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Colin Sutton: Met only interested in proving McCann parents innocent

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Re: Colin Sutton: Met only interested in proving McCann parents innocent

Post by aquila on 20.07.17 12:09

Colin Sutton, personally chose to make some form of declaration to the worldwide Press. Colin, then went on to speak to the Australian media alongside Pat Brown, both by invitation.

Nothing that either have said helps Madeleine McCann.

Pat Brown, went on to say she was busy packing for a holiday in Cuba when the call came and she rushed to give an interview.

Colin Sutton, gave an interview with the Australian Press (not the Murdoch press by the way) and the whole thing turned into a disgraceful circus. Colin Sutton, then went on to give audience to the UK Press at the time of the tenth anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance.

Colin Sutton, has a media career. He's up for sale to the highest bidder in my opinion and the media will pay him thousands upon thousands for a bit of tittilation.

Colin Sutton, has not once substantiated anything he said concerning the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, to the point he has said nothing since his media storm.

Imagine you are Madeleine McCann, and surrounded by such deviance.

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Re: Colin Sutton: Met only interested in proving McCann parents innocent

Post by hogwash on 06.08.17 23:13

Daily Mail having a go at Colin Sutton's failure to review correct CCTV which led to another murder, his first mistake in 30 years.

Colin went to apologise to the murdered girls family and he said they were "incredibly accepting of the mistake. It was amazing really".

But Colin got Bellfield behind bars  thumbsup

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Re: Colin Sutton: Met only interested in proving McCann parents innocent

Post by Verdi on 06.08.17 23:46

What a pity he can't/won't pursue the alleged call from a very senior police officer warning him away from leading what was to become Operation Grange,  because of a proposed limited remit.

You have to wonder how many other major bloopers lay at his door.  The police don't generally admit to their officers crass faux-pas - all part of the 'under cover' operations policy.

Justice for Madeleine McCann !!!

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Re: Colin Sutton: Met only interested in proving McCann parents innocent

Post by Jill Havern on 09.02.18 9:36

Friday, 9 February 2018

Sutton is the name, meddling is the game

1. Introduction
There’s only one certainty about Gemma O’Doherty’s article on the McCanns published in the Village Magazine, on Saturday, Feb 3 2017, and which is best expressed in a popular Portuguese expression: the mountain gave birth to a mouse [a montanha pariu um rato].
It was disheartening, that’s a fact.

In it and around it, it has many other facts, open to interpretation. As always, we will say what we think and leave it for the readers to make their own judgement about our opinions.
I promised a friend on the night before the article was due to be published, that I would tell her on a scale on 1 to 10 what I felt about it once I read it. On Saturday, I told her this “I think it’s a 3 or a 7, note that is not from 3 to 7 but one or the other, but I’m still not sure what value to give it”.
We have since changed our minds and have downgraded that 3 into a 2.

2. Meddling
When we saw that Colin Sutton was part of the article as a reliable source we knew instantly that the article had been meddled with by the other side. We will get back to Gemma later but it only took this for us to see she is not the independent journalist she claims to be. Nor the magazine is as independent as it claims to be.
This post will be about Colin Sutton but do keep In mind that in reality it isn’t, as it’s about Gemma O’Doherty’s article.
But Sutton’s presence in it is so important that we feel that it merits being analysed in depth and hopefully at the end of the post our readers will agree with us.
The article says this about Sutton “According to media reports. Sutton had been tipped to head up the new probe by British police in 2010. He claims he received a call shortly after these reports from a high-ranking friend in the Met who warned him not to take on the job as he would not be happy being told what he could and could not look at.”
We dealt with this in detail in our post “New knight in town” and we shall repeat here the motto we invented then “Shalt thou speak against the McCanns and thine is the glory, the respect and the awe owed to a hero by his fellow citizens”.

More here:
Jill Havern

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Re: Colin Sutton: Met only interested in proving McCann parents innocent

Post by willowthewisp on 09.02.18 16:23

Hi GoGetemGoncalo,  It is quite clear that Mr Colin Sutton has joined the Madeleine McCann case involvement at a precarious point on Operation Grange-Farce and isn't as Independent as he seems,he is One of the Boys in blue remember!
He(CS) may come across as One of the"good copper's" as opposed to the Bad cop"Amaral" you know the One who was actually involved in trying to find Madeleine,whilst the parents never really searched for her,their words!

The Evidence from "Textusa"article shows how the Metropolitan Police Service/Gold Group,have been involved from the start of the case 3 May 2007,via Leicestershire Police force.
It is/has been a"Cover Up"by various factions,PR people within a Government Network, but why is the $64,000 dollar question,they(Government)do not wish to answer for all their collusion?
The UK Government actually used"National security,D-Notice" to obstruct the MSM from enquiring as to what had happened to Madeleine McCann,now isn't that strange?
Interpol has been alerted to find the wherabouts of Madeleine McCann,yet the Government slaps on a D-notice,secure for 100 yrs?
The UK Police has been shown to be involved in Madeleine McCann's case, So why haven't they with"first hand Knowledge"still not been able to bring any persons before a Court of Law,nearly eleven Years after Madeleine,suddenly disappeared from an Un-locked apartment,with no signs of an abduction,yet Madeleine is still thought to be alive and well by certain persons?
Is this a sign of,"Cognitive Dissonance" of how the UK Police Force work on certain protracted cases,of difficulty to digest based around a certain collective group,with associates to the Murdochs,"We'Er All In This Together,eh Rebekah,Leveson!

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