks, quoted by Spanish newspaper "El País", disclosure of the contents of a conversation between the United Kingdom and the United States ambassadors, with the first affirming that the police of his own country had gathered evidence incriminating the child's parents.

"That had been already stated by the PJ and figures on the process. It was the conviction of both police forces, however it had never been assumed from the British side. The only novelty is, that, for the first time, there is someone who is not Portuguese, affirming that there were suspicions against the couple, which reinforces the investigation thesis", said Gonçalo Amaral.

For the family spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, it is "a historical note with more than three years old. Kate and Gerry have seen their status as official suspects lifted, with the Portuguese authorities assuming that there was no evidence that implied them in Madeleine's disappearance."

To JN, a source of the Portuguese Public Relations team hired by the McCann couple [Salvador da Cunha's Lift Consulting], confirmed that there is a "private investigation team" lead by a former UK cop, Dave Edgar, trying to gather proofs to reopen the process, archived back in July 2008.

Yesterday, in a declaration, the Portuguese Attorney General, considered that there are no "new, credible and relevant" facts to determine the reopening of the investigation related to Madeleine McCann.

in Jornal de Notícias

Joana Morais - Page 3 Facebook251110x
McCann couple 'Official Find Madeleine Campaign' Facebook page

Remember to keep donating to the the McCanns' Private Limited Company Fund so they can continue to: McCanns Pressure and Harass Ocean Club Employee; British Police Harass Inocennt Man and Child; Marcos Aragão Correia accused of defaming Gonçalo Amaral; Leaving no Holiday Destination in Peace; Key witness leaves country; Kate and Gerry McCann Threaten to Sue Bloggers; Front Line “After Maddie” - Video Reportage; Tapas Cook Breaks Silence and talks about the McCanns; Witnesses Heard by The PJ in the Maddie Case Were Sounded Out by the McCanns; "Lies destroyed Luz"; Sacked Ocean Club employees are “hurt” at the couple; The many victims of the McCann Media Campaign; McCanns Want Amaral's Family Home; Maddie Case: A Broke Cop; Robert Murat continues to receive death threats and has lost the sense of life; DRAMA AND LIES: How the McCanns use Mari Luz in the Maddie case - The opinion of crime specialists, Maddie: HTFM CyberWarriors Promoting Censorship on Youtube, Shannon Matthews versus Madeleine McCann: A 'class war'?; More Metodo 3 "witnesses" : Lawyer Claims Madeleine Raped, Murdered and Dumped; Detectives Hired by the McCanns want to Frame Gonçalo Amaral; McCann Couple demand Gonçalo Amaral Divorce to be Rewarded; etc, etc.

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Joana Morais - Page 3 Empty Re: Joana Morais

Post by Verdi 08.09.18 0:00

Kate considered committing suicide

by astro 5 years ago

Joana Morais - Page 3 Amaral+bright

Maddie's mother spent her days in panic and anguish. Threats were made on the internet

by:Mariana Paiva

Kate McCann was close to committing suicide. Psychologist Alan Pike [sic, Crisis Counselor], who has been helping the McCann family since 2007, said yesterday in court that she had "dark thoughts". The McCanns demand compensation in the amount of 1.2 million euro from Gonçalo Amaral over damages that were caused by the publication of the book 'The Truth of the Lie', in which the former PJ inspector defends that Maddie died.

Kate told the psychologist that she was so devastated by Gonçalo Amaral's book that "she couldn't bear the days with the panic and the anguish that she felt".

"Kate thought about not being around anymore. She said killing herself was an option to end the trauma she was experiencing. I deduced it was an indication of how she felt rather than something she ever intended to do. Kate was unwell and shared many dark thoughts", Alan Pike said, recalling that Kate spent days crying over the injustice that had been done to Maddie by the people that should be helping her.

Yesterday, Kate's cousin Michael Bright [sic, Wright] , who until 2010 monitored the internet pages and e-mails that were related to Madeleine's disappearance, also testified. He told that on some forums there were several publications inciting to the abduction of twins Sean and Amélie, now aged eight, Maddie's younger siblings. Michael told Gerry and denounced the threats to Leicester Police, in the UK. Nonetheless, he doesn't know if anything was done. He also described the couple's suffering when they learned about the screening of the documentary on TVI. "It was horrible", he said.

Madeleine McCann disappeared on the 3rd of May, 2007, from a tourist resort in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, where she was spending a holiday with her family.

Correio da Manhã, 21.09.2013

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Joana Morais - Page 3 Empty Re: Joana Morais

Post by Verdi 09.09.18 22:08

Exposing a Swindler: The Truth About a Pathological Liar Joana Morais Blogspot

Joana Morais - Page 3 Duartelevy5

Joana Morais
June 19, 2009

In this post I will expose and prove how the so called journalist 'Duarte Levy' is nothing more than a con man, a swindler and a dangerous pathological liar. I was compelled to write this article as a warning for others who may fall prey of his lies and manipulative games, even though the subsequences that will probably originate from here will no doubt be used by persons who have other agendas.

In 2007 I used to follow a few blogs to learn about the Madeleine McCann case, one of those blogs was SOS Maddie, written by a freelance Belgian journalist, 'Duarte Levy'. As many others, I had the impression that 'Duarte Levy' was a man that knew through investigative journalism and that had in his possession documents which he would use as a basis to then write articles about the Madeleine case.

Later in 2008, Duarte Levy wanted to meet me, at the time I was in the North of Portugal at my family's house, and he travelled there to meet me and to talk about the case. What I didn't know at the time is that Duarte Levy 'studies' very well his soon to be victims, before he does the operation 'Charm & Con'.

Anyway let's stop calling this man 'Duarte Levy' since that is not his real name. Let's call him by the name that his Portuguese parents gave him: Nuno Miguel Duarte, being Duarte his family name, a common name in Portugal like Silva or Lopes.

So, in 2008, this man, wanted to meet me. Obviously I was absolutely excited for knowing someone that could fill in the gaps, with whom I could exchange information and ideas. He presented himself as being Duarte Levy, a freelance journalist who worked with The Times, The Sun, Hareetz, La Derniere Heure, El Mundo and several other papers which I don't recall - The Times and El Mundo being the only newspapers that I could confirm the veracity of his allegations [that is regarding the Madeleine McCann affair; previous to that... nothing exists].

When I questioned that his name 'Duarte Levy' didn't appear in the on-line newspapers or that his professional past as a freelance journalist simply wasn't traceable he told me that he wrote under a few alias', one of them being Simon de Bruxelles [profile at; facebook and twitter]; the twitter social profile of Simon de Bruxelles has however a striking similarity with 'Duarte Levy' & 'Arthur Finkelstein' twitter profiles, updates, similar followers, etc... As a final consideration on these three tweeter profiles, I can only assume that the journalist 'Duarte Levy' uses this 'sock puppets' to sustain his own allegations and to, in the public view, assume a credible professional image.

