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When the Alarm was Raised David, What Did You See?

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Re: When the Alarm was Raised David, What Did You See?

Post by Phoebe on 14.05.18 21:10

I admit I know next to nothing about statement analysis but a line from David Payne's rogatory statement referring to Kate's behaviour made even sceptical me pay attention.

 1485  Reply  "It was just, you know, there was, there just no, there was nothing that she did that I thought was unlike someone who had not had their child abducted and there was everything that I'd expect to be."

In other words, Kate's behaviour was perfectly in keeping with someone who had NOT had their child abducted. Whether he genuinely made this brain leakage comment or there is an error in the written version I don't know. If not an error then it's a bit of a slip-up I reckon.

Another comment of Payne's in his rogatory statement also gives me pause for thought. He claims that a woman "from upstairs" came into 5A on the night of the "abduction" and attempted to console Kate. Who was this woman, was it Mrs. Fenn, or Mrs. Moyes. I don't recall a witness statement from anyone from upstairs who entered 5A and witnessed there the immediate aftermath of the abduction alarm.

Reply "Not at all. She  (Yvonne Martin) was someone I'd certainly say to, to keep clear of you know and I, and I think pretty much I was saying look you know, appreciate your concern at this stage but you know it's not the right time to be talking to her, if you want to leave a card then you know perhaps there might be a time in the future but you know can you just leave us please, and that was you know the basics of the conversation that I had with her. Err you know her timing was just completely off, err you know there was, I say there was someone else who visited on the night that she was abducted, I think she was from the upstairs and she was again you know trying to say there, there Kate, you're alright, and again it was just completely inappropriate timing"


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