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Did tannerman exist or not? - Page 5 Mm11

Did tannerman exist or not? - Page 5 Regist10

Did tannerman exist or not?

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Did tannerman exist or not? - Page 5 Empty Re: Did tannerman exist or not?

Post by aiyoyo on 15.12.13 10:17

Diane Webster rogatory
4078 "Do you remember if you saw Madeleine that day?”
Reply"I don’t think I did see her that day because the fact that we’d gone down to the beach in the afternoon and we hadn’t got the kid, the high tea, had we gone to the high tea err with the children then yes we would have seen her, but err I don’t recollect err seeing her because in the morning at the tennis she would have been in the kids club.”
4078 "And if the time that you were watching the men play tennis, well if it was that day or a different day, can you remember much about that time if that’s sort of clear in your mind?”
Reply "What, in relation to…”
4078 "If, I’m just, it seemed to be clearer in your mind than some other things, you said you can remember standing there and the courts were lower and you can remember standing watching.”
Reply "Well yeah I can remember err I can remember watching the men playing tennis but I can’t put a day on it, I can’t, I can’t remember err I don’t know if it was that, I don’t think it was that night I think it might be another night.”
4078 "Okay.”
Reply "Because err when err when Madeleine went missing I, you know, I, my memory would have been fresher then and I don’t, I don’t remember seeing her on that day.

That says it all. The Police knew.....


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