There is also another fake on-line character, just created to praise and divulge his work - a kind of split personality syndrome - named DJorn - which as 'Duarte Levy' himself explained to me was a nick created by adding his name 'Duarte' with 'Jornalista' [Journalist].

Djorn, who is a member of the 3 Arguidos forum, has defended his "master's voice" several times, even affirming that he and Duarte Levy are totally different persons - interestingly Djorn posted several times on the 3 Arguidos forum using - guess what - my own IP address, attributed by TVCABO operator [see screenshots below] - which is odd, to say the least, considering that I never met Djorn. Or did I?

Another interesting situation is how Djorn was also able to connect to the internet via the TMN GPRS operator, an account that 'Duarte Levy' asked me to open for him, affirming that he would pay me every month, since he didn't have a Portuguese home address to give - a condition to have a mobile net service. Yes, gullibly, I opened that account with my name, my home address and ended up paying more than 1000 Euros - and this is not an easy thing to assume in front of unknown persons: I was defrauded.

Moving on and resuming what could become very quickly a long tale.

'Duarte Levy' upholds a professional image that has no basis at all and that no one (not even colleagues) are able to verify, this despite several attempts to corroborate a highly unlikely professional past history; he alleges to have immeasurable contacts and knowledge to the highest levels than can never be verified [José Socrates, Ricardo Paiva, Lopes da Mota, Clarence Mitchell, Paulo Rebelo, etc]; he fantasises, deceives about the possession of explosive documentation whose existence cannot be proved and when confronted or urged to demonstrate the veracity of fantasist allegations, has always a ready-made answer. If pressured, he reacts in an aggressive and/or a victimizing behaviour, never recognizing that he can be in error, even keeping fantasised characters to sustain his allegations.

The conclusion that I arrived is that this man exhibits a pattern of systematic lies, of compulsive nature, he is someone who is a fantasist, a megalomaniac and without any doubts a pathological liar.


Duarte Levy's response SOS Maddie

Duarte Levy

NOTE: All the information published by me on this blog or any other blog, not to mention the media with whom I continue to work, is authentic and has been verified from several sources as required by a journalist. Obviously I am always ready to defend myself against any counter claim. Besides, any matter which does not have a direct connection with my work but is about my private life, in particular comments that were made recently after the end of a romantic relationship that lasted for several months, does not deserve a response... at least not here.


Clean Slate: Exposing a Swindler Part II Joana Morais Blogspot

Joana Morais
June 30, 2009

'When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.' in 'The Sign of the Four' (1890) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Following my initial approach concerning the alleged 'investigative journalism' that is practised by a person that calls himself 'Duarte Levy', and having been confronted with suggestions that I might be merely reacting to a personal problem, I leave you a collection of items that range from the merely doubtful to the outright fantastic.

It is not my concern to discredit the person who produced these so-called facts, but rather to urge people who have been following the Madeleine McCann case, to seriously question these allegations and to start with a fresh clean slate.

The rogatory interviews done with the Tapas 7 in the UK, in April 2008, are legitimate. The DVD process is authentic. The book written by the former coordinator to the case is based on facts pertaining to the investigation - it is there that we should look for the Truth.

What is not true/does not exist/incorrect fabrications :

The 24 photos - The story according to Duarte: a Spanish tourist that was on the night of 3 of May having dinner at the Ocean Club's restaurant known as Tapas Bar takes some photos which show a few of the Tapas group members and how some, like Kate McCann, changed clothes; then the Spanish tourist back in Spain is robbed, his apartment was broken in and the camera with the alleged photos is taken; then the camera and the thief are found by the Spanish police; then Duarte worked as a middle man between the Spanish tourist the PJ and the British media who had an interest and wanted to buy the alleged photos.

Explosive documents left behind by Justine McGuinness - a dossier with documents, and a sketched map that pinpointed a location on Ribeira do Vascão. Duarte knows perfectly well that the 'explosive documents' were in fact a message of a group, inviting the McCanns for a meeting and a prayer for Madeleine.

Interview of Antonio Jiminez in a Spanish jail - Antonio Jimenez, an ex-officer, assistant investigator of Metodo 3 detectives agency who was arrested on drug trafficking charges - this bit is true. What is not true is that he ever met 'journalist Duarte Levy'. In fact, no video recorded interview was made of Antonio Jimenez.

Extra facts that are NOT true:

A debate in Lisbon promoted by 'Duarte Levy' about the McCann case - which never happened in spite of 'Duarte Levy' affirming the contrary. The debate according to him happened in Fábrica Braço de Prata, or in Universidade Lusofona.

A book written in partnership by Duarte Levy and others - sold in advance to the French ladies in his SOS Maddie forum, the book was never sent to the members of that forum, or to any other persons who reserved it. Duarte has stated that his share of the book 'Maddie.Net' was given to the Unicef. [see screenshot below]

SOSMaddie conversation screenshot

Duarte being a good pal with: Paulo Rebelo, Jose Socrates, António José Seguro, Lopes da Mota, Ricardo Paiva, etc.

Duarte being on: Oprah, in Sri Lanka, in Dubai, Aachen, etc..

What we still don't know, and might be based in genuine fact(s) i.e. 1% of truth/99% of falsehood :

The McCanns demanding 100,000-500,000 euros in a non-existent lawsuit

The PJ mole - a family member of one PJ superior officer

A forensics report with 17 matching markers out of 19, when the preliminary report only detailed 15 markers - Duarte Levy claimed he had access to that document in the Portuguese Documentary about Madeleiene McCann in 'Maddie: The Truth of the Lie'.

Levy quote about forensics report

The Tapas who gave interviews to 'Duarte Levy', repentant and who broke the 'McCann's Pact'

Kate McCanns' suicide attempt

Jose Luis Arnault meeting with Gerry McCann

Bob Small coming forward in an interview given to 'Duarte Levy'

The People's photo which by 'Duarte Levy's' account was a lookalike

'Duarte Levy' week in Rothley with the McCanns

The British abandoned cemetery where Madeleine's body is, which sometimes was in Madrid other times was in Huelva and which has a webcam recording 24/7

Clarence Mitchell being a good pal and facilitating information to 'Duarte Levy'

Duarte having numerous contacts in the SIS, PJ, FBI, Mossad, Nasa, etc...

