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Not all sexual predators the same, expert teaches Mm11

Not all sexual predators the same, expert teaches Regist10

Not all sexual predators the same, expert teaches

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Not all sexual predators the same, expert teaches Empty Not all sexual predators the same, expert teaches

Post by Olympicana_Reloaded on 29.08.13 3:59

Not all sexual predators the same, expert teaches 130827_SULLIVAN_2__16880994

Dr. Joe Sullivan, a forensic psychologist from Ireland, is in Winnipeg sharing his expertise on sexual predators with police, social workers and border guards.

HE figures he has sat across the table from thousands of sexual predators trying to figure out what makes them tick.

Now a renowned expert on child exploitation has brought his skills to Winnipeg to help protect local children from being victimized.

Dr. Joe Sullivan, a forensic psychologist from Ireland, is currently spending two weeks in Winnipeg leading workshops with more than 150 police officers, social workers, border guards and justice officials.

It's the first project of its kind in Canada and one all parties agree will better protect the most vulnerable of society.

"I don't believe there is a cure for being sexually interested in children," Sullivan told a news conference Tuesday during a break from one of the training sessions.

And it's because of that -- combined with the fact virtually all offenders will eventually be released -- that Sullivan stresses the importance of education and awareness. He relies on data collected from 350 pedophiles he's studied closely over the years, sharing that knowledge in hopes of getting a better read on how to prevent and detect sex crimes.

'It's long-term, preventative, proactive," said Insp. Gord Perrier of the Winnipeg police major crimes unit.

Sullivan's workshops examine risk assessment, management in the community and offender use of technology, which is a rapidly emerging area of both targeting and enforcement.

"Offenders aren't all the same," said Sullivan, who began his career as a probation officer before taking his masters in criminology and psychology.

One of the areas he focuses on is "progressive interview techniques," which he's learned can be the key to preventing future offending, finding victims and ensuring prosecutions.

Sullivan has consulted on notorious cases around the world, including the Madeleine McCann mystery. She was just three years old when she vanished from a Portuguese holiday resort in 2007.

The case remains open and police recently said she may still be alive.

Sullivan said Tuesday he was impressed with how Winnipeg police wanted to "draw in their partner organizations" to the workshops, realizing the benefit of such a move.

"Not always do we find police services thinking ahead," he said.

Perrier said the feedback from officers has been tremendous.

"They're saying, 'I'm finally walking out of this with real tools in my hand,' " he said. "I hope Winnipeg becomes a hub for this type of training."

Sandie Stoker, executive director of the Child and Family All Nations Coordinated Response Network, said Sullivan's knowledge is especially important, considering her workers frequently come in contact with children being abused and exploited.

"We're all invested in the protection of children. This is a tremendous opportunity for our investigators," she said.

Republished from the Winnipeg Free Press print edition August 28, 2013 A3

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Not all sexual predators the same, expert teaches Empty Re: Not all sexual predators the same, expert teaches

Post by Olympicana_Reloaded on 29.08.13 8:19

News Release - Winnipeg Police Service
Winnipeg Police Service

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The Winnipeg Police Service is committed to the long term safety and well-being of children in our community and as a result had sought out the specialized training of Dr. Joe Sullivan of Mentor Forensic Services.

Based out of Ireland, with 30 years of experience and research into child sexual exploitation, Dr. Sullivan has brought his training to Canada for the first time through his contact with the Winnipeg Police Service's Child Abuse Unit in February 2013.

The Specialist Interview Course teaches and develops the profiling of offenders, the understanding of offender behavior and progressive interview techniques.  In addition, the Winnipeg Police Service has brought a multi-disciplinary group together to access this training which included representatives from Child Welfare, Law Enforcement, and Canada Border Services Agency from across the country.

"This intensive and highly specialized training gives participants a sophisticated understanding of the motivations, thought processes and behaviour of perpetrators of sexual crimes against children.  We have delivered this training to law enforcement in the UK, Europe, Australia, South East Asia and the US including the FBI and US Marshals Service as well as several state police departments.  From the feedback, we know the insights provided will assist professionals in Canada working to combat child exploitation to better protect children."

"The fact that the Winnipeg Police have made the decision to include their partner organizations in the training is inspiring.  Collaborating in training with all the agencies responsible for child protection will ensure a shared understanding of the problem which will contribute to a more effective response to child sexual exploitation in Canada," states Dr. Joe Sullivan.

Along with the Specialist Interview Course, Dr. Sullivan presented sessions on Sex Offenders Use of Technology and the Internet as well as Risk Assessment and Management of People who Sexually Exploit Children.

In 2013, the Winnipeg Police Service is proud to have facilitated the training of over 150 individuals in an effort to track offenders and better protect our children.  With the financial support of Manitoba Criminal Property Forfeiture Unit, we are pleased to partner with Mentor Forensic Services to provide these training opportunities never before offered in Canada.

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