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Sunday Express tomorrow - Yard face a network of evil

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the 5 people of interest among the 38/McCannfiles

Post by marconi on Mon 8 Jul - 2:30

there is an article on McCannfiles where one talks about 5 people of interest that could be the abductor.
Person 1 is the man seeing by Jane, person 2 seeing by the Smiths, going down the street towards the beach..., etc etc.

One of these days the Yard will identify number 2, oh!no! oh no!!!  YOOOOOU?!!  will the whole Belgravia shout!



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Re: Sunday Express tomorrow - Yard face a network of evil

Post by aquila on Mon 8 Jul - 8:33

The only person who faces a network of evil is Madeleine Beth McCann.

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Re: Sunday Express tomorrow - Yard face a network of evil

Post by sheila.edwards on Mon 8 Jul - 8:53

at least shes centre stage now with investigation, They have to face any elephants in room at end of day, its going to cost more millions now and Answers evidence is what they should be foccussing on IMO.It will all come back out,imagine if attempt to charge even one person, anyway! Im sure this will be a legal nightmare in any trial and cost more millions.The police watchdog one assumes would check over what his statement to public was.Doubt 38 connected in end, but why would they tell us !spin Confidence is needed that this case is going to be investigated professionally. Uk and Portugal have lots of Experts they can ask for advice  from im sure if choose to ignore previous advice of experts given:spin: ! if don't like it. :spin:Also hope make effort to get on with PJ and Respect Siesta time !


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Re: Sunday Express tomorrow - Yard face a network of evil

Post by Sceneset on Mon 8 Jul - 21:19

Thank you, Nereid.
I've been re reading the passage over and over and think now that the references to the beauty if he place 'at dawn' is a fallback, neutraling comment after the real meat of the passage.

''I really have a preference for Praia da Luz at dawn. And I know that there are two groups – their size is irrelevant – the Portuguese enjoy essentially peace, to relax, and don’t want to have nuisances.

[b style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; "]FM[/b] – What exactly do you mean by “that you enjoy it more at dawn” – if that has a meaning at all.

[b style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; "]HC[/b] – It means that I have a great enjoyment in watching Praia da Luz at dawn; it means that I really like to observe the phenomena that occur in Praia da Luz, at dawn. Moreover, I want to tell you that there are events, which take place at dawn, in Praia da Luz ...''

2 groups of people doing something at dawn ( maybe there as it's so well lit?)that interrupt the peace and relaxation of the Portuguese and he has had reason to observe it on occasion and urges others to observe it also as that will led to factual discoveries re Madeleine.


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