The satellite dish facing Morocco article

The hit and run incident in Barcelona

The room hotel assault where his laptop was stolen

Being arrested at the airport of Madrid upon arrival


Credibility and journalism Gazeta Digital

Paulo Reis

As a journalist since 1982, I always did my best to check and confirm, with several and reliable sources, all facts and information in the articles I published, either alone or co-authored. Serious allegations were raised by Joana Morais, a blogger that I know and respect, concerning the credibility of Mr. Duarte Levy, with whom I co-authored many articles about Madeleine Mccann's investigation.

My credibility is also seriously damaged, due to my association with him. A journalist's credibility takes a long time to build but it's a fragile thing. A single mistake is enough to destroy it. Once lost, it's almost impossible to have it back. So, I decided to stop writing about this case.

Time – and the persistent work of so many people, in hundreds of blogs and dozens of forums, analyzing the large amount of information available – will show what is truth and what is not truth. In the end, I believe, truth will prevail – and that is the most important.

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Joana Morais - Page 3 Empty Re: Joana Morais

Post by Verdi 16.09.18 1:15

Tapas Cook Breaks Silence and talks about the McCanns

by Joana Morais 10 years ago

All the Tapas employees working that night were sacked from the Ocean Club. The former cook from the Tapas Bar gives her story about what happened on that night. The McCanns never left the apartment after the alarm was raised. All the police, locals, and employees from the Tapas bar and Ocean Club never saw the Parents searching for their own daughter. More than 200 employees were interviewed by the PJ.

Journalist on Studio: And tomorrow, 3rd of May marks a year since Madeleine McCann disappeared. There in Praia da Luz, Maria João [name of the other Journalist], good evening, is there any ceremonial service predicted?

[Cut to journalist on location]

Maria João: Here, in the Ocean Club, no, nothing is going to happen here to mark the date, just a mass that will be done tomorrow at 18:30pm in the church of Luz. A bilingual mass which is going to mark one year since the disappearance of Maddie. In relation to the process, there are no new developments expected for the next few days. Only in the 15th the Judge of Criminal Instruction from Portimão’s Court is going to reassess if the process continues or not under Secrecy of Justice. It’s very likely that the process continues like in the last year. Who broke the silence, while we're on the subject, were the Portuguese employees from the Tapas Bar, the restaurant where the couple McCann had dinner in the night of Maddie’s disappearance. Those 8 Portuguese employees didn’t see their contracts renewed this year. They were obliged in the last 12 months to be silent, forbidden to talk with journalists. Since they contracts were not renewed they decided to talk. SIC has spoken with the cook.

[Cut to medium shot of 2 people behind a tree]

Voice over Introduction: She doesn’t ‘show’ her face but a year later and without working in the Ocean Club, Manuela decided that she wasn’t obliged to the silence anymore. The cook [chef] who prepared a ‘Robalo’ [Snook fish/ Sargeant fish] with cuscus [signature dish of the Arab world] and the pepper steak meal the McCanns had to dinner in the night Maddie disappeared was in the griller area 3 meters away from the table of the couple.

[Shot of interior of the Ocean Club, focus on the Tapas Bar]

Manuela, the cook: They had already eaten the main course, [Cut to blurry image of a woman’s face, with a strong southern accent from Algarve], because it was already around 9:30pm when she gave the alarm.

Voice over: This former employee from the Tapas tells that immediately various colleagues left their work posts to help the searches. Meanwhile, in the hours that followed, during most of the time the McCanns stayed inside the apartment.

Manuela: My colleagues were indignated [angered/offended], because they went… One of them even had his feet all red, tired… and he was offended because he went to search though he wasn’t anything related to the girl, and the parents didn’t. [Cut to apartment] They stayed indoors, in the apartment.

[Various shots around the Ocean Club, archive footage of Police and Media]

Voice Over: A year ago, suddenly everything changed in the Ocean Club. The quiet resort, ideal for family holidays, was invaded by police and journalists.

Manuela: The Ocean Club, the Tapas turned into a pandemonium [chaos]. No one could get out, no one could get in. Even if we were married, our husbands couldn’t get in, neither our friends. Everything was surrounded… The security officers didn’t know the employees. They thought the employees were journalists. In the beginning everything was really complicated.

Voice Over: The Judiciary went in a full scale operation to Praia da Luz. For more than a month the investigators created a kind of headquarters in one of the apartments of the Ocean Club. All the employees from the resort were heard.

Manuela: They all went in two… in two hours by two hours, two [referring to the number of people –in pairs], during sometime. Close to a month. We were almost 200 employees.

Voice Over: Manuela remembers of seeing Madeleine sometimes.

Manuela: When the Parents would put her at the crèche, in the babysitters, the kitchen was next to it.

Journalist on location: How was Madeleine’s routine during those holidays? When she entered there, in the Ocean Club?

Manuela: She got in, was delivered to the babysitters. The babysitters would do a class; they would do a group course with the girls. Between 4pm and 4:30pm they had something to eat. In the morning they had a fruit lunch [breakfast?]… And then the parents would come to pick them up at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

Journalist: In the middle of all those children do you remember Maddie?

Manuela: Because she entered there, she would wave goodbye, or say hello…She was really nice [lovely/polite]. She was always smiling.

Voice Over: After the disappearance of the girl, several family members of Kate and Gerry came to the Algarve.

Manuela: I remember that the family members instead of being worried with the family, would go to the pool, rented the tennis court, played tennis… Instead of being worried with the child that was disappeared!

Voice Over: The majority of the employees who was in the Tapas in the night of the Maddie’s disappearance as already left the resort.

Manuela: The contract ended and they sent us to unemployment.

Journalist: All the team that was in the Tapas that night?

Manuela: All the team that was there in that night.

Voice Over: After the disappearance of Maddie, the McCanns stayed in the Ocean Club for more 65 days. In July they moved to a house in the outskirts, away from the journalists eyes. It was there that they stayed until the 9 of September, the day that they went back to England.

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Post by Verdi 17.09.18 12:42

PJ creates new team to investigate the Maddie case
by Joana Morais 5 years ago

Investigation. In view of the existence of new evidence, within days it will be decided who will investigate the disappearance of the English child. Portuguese police deny pressures and say, that despite the “close relationship”, they will run a parallel investigation to the Scotland Yard

by Alfredo Teixeira

Joana Morais - Page 3 FireShot+Screen+Capture+%23122+-+'PressDisplay_com+-+R%C3%A9plicas+de+Jornais+de+Todo+o+Mundo'+-+www_pressdisplay_com_pressdisplay_pt_viewer_aspxThe Judiciary Police (PJ) reopened the investigation concerning the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and they warrant that this time the parents of the girl who disappeared in Praia da Luz, Algarve, days before her fourth birthday, on May 3, 2007, are not suspects. To the DN the Portuguese police disclosed that there are “new evidence” about what has happened to the child while she slept together with her two twin siblings, in the apartment at the tourist resort. They do not disclose the existence of suspects and only reveal that internally, in the coming days, a team will be created to resume the investigation.

When, last week, on the 17th, the PJ hierarchy met with the Scotland Yard assistant commissioner Mark Rowley and DCI Andy Redwood, who heads the approximately 37 agents working in the British investigation, the decision to request the reopening of the investigation to the Public Ministry (MP) was communicated.

The Portuguese police denies any pressure from the English, stressing that they did not cooperate directly with the Scotland Yard investigation. However, information gathered by the English police, mainly related to the past of some people that were referenced in the case files, would have complemented the analysis by the investigation team in Portugal.

“There were elements gathered that have to do with events before the disappearance of the child and others after. Relating them with those contained in the process already archived have raised a more than reasonable doubt about what happened to the child,” said a source close to the investigation to the DN, adding that a in meeting with Gerry and Kate McCann, and the lawyers of the couple, the PJ asked “absolute silence” about the investigation.

At the headquarters of the London Metropolitan Police who have been working on the case for over a year [sic, for over two years], Scotland Yard said to have found new relevant information, based on the forty thousand documents and clues collected by the police forces from Portugal, UK and eight different companies of private detective and just a few days ago they showed e-fits of a suspect.

A source of the PJ that hasn't, however, worked for this process, does not set aside the divulgation of images of the same kind if appropriate. It acknowledges, however, the important of the work done by the Regional Section of Criminal Investigation and Prevention of the PJ from Porto, led by the coordinator Helena Monteiro. Notwithstanding the formal archival of the investigation, that team was on the field since March last year, searching for leads to follow and in order to fill any eventual gaps in the initial investigations.

That reanalysis task has “helped identify new evidence, which by imposing further investigation, meet the requirements set by article 279º no 1 of the Code of Criminal Procedure for the reopening of the investigation.” said the PJ in a statement. “Similarly to what happens in all the cases of missing children, notwithstanding the formal archival of the investigation concerning her disappearance, and as was always publicly stated, the Judiciary Police continued to be attentive to any and all information likely to enable the understanding of the whereabouts of the minor Madeleine McCann, the circumstances in which her disappearance occurred and the identity of its author(s),” the PJ clarified.

Also yesterday, a note from the Attorney General's Office (PGR) said that the Public Ministry (MP) decided to reopen the investigation. It was on July 21, 2008 that the PGR announced the archival of the process concerning the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and removed the status of arguidos from the parents of the English minor and Robert Murat, with the proviso that they could reopen the process at any time if “new elements of evidence” surfaced, evidence which they now claim to exist as the result of the identification of witnesses who were never heard.

Experience in missing people cases

With the investigation archived since July 2008, it was the National Direction of the PJ who, in March 2011 [sic, 2012], assigned to a team of investigators from the North Directorship the task to re-analyse the whole wide range of information in the process, with the objective of identifying information whose further understanding could be revealed useful and possible. Leading the group of four inspectors was the coordinator Helena Monteiro, with experience in missing people cases, namely the young lady from Lamego, Carina Ferreira, whose body was found after a month of searches at the bottom of a ravine near a motorway. Helena Monteiro has worked, among other areas of investigation, in the fight against violent criminality.

Diário de Notícias, October 25, 2013, paper edition

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Post by Verdi 17.09.18 12:48

The Secret Visits of the McCanns to the Church of Luz
by Joana Morais 4 years ago

Joana Morais - Page 3 4926899279_88757fd264_z
Photo by Mike Teskowski 2010 | Courtesy of Pamalam files

Announced visits and other secret, keys provided against the wishes of the Bishop, the priest wife agitated, finished constructions and searches never made​​. What is it that the church of Praia da Luz has?

Joana Morais - Page 3 Image(2)by Hernâni Carvalho

On the night of their daughter's disappearance, the McCann couple asked for a priest. The priest of the Luz church, José Pacheco, did not respond. The couple knew, even before they had gone to Praia da Luz, that the Anglican priest Haynes Hubbard celebrated masses there and lived with his wife. He had a friendship with McCann's family members. It was with him whom they spoke with. Some days later, Gerry and Kate received the church keys, and since then they were able to enter and leave at any time. A situation that was criticized by the Bishop of the Algarve at the time. When questioned on this discretionary act, the priest José Pacheco said: "Do I decide that?!"

McCanns visited the church in secret

"Although our pain feels much rawer here, it is comforting at the same time since we feel closer to Madeleine - we can read in a press statement sent to Lusa news agency in 12th December 2009, by the McCann's Portuguese PR, in connection to the couple's visit to the church. During the day, the visits were announced and followed by the media. The exception was made in the early hours of January 14, 2010 [issues with date/see references bellow]. At 5am they were seen and photographed leaving the church from a side door. In the afternoon they gave a press conference.

Wife of Priest worried

The forensic psychologist Paulo Sargento asked the bishop of the Algarve Dom Manuel Quintas, if any catholic can go to the church at any time.

Hernâni Carvalho - How did you get to talk with the bishop?

Paulo Sargento - I sent a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt early on, in January 2010. Since I got no reply, about a month later, I sent an e-mail with the questions that I had. Four days later, it was the Bishop himself who replied, also by e-mail, apologizing for the delay in the answer. A hearing was scheduled for two or three days later.

Hernâni Carvalho - And you felt clarified?

Paulo Sargento - The hearing took place in February, at the episcopal see of Faro. The Bishop received me kindly. We talked about an hour. I had already been informed about a McCann visit to the church in the early hours and wondered if the Bishop was aware of that and I also wished to understand if any other catholic could do the same. Dom Manuel Quintas confirmed the McCanns had indeed been in the church on that day at 5am, that the person who had given them the key that night was Susan Hubbard, the wife of the Anglican priest, who had a key to the church at all times since her husband celebrated the Anglican mass there. Susan assured the Bishop the McCanns wanted to pray without being harassed by the media. However, the Bishop told me: “I don't understand, that day at 17pm there was a mass where they went, surrounded by the media”. Dom Manuel Quintas also added that when Susan Hubbard found out about my hearing request, she got scared and inclusively, sought him, very worried. The Bishop told me that he answered her queries saying that she should not be so worried if nothing unusual or wrong had happened.

Hernâni Carvalho - Did the Bishop avoid discussing any issues?

Paulo Sargento - No. I'm not going to give you details, but the Bishop was very open and did not flinch at anything I asked to him. He was willing, even, to resume contact for further questions or more information I needed. Interestingly, in that summer (2010), Kate spent a week vacation in Canada, in the house of a family member of Susan Hubbard, the wife of the priest.

Construction Works

Back in 2007, the public area of the Village of Luz had been for months undergoing sanitation improvements and road works. Behind the church there were ongoing construction works. Being a place of worship, various legal issues hampered a search there. At the time, PJ sources admitted to the possibility that the girl's body could have passed through that location, or even, to have been buried in the deactivated cemetery.

End of page 98

Joana Morais - Page 3 Image(3)The Big Bluff

The British police came to Portugal to investigate the Maddie case. They dug and went into the sewers looking for a dead girl or clues that could lead to her whereabouts. The PJ had said the very same and had done those searches seven years ago.

“A movie for the English to see”, said an elderly lady, mockingly, to CMTV recently. One and a half year ago the English police announced that they would find the girl in a few days. So far nothing. Scotland Yard's work in Portugal is discussed by all in a very critical way. “They haven't done anything that our PJ hasn't done years ago”, stated a Portuguese in the same area. The searches are causing discontent among tourists and locals as they consider them detrimental to tourism, now that the peak season begins.

Show Off

The British police wanted the searches to be accompanied by the media but the PJ refused. Since the 2nd of June, Praia da Luz in Lagos has a large team of policemen, geologists, archaeologists, cutting edge technology and also sniffer dogs. They all come from England “under the supervision of PJ and the Public Prosecutor Office”. In addition there are PJ inspectors, GNR military officers on foot and horseback and Portuguese forest sappers. A setting worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster movie.

Stones, socks and bottles

The searches and excavations of the English police in Luz highlights the acknowledgement that they are looking for a body. The PJ had reached that same conclusion seven years ago. The English police began by excavating a field near Rua 25 de Abril, 600 meters away from the apartment from where the girl disappeared. An area equal to three football fields, a slope hill, which belongs to the Belmiro de Azevedo Group [SONAE] and is frequented by locals and tourists for leisurely walks. They collected animal bones, two cannabis plants, stones, soil samples, a sock and bottles and kept everything in boxes.


There are no findings to sustain the theory of the British authorities. They argue that Maddie's body is in that place or that there are clues that may lead to her whereabouts. They also claim that they have a group of eight suspects(?). Explaining that they have extended the searches because they have concluded (only now?) that the terrain is more difficult to analyse than predicted. These places had already been thoroughly searched by the Portuguese police immediately after the disappearance of the girl. In fact, until September 11, 2007, the PJ had investigated over 2500 false leads.

Millions of Euros

The 37 officers of the London Metropolitan Police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine have cost the British Crown about 6 million pounds (7.4 million euros). Besides the first investigation, Portugal has had a team of six inspectors of the PJ in Faro, for months, just to carry out the the steps requested by the British and another team of inspectors from the Northern Directorate of PJ, doing a review of the first investigation for the last two years. No one has, so far, established the total cost to our country. The McCanns moved in early July 2007 for the Villa Vista Mar. At the average values of the property market at the time, the total rent was calculated to have surpassed 6000 euros. The Renault Scénic where biological traces were found, allegedly belonging to Maddie, was rented for 113 days, at the list price it costed 7990 euros.

3 May 2007

In Praia da Luz in the Algarve, the parents of Madeleine, who would be four years old just a few days later, cried "abduction" when they noticed Maddie had disappeared from the apartment where they had left her alone with her ​​younger twin siblings. "Homicide", said the PJ a few days later. After a lot of press, suspects, searches, investigations to everyone's taste and seven years later, there is nothing.

in TVMais magazine, Nº1117, 13 to 19 June 2014, paper edition, pages 98 & 99 - with many thanks to Maria

En Español en el blog de Mercedes
Em Português no blogue da Maria

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Post by Verdi 28.09.18 16:47

UK police chief hits back at Portuguese detective’s claims

by astro 9 years ago

The head of Leicestershire Police has rejected claims from a former Portuguese detective that his officers withheld a witness statement from the Madeleine McCann inquiry.

Joana Morais - Page 3 Chris+Eyre

Chris Eyre, the Temporary Chief Constable, said “I can assure you that at no time were statements withheld and not passed on.”

Goncalo Amaral, the Algarve detective who was removed the inquiry early on, made his claim in a book, which is now banned.

Mr Eyre responded after Freedom of Information requests were submitted by the Sunday Express.

A team of Leicestershire family officers went to Portugal on 5 May 2007 to support the McCanns.

It has also emerged that the Foreign Office has withheld details about the investigation so as not to damage relations between Britain and Portugal.

An individual submitted Freedom of Information requests to get details of negotiations by John Buck, Britain’s former ambassador to Portugal.

The then Information Commissioner Richard Thomas refused in case it caused Portugal to lose trust in Britain’s discretion.

in: Sunday Express, 08.11.2009, paper edition only


David Payne May Hold the Key to Maddie's Mystery

«Since the 16th of May 2007, the British authorities possess an official formal complaint presented by Katherine and Arul Gaspar, regarding suspicions about David Payne's behaviour which might be consistent with paedophilia acts.

These statements only entered the Portuguese Public Ministry's Process of investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance in January 2008 - the third version of the famous rogatory letters had already been sent to the Home Office - read: 'English tantrum delays McCanns process'. It is unknown if these statements were followed up by both forces in the United Kingdom and in Portugal.

The Gaspars, both doctors and former friends of the Paynes and of the McCanns, explain in the following statements what led them to present the criminal complaint: the time was in September of 2005, the place Majorca.»

McCann Case: Foreign Office Secrets

«The complainant said the release was in the public interest in order to uphold public confidence that British authorities do everything possible to help find missing children, reassure people the authorities keep in close contact with the police involved in the search and ensure public funds are used effectively to help find missing children.

But the Commissioner said in his decision that the disclosure would offend the Portuguese authorities.

He went on to say: “..even now, to disclose full information about the then ambassador’s communications with the Portuguese authorities then, on a balance of probabilities, substantial damage to the international relationship would result.”

He added: “The Commissioner is mindful of the need for the UK authorities to be seen to be worthy of trust by their foreign counterparts in Portugal and elsewhere in the world.

“He sees significant risk that disclosure of confidences or of other sensitive material would have damaging implications for any possible further developments on this matter and any relevant future investigations in Portugal or elsewhere in the world. This would not be in the best interests of the McCann family, including Madeleine, or of other UK citizens travelling to Portugal or elsewhere outside the UK.”»

Full decision - PDF document

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Post by Verdi 13.10.18 1:53

Extraordinary to me that Gonçalo Amaral claims to have focused on Robert Murat, leading to him being named arguido, on the hersay of some UK journalistic hack who thought Murat behaved suspiciously.  Done up like a kipper..

Robert Murat was accused by 2 British "journalists"
by Joana Morais 11 years ago

Sky's Ian Woods speaks to a British journalist in the Algarve who contacted police with suspicions about Robert Murat. Lori Campbell of the Sunday Mirror describes Murat as a 'vague character', claiming he lied to her about his role in the inquiry. In this video they admit that they did the spinning about Robert Murat.

Lori Campbell after 6 months said:
Why I had to tell cops Murat fear

I FELT I had no option but to call the police when I met Robert Murat just three days after Madeleine's disappearance.

At the time, I wasn't sure if I had done the wrong thing to speak up.
But if Murat has been hiding a dark secret, at least I know I did all I could to help police uncover the truth.

This week, I was asked to go to the HQ of Metodo 3 - the private investigators hired by the McCanns.

They wanted me to give evidence in Barcelona about what I saw and heard of Murat.
I was interviewed by the firm's chief, Francisco Marco, and two of his colleagues. He asked me to give a detailed statement of everything Murat said to me when we spoke outside the McCanns' apartment.

They were intensely interested as I told how he claimed he was a translator working for the Portuguese police and, as such, had offered to brief me on the investigation. I explained how he was always present at the scene during the first few days.

They asked why I became suspicious of him and I described how his behaviour unnerved me. He asked me more questions than he answered and shifted nervously when I quizzed him about his own background.

He fuelled suspicion by professing intimate knowledge of the probe, saying police had searched a three kilometre radius and found nothing and he believed Madeleine had been spirited away to Spain as police took 15 hours to alert border police.

Murat also told me he had spoken to Kate and Gerry the day after Madeleine vanished, describing them as being "distraught" and "panicked".

The Daily Mail reports that British diplomats 'were told to avoid offering support to Murat

El Mundo claims a Foreign Office document, dated May 17, justified the order because of "the specific nature of the case" and because British diplomats "were already helping Madeleine McCann's parents."

Three family liaison officers from Leicestershire Police also flew to the area to assist the couple, both 39-year-old doctors from Rothley, Leicestershire.

And ten days later the Foreign Office sent press officers Sheree Dodd and Clarence Mitchell to Praia da Luz to help with the media.

El Mundo claims Robert Murat's only support was a meeting with two low ranking diplomats some weeks after he was named as a suspect.

His mother Jenny, 71, tried but failed to arrange a meeting with British Embassy staff, it said.

In desperation she travelled to the UK to speak with her local MP, complaining of a lack of support from the British authorities.

The MP contacted the Foreign Office and met two diplomatic staff from the Algarve.

The MP was assured Robert Murat would receive the same support given to the McCanns, but only if he was formally charged, the newspaper reported.

Two MPs plan to raise the issue of the different standards of support in Parliament in January, lawyer Francisco Pagarete claims.

The paper reported: "An internal document, sent by the Foreign Office of the United Kingdom, orders British diplomats 'to avoid offering support' to Robert Murat, one of the suspects in the Maddie case, unless charges are presented against him."

British Ambassador to Portugal John Buck joined the McCanns in the Algarve shortly after Madeleine vanished from the family's rented holiday apartment in Praia da Luz

The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made" - Groucho Marx
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Joana Morais - Page 3 Empty Home Interview Pedro do Carmo PJ Pedro do Carmo: "Maddie's parents are not suspects. Period." Pedro do Carmo: "Maddie's parents are not suspects. Per

Post by Verdi 20.10.18 0:50

Pedro do Carmo: "Maddie's parents are not suspects. Period."

by Joana Morais   1 year ago

Joana Morais - Page 3 Mw-1920

In an interview with Expresso newspaper, the deputy director of the Judiciary Police, Pedro do Carmo, argues that no police in the world could guarantee results different from those obtained so far in Portugal in the case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

"We had never had and did not have a similar case again"

By Hugo Franco

I's a ten year old mystery that still divides the public opinion and intrigues the Portuguese and English authorities that investigate the case. What happened to Madeleine Beth McCann, the 4-year-old English girl who disappeared from the Ocean Club apartment in Praia da luz (Lagos) on the night of May 3, 2007 - 10 years ago the next Wednesday? The Judiciary Police (PJ) has some suspicions and a certainty: it was not the parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, who harmed to the child born in Leicester.

In September 2007, the McCanns were constituted as arguidos by the the Portuguese Justice but in the following year the case was closed for lack of evidence. It was reopened by the PJ in 2013 and continues to be investigated simultaneously with Scotland Yard. To this day, however, despite hundreds of leads and sightings of Maddie, no one was charged or convicted and the girl, who would have been 14 years old, has never been found.

Until the process was archived in 2008, there were three lines of investigation by the Judiciary Police on the case. Hypothesis 1: the parents accidentally killed their daughter and then concealed the body. Hypothesis 2: Maddie was abducted by a group linked to the trafficking of minors and sold for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Hypothesis 3: The child was killed following an abduction that went wrong.

Did the reopening of the case in 2013 open up more investigative lines than the three that were followed at that time?

I cannot speak about the investigation. What I can say is that the PJ remains convinced that there are elements that can still be worked and that can lead to some results. If it is not possible to achieve this result, at least we want to get some answers to the many questions that the case generates. Ultimately, to get to a point where the PJ concludes that there is nothing more that can be done to answer those questions.

Did Scotland Yard's entry into action in the case back in 2011 delivered results?

Since they've also decided to open an investigation, the contacts between the PJ and Metropolitan Police have been regular. There has been a constant exchange of information, which has been positive. This exchange of information remains. It can even be said that the relationship between the two police forces is of great proximity and great collaboration.

The reconstruction of the night of May 3, 2007, as the PJ investigators initially intended, with the presence of the McCanns and their English friends at the scene (that never happened due to the group's lack of willingness to return to Praia da Luz) would it have been essential to better understand what happened to the English girl?

I do not want to talk about what happened up to 2008. This has been sufficiently debated at its appropriate place.

Any idea how many people were heard in total in this case?

No. But certainly several hundred people.

Ten years on after the events at Praia da Luz, why do you think the case is still so much debated?

First because there was a deliberate and legitimate effort on the part of the child's parents in keeping the issue on the agenda of the media. But there are also other elements, such as the circumstances of the disappearance. Ten years later we still do not know what happened, which makes it possible to say, at least in relation to Portugal, that this is a unique case. We had never had one, and we did not have a similar case again. There were other cases of disappearances of children where it was not possible to bring the perpetrators to justice. But in those cases we either caught someone or it was possible for the police to understand what had happened. In this case we are not yet in a position to say what is behind the disappearance. This makes it a unique case. And maybe an extremely rare case worldwide.

Do you hope to know the truth about what happened on the night of May 3, 2007 in Praia da Luz?

Of course that's what motivates us. It is that hope that keeps us working on the investigation.

As you said in a recent interview, the Maddie case is a thorn on the side of the Judiciary Police?

Although I have used this expression into the conversation, it is not the term 'thorn on the side'. It is in the DNA of the Judiciary Police to solve all the crimes that as a duty to investigate. Whenever this does not happen it is something that will not leave us, and can not leave us, satisfied. We are very demanding with our work. In this case, we are not satisfied and remain committed to resolve the case.

Is the PJ still learning from this case ten years on?

We like to learn from every case and we also want to learn from this one. But only after we know what has happened will we be able to draw conclusions from it: understand what we have done well and less well. And we have not yet reached that point. We want to learn lessons from it in its due time.

The English media again insinuates that Portugal continues to be a country that cannot solve a case of this dimension. But the British police have not done better. Can the English public opinion change since Scotland Yard has not been successful, either?

We are not insensitive to others' opinions but our responsibility and commitment is with our fellow citizens. The Portuguese have every reason to be proud and trust their Judiciary Police, which proves on a daily basis its capacity, effectiveness and competence. Difficult cases exist in all countries. The results sometimes take time to arrive and this is also true for all countries. Our expectation is that there is a capacity for everyone to understand that this is so. No police anywhere in the world could guarantee different results.

So would a case like this one have the same results today anywhere else in the world?

I would not say it would have the same results. I would say is that in a case like this one there would be no guarantee of having different results anywhere else in the world. No police in any part of the world could guarantee different results, up to this moment, from those the Judiciary has achieved.

Would the PJ have done something different today in this investigation?

That is a conclusion that we can only reach after the moment we know what has happened or have reached a point where it is not possible to do anything more to clarify the case. And we have not yet reached that point.

Do you think it was a mistake to have the McCann couple constituted as arguidos in September 2007?

Obviously, I will not answer that question. But what I can say, just as I did back in 2011 and 2013, is that Maddie's parents are not suspects. That statement remains: the parents are not suspects. Period.

in Expresso, May 2, 2017

The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made" - Groucho Marx
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Joana Morais - Page 3 Empty Re: Joana Morais

Post by Verdi 23.10.18 1:49

Aha - a lady with me own heart who can see through the media spin - good publicity v. bad publicity, it's all the same just as long as it prevents an appearance before a court of law winkwink ..

The Express, Some exclusive McCann spin, and the use of Mari Luz death
by Joana Morais 11 years ago
"Dead girl linked to hunt for Madeleine"

Joana Morais - Page 3 1658242Has the Express group done a deal with the McCanns? After pulling all the articles about the McCanns from their on-line Newspapers, we now know the McCanns and their Carter Ruck Lawyers were to sue the Express Newspapers for around £4m.

Clarence Mitchell said: "We are extremely unhappy with The Express Group's coverage. We always said it was the worst amongst all the tabloids."

Again I ask, it strikes me that the British press in general, like the Daily Mail, the Sun or the Mirror, have been publishing identical stories, many fed by Clarence Mitchell, sometimes copied from the Portuguese Press , so why are they going after the Express group in particular?

Apparently, a deal was done, maybe some money was thrown in for no libel action and some exclusive McCann spin?

So, just like before when Mari Luz was reported to be missing, a connection was made to Madeleine's alleged kidnapping (a previously dismissed link by the Spanish Police).

Today, the day that some respect should be given to the grieving family of Mari Luz Cortés, the Express reports about a dead girl, not even writing Mari Luz name, and a link to Madeleine.

And as if this wasn't enough five hours after the news about the recovery of Mari Luz's body, there were already various similar articles (like press releases) stating how the McCanns feel:

«Gerry and Kate McCann have offered their prayers and sympathy to the family of a missing five-year-old Spanish girl whose body is reported to have been found.

A spokesman for the McCanns said they were aware of reports that the body of Mari Luz Cortes had been discovered in the southern Spanish city of Huelva, just 120 miles away from where their daughter Madeleine disappeared.

Mr and Mrs McCann, from Rothley, Leicestershire, sent Mari Luz's parents messages of support after her disappearance and the British couple had also planned to include her in their poster campaign in Spain.

The McCanns' spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, said: "Kate and Gerry are aware of the reports and it's clearly very upsetting for them.

"Their thoughts and prayers are with her family at this time.

"Kate and Gerry had kept a very close eye on the search for Mari Luz and they felt there was a degree of connection between the two families.

"They sent messages of support after she went missing."»

How low can they go?

'There are some things that should be done with dignity and with privacy.
Sending a message of condolence to the Cortés family is one of them. In fact sending any message of condolence to anybody should be done with dignity and in private. It shouldn't be released to the press in a press release, hours after the poor child has been found.'

It's a press release, notice the similarities between the three texts:

McCanns in prayers for Spanish girl
Channel 4 News, UK
A spokesman for the McCanns said they were aware of reports that the body of Mari Luz Cortes had been discovered in the southern Spanish city of Huelva, ...

McCanns in prayers for Spanish girl
The Press Association
A spokesman for the McCanns said they were aware of reports that the body of Mari Luz Cortes had been discovered in the southern Spanish city of Huelva, ...

McCanns offer sympathy
TeleText, UK
The body of Mari Luz Cortes is believed to have been found in Huelva, 120 miles from where Madeleine vanished last May. The McCanns sent Mari Luz's parents ...


McCanns: Is it all about money?
Previously we noticed the Express group, pulling articles about the McCanns from their on-line Newspapers: the Daily Express, the Sunday Express, the Daily Star and the Daily Star Sunday. We wondered why?

Mari Luz Cortés has gone missing and the main focus regarding this ...
As many of you know, Heulva is approximately a 2 hour drive from Praia da Luz and we went there in early August to publicise Madeleine’s disappearance. Hearing of the probable abduction of Mari Luz Cortesa * has brought many awful ...

Mari Luz Cortés, missing in Huelva
A spokesman for the Spanish National Police said: "A thoroughly intense search is being carried out by more than 100 officers, but so far there has been no definite sign of Mari Luz." He said Portuguese police were alerted because ...

Parents of missing Mari Luz are against her image being used in a ...
The Cortés family say they are against a poster campaign launched in Spain by the McCann family which shows images of four year old Madeleine alongside their daughter, Mari Luz, who disappeared in Huelva on 13th January, ...

Disgraceful use of the Cortes family
Mari Luz
Cortés’s parents have made clear their rejection of the possibility that their daughter should appear on the posters together with the British girl Madeleine McCann, because of their understanding that the investigations of ...

How the McCanns use Mari Luz in the Maddie case
Is there a correlation between the McCann family and the disappearance of Mari Luz, the 5 year old Huelva girl whose whereabouts are unknown since January 13? Francisco Moita Flores has no doubts: “Of course they’re appropriating it and ...

British media circus: Mari Luz is a boy and Huelva is in Portugal
It is only 120 miles from Praia da Luz. Officers are investigating a travelling circus in the area at the time. (Mari Luz changed to a boy) Telegraph: Private detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are looking ...

Mccanns: Perverting the course of justice a new marketing ploy?
It is therefore hardly surprising, that the disappearance of Mari Luz prompted the search for identifications with the Maddie case, leading to the comfortable and opportunistic theory that there are connections between both cases, ...

Missing Girl Connected to McCann Case?
The British Media, The McCann's Team and Clarence Mitchell try to sell us the story that the cases of Mari Luz Cortes and the Madeleine's Case are somehow connected. Why would anybody who can just simply snatch a child from the street ...

Posters ... Not a sign of them!
The McCanns promised to "flow" the south of Spain with 18 thousand posters with the images of the three missing children ' Madeleine, Mari Luz and Yeremi - but the truth is that in Huelva, yesterday, there was no sign of the posters. ...

Mccann's Photo-Fit has No Connection with the Case
The fund that supports the searches to find Mari Luz, the Spanish girl that disappeared 11 days ago in Huelva, has already achieved one hundred thousand euros, Luis Molina, the family's spokesman, has confirmed to CM. ...

New Sketch Of 'Creepy Madeleine Suspect'
Mari Luz Cortés kidnapping to create a very "real" (to be read forged ) opportunity of a Gypsy/Iberian (Mediterranean) looking type of man abducting Madeleine. Janne Tanner Previous Versions ...


The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made" - Groucho Marx
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Joana Morais - Page 3 Empty Re: Joana Morais

Post by Verdi 25.10.18 12:49

Rent-a-Cop Dave Edgar: 'Maddie is alive, and well, and living in Portugal'

by Joana Morais   9 years ago  
Joana Morais - Page 3 Mail-16-8-9-edgar
the seventh suspect? more to come?

By Jonathan Corke

MISSING Madeleine McCann could be still alive and just a few miles from the Portuguese resort where she vanished in 2007, investigators believe.

Former detective inspector Dave Edgar, who is leading the hunt, made a secret visit to Praia da Luz at the beginning of last week.

On his return, he said it was a “very distinct possibility” that Maddie could be living in a poor country district inland from the holiday area.

A source told the Daily Star Sunday: “The areas that Dave’s team have focused on are very rural. There are no tourists around there at all. He believes Madeleine could be held in such an area.”

Wednesday will mark 1,000 days since the youngster’s disappearance during a holiday with her doctor parents, Kate and Gerry McCann.

Mr Edgar is convinced she was kidnapped and his team are still receiving a “substantial number” of calls and e-mails containing new information. While previous inquiries have led officers as far afield as Argentina and Australia, the focus is now firmly back in Portugal. The source went on: “They believe the answer lies in Praia da Luz. New information continues to come in.”

Links between the case and at least five sex attacks on British children near Praia da Luz have been ruled out.

Many known paedophiles in the area have also been discounted.

But investigators would still like to speak to convicted Brit sex offender Raymond Hewlett, 64, who was staying near Praia da Luz at the time of the disappearance.

And we can reveal that some British holidaymakers who were also staying at the Mark Warner Ocean Club have not co-operated with the investigation.

Our source said: “There are a small number of individuals who, for their own reasons, have refused to speak.”

Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for Kate and Gerry, said the probe would continue until Madeleine is found. The family hope that a star-studded fund-raising dinner on Wednesday will help boost diminishing funds.

Sir Richard Branson, JK Rowling and presenter Nicky Campbell are backing the event, at London’s Kensington Roof Gardens. And 1,000 lanterns will be released into the sky from 20 venues across Britain and Portugal.

Joana Morais - Page 3 4thbirthdaypdl
Kate and Gerry McCann, nine days after the «alleged abduction»

Mr Mitchell said: “It’s a painful date for Kate and Gerry. But they remain as determined as ever.”

in Daily Star [Express Group]

All information regarding Madeleine Beth McCann disappearence should be forwarded to the only official and criminal Police force that can investigate in Portugal, not to rent-a-cops or dubious organizations, nor to Police forces that withhold vital information for more than 5 months. Please forward any information that can help re-open the archived investigation of Maddie's disappearence to the Portuguese Judiciary Police in Portimão at:

Departamento de Investigação Criminal de Portimão
Rua Pé da Cruz, nº2, 8500-640 Portimão
Telefone: +351 282 405 400
Fax: +351 282 412 763
Piquete: +351 282 427 671

In a total of ten vehicles and several houses, the cadaver dogs only signaled cadaver odour and human blood scent in Kate's trousers, on the soft toy 'Cuddlecat', on a child's red t-shirt, behind the sofa in the McCanns' apartment, in the wardrobe at the McCann's bedroom and in the car rented by the McCanns 24 days after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, on the 3rd of May of 2007, in Praia da Luz, Algarve.

The exams made at the Forensic Science Service in Birmingham to the aforementioned evidences collected at the crime scene originated a report stating that there was a match of 15 alleles in 19 to Madeleine's DNA profile.

«The investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, in Praia da Luz, in May 2007, started as if it was an abduction. But “Kate and Gerry McCann were made arguidos because the elements that were collected during the investigation pointed towards death, simulation of abduction and concealment of the child’s cadaver”, chief inspector Tavares de Almeida, one of the PJ investigators who held the case until he was removed from it – in early September 2007 – when he requested the change of the coercion measures into preventive custody “to prevent them from leaving Portugal”, said in court yesterday.

“We always spoke about an accidental death. Even prosecutor Magalhães Menezes [holder of the process] believed in Maddie’s death, just like Kate herself, at a given point in time. But the PJ does not have the power to accuse and the process was archived”, Tavares de Almeida explained – in front of the McCann couple – during the first session of the opposition to the injunction that prohibited the sale of former PJ inspector Gonçalo Amaral’s book ‘The Truth of the Lie’.

“The dogs detected blood and cadaver odour in the apartment and in the rented car. And all that was collected was [done] jointly with members of the Birmingham laboratory, in order to avoid any discrepancies. But, as incredible as this may sound, after the first result showed that 15 out of 19 alleles from the sample of Madeleine’s DNA coincided, they came and said that they had contaminated the samples”, Tavares de Almeida accused.

The thesis of death and cadaver concealment was also defended by inspector Ricardo Paiva, who served as the liaison officer between the PJ and the British family. “I share Gonçalo Amaral’s statement in the book. Maddie dies, probably in a tragic accident, and all indications point towards the parents concealing the cadaver”, he stated.

The thesis was defended by the director of the National Counter-Terrorism Unit, Luís Neves – ‘the simulation of abduction, concealment of cadaver and accidental death are possibilities’ – and by prosecutor Magalhães e Menezes – ‘it is more likely that the child is dead’.» in Maddie died and the parents concealed

The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made" - Groucho Marx